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MatPlus.Net Forum X-Files: Anticipations Most "copied" problem?
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(1) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Saturday, Feb 26, 2022 19:41]

Most "copied" problem?

"Copy" here means being anticipated unintended, slight
(thematic irrelevant) construction differences being allowed.
So, which position has been found again and again and again?
Citation needed!

For example, I myself "found" a quadruple SomowII already
done by Thomson. So did Mirri and Haring. (Not a bad company
if you ask me.) Makes 4.

I bet you can easily beat that record: Formally, miniatures
come to mind; thematically, any Indian or at least Anderssen.
(Admit it, when you were young and stupid, you did one too,
I was brilliantly stupid and did a double Anderssen, rats,
still anticipated better :-)
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(2) Posted by Frank Richter [Saturday, Feb 26, 2022 20:11]

What about the famous 5-fold Dentist s#2 by R.Prytz (P1275085)?
There are several "copies" by Zabunov, Marysko, Rains, Vukcevich ...
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(3) Posted by Joost de Heer [Saturday, Feb 26, 2022 21:31]


So, which position has been found again and again and again?

The Vielväter.
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(4) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Sunday, Feb 27, 2022 08:26]

@Joost: I hate problemists, they always take you
literarily :-)
Replace "position" with "position+stipulation".
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(5) Posted by Joost de Heer [Sunday, Feb 27, 2022 11:52]


Replace "position" with "position+stipulation".

Again, the Vielväter. You forgot '+conditions'.

But seriously: HW Bettmann's famous Babson s#3 was sent to that tourney three or four times by different composers. And no doubt someone else found that matrix as well.
The Mackenzie/Lane double entry from the Brighton tourney 1898 was at least once republished (mirrored) in 1976 (WA Bruder, Schach Echo).
And my only entry in the FIDE album was discovered independently by Caillaud and Borst as well.
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(6) Posted by Michal Dragoun [Sunday, Feb 27, 2022 13:39]

In helpmates was repeatedly used matrix of F. Müller's PDB P0553734 (further PDB P0537964, P0559843, P1003759) and a couple of similar problems showing interference not as the self-block (PDB P0559869, P0540128, P0559867, P1014047).
The second example is idea of Ch. Feather (PDB P0518033), repeated with various small differences by P0518108, P0518250, P0518477, P0538154, P0539740, P0579833, P0580145.
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(7) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Monday, Feb 28, 2022 02:30]

Four Gamage unpin mates.
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(8) Posted by James Malcom [Monday, Feb 28, 2022 04:06]

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(9) Posted by Joost de Heer [Monday, Feb 28, 2022 06:58]

(= 11+12 )

#3 K. Seetharaman, 3rd WCCT 1986-1988 10th place.

1. Bd3 [2. Bf4 3. Rf6#]
1... Qe5 2. a8=Q [3. Qd5#] Sf4 3. Rf6#
1... Be5 2. a8=S [3. Sc7#]
1... Sfe5 2. ab8=Q [3. Qd6#]
1... Sge5 2. ab8=S [3. Qd7#]
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(10) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Monday, Feb 28, 2022 09:51]

(@Joost Qd6,not Qc6)
As a 2#er, I always can't understand how people can
do such problems without being cooked to hell and back.
(The problems, not the people :-)
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(11) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Monday, Feb 28, 2022 15:59]

Thanks Joost for posting this. There is also a good Bye-play (ending in another pinmate) after 1...Sxg5 2.Bxg7+ 3.Qg6#

This is of course one of my favourite problems and my first published #3. There is an interesting story about my first composed #3, but about it later.

Actually this belongs to another thread of James about different promotions after black piece moves. Q/S is easier to do and doubled here.
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(12) Posted by Jacques Rotenberg [Tuesday, Mar 1, 2022 02:28]

nice problem !
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(13) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Tuesday, Mar 1, 2022 03:34]

Thank you Jacques Rotenberg
@ Hauke. Yes, Manuel checking was a big hassle. Being inexperienced, it took me several months to finish the problem. The Bye-play i gave was discovered during checking and not intended !!
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MatPlus.Net Forum X-Files: Anticipations Most "copied" problem?