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MatPlus.Net Forum Internet and Computing Interesting "2# theme finder" article on ICGA
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(1) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Friday, Nov 24, 2023 12:14]

Interesting "2# theme finder" article on ICGA

Maybe the coauthors can provide more details, since I no longer have
a uni account to get the stuff for free? (And my planning is only
to study each 30 years, to get some rest inbetween :-)
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(2) Posted by Joost de Heer [Friday, Nov 24, 2023 13:05]

Can't you ask Michael Schlosser or Rainer Staudte for a copy?
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(3) Posted by Anders Thulin [Saturday, Nov 25, 2023 20:54]

Can't quite make up my mind to buy a reprint: the abstract is too unspecific.

This would be interesting mainly in that some form of describing themes unambiguously would be required, and then some form of searching for those themes in a collection of chess problems/solutions (not only #2, and not necessarily only #n).

Dawson did that in his Systematic Terminology: I can't see clearly if this is independent or a further development of Dawson's work.

If it goes further, and recognizes that themes may be subsets of other themes, and either allows that situation to be expressed directly, or allows searches for these descriptions that are 'almost' the same, it would be even more interesting, as that might lead to some form of theme theory.

The actual programming is probably of less interest: it is any developed theme infrastructure model that I expect will carry the important stuff. But the abstract saying something about 'filling a hole in chess programming' leads me to suspect it may be programming-heavy.
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(4) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Sunday, Nov 26, 2023 10:03]

@Anders: But Dawson was born <1900, and twomovers shed their skin
once every 50 years :-) So even only a systematic might be more
recent and complete.
Anyway, do you have a (bibliographic) link to Dawson's work?

@Joost: Of course I could, but I also wanted to point our
community to the existence of the article.
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(5) Posted by Anders Thulin [Sunday, Nov 26, 2023 12:35]

Dawson's value is not in some kind of 'authoritative list of themes', but rather the creation of a language with which to describe and discuss themes. He had developed this terminology earlier (i.e. before 1947), but apparently got enough encouragement from his readers that it was time time take the next step. While it is a radical work, it is his language, his terminology .... and so things he considered trivial (or perhaps well-known from earlier columns) are not necessarily covered in detail (and in some cases things that weren't quite as trivial are not covered well either, at least to my less scintillating mind). This makes it a bit difficult to understand, but it is possible to rewrite it into a more verbose, but less dense format.

There may be modern 'effects' not considered by Dawson, but I would be surprised if they should prove difficult to work into the general structure.

A complete bibliographic reference is beyond me, as I don't have all required issues. But here are some hints -- part 1 and part 32 are the first and last parts, as far as I can tell. There are earlier bits pieces that are relevant, and should probably be reviewed as well, but as they appeared separately under other section headings, I leave them.

Dawson's Systematic Terminology was published as part of his problem column in British Chess Magazine v. 67, i. 7 (July 1947), Systematic Terminology part 1, p. 235 -- v. 68, i. 11 (Nov. 1948), Syst. Term. part 15, p 407 -- v. 69, i. 11 (Nov. 1949), Syst. Term., part 25 -- v. 70, i. 9 (Sep., 1950), Syst. Term., part 32, p. 305. The number of pages used in each issue varies.

In addition, Ken Whyld edited (mainly with regard to positioning of diagrams, I believe) and reprinted the whole lot (79 p. or so) in one pamphlet in 1984. My copy seems to have gone walkabout, so I have to trust C.P.L. for the full record: see$002f$002fSD_ILS$002f0$002fSD_ILS:1905721/one .
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MatPlus.Net Forum Internet and Computing Interesting "2# theme finder" article on ICGA