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(21) Posted by shankar ram [Tuesday, Apr 9, 2024 10:56]

>>> I expect this concludes my participation in this informative thread.
You were not serious, I expect? ;-)

>>> Problems are submitted to be judged against ALL other entries (within the given genre division laid out by the chief editor)
I have not heard of editors who insist that judges should not subdivide their awards into sub-categories. Mostly this is done in the fairies awards, in which a mix of stipulations, pieces and conditions compete.

>>> To properly convey your awards, the databases now need to acknowledge whatever divisions a judge carved (according to their whim).
Currently, WinChloe provides two fields called Year1 and Year2. These fields are number only and they can be used to show dates like 2023-24 (entering 2024 or 24 in Year2) or 2023-II (entering 2 in Year2). I think it should not be difficult to provide an additional text field to indicate things like "Miniatures/Non-Miniatures", "With Fairy Conditions/Without Fairy Conditions", and the like, which could be shown with the diagram like "2023-24(Miniatures)".
There is also an alpha-numeric field available called "Dedication", which is used for dedications and also: "after...", "correction...", "in memoriam...", and "version...". This could also be used.

As regards the broader question of judging itself, there was an attempt some years back, to create a judging committee in the WFCC, which did not materialise. This needs to be initiated again, to get more people, especially among the new generation, interested in and trained in judging - something like the FIDE Chess arbiters.
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MatPlus.Net Forum General Prize names