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(341) Posted by Marcos Roland [Monday, May 27, 2024 18:51]

“Septic shock, tension pneumothorax, community-acquired pneumonia, femoral fracture.” In this way, the death certificate of Almiro Elias David Zarur, our unforgettable master Zarur, describes his cause of death, which occurred on November 8, 2021, at 101 years of age. We hadn't heard from him since around August 2021, when we found out about his hospitalization due to a fractured femur. Zarur had lost his wife a few years earlier, had no children, and lived alone. I really believe that, after breaking his leg, he became very depressed, he didn't want to talk to anyone anymore. He was a happy person by vocation, and only liked to talk about happy things. Finally, we have the confirmation of the passing away of our great friend and artist, who left us a wonderful legacy of beautiful chess and musical compositions!
This problem, “The Dance of the Kings,” is one of his credentials for immortality:

Almiro Zarur
British Chess Federation TT 1961-1962, 1st place
(= 11+9 )

Mate in 2 moves.
1.Ra6+? Re6!
1.Rc6+? Rg6!
1.Ra4+? Re4!
1.Rc4+? Rg4!
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(342) Posted by Zalmen Kornin [Friday, May 31, 2024 04:28]

Very,very sad news. Zarur was a talented composer, who left a precious collection of masterpieces. And one of the last remainders of a golden generation of Brazilian Composition. An irreparable loss, he will be sorely missed.
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(343) Posted by Andrey Selivanov [Tuesday, Jun 4, 2024 06:42]

После тяжелой болезни в Санкт-Петербурге умер Владимир Ильич Кацнельсон (07.11.1937 – 16.05.2024), соавтор книги "Семейный шахматный этюд".
Соболезнования родным и близким замечательного этюдиста и пропагандиста шахматной композиции.
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(344) Posted by shankar ram [Wednesday, Jun 5, 2024 18:11]


This problem, “The Dance of the Kings,” is one of his credentials for immortality:

Almiro Zarur
British Chess Federation TT 1961-1962, 1st place

Michael Lipton's problem, published at the same time shows the same idea:
The matrix is different, and there is an element of White correction, as the key repeats the self-pinning error on a different line and provides a changed mate.
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(345) Posted by Marcos Roland [Friday, Jun 7, 2024 15:03]

Remarkable coincidence, Shankar Ram. One more detail, in Zarur's problem all the black King's moves refuting the tries are vectors "equipolent" to the respective white King's moves. For instance, Kf5-g6 is "equipolent" to Kg4-c6. That makes remember a tango dance, that's why Zarur called his problem "The Dance of the Kings".
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(346) Posted by Thomas Maeder [Tuesday, Jun 25, 2024 07:07]

Thomas Brand's blog "Rund um die Retroanalyse" reports about another sad loss in our community:

René J. Millour 18.6.1943–18.6.2024

René was a very strong composer and would certainly have been a titleholder if he hadn't decided not to submit his compositions to the Albums.
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(347) Posted by Neal Turner [Tuesday, Jun 25, 2024 14:49]

Shocking news.
A man who pushed the boundaries of chess composition.
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(348) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Tuesday, Jun 25, 2024 16:51]

So sad. I was in touch with him and trying to get his original for my Problemist column.

I was lucky to obtain the wonderful book of his collection "Subtleties on 64 squares" (out of print I think now). So many wonderful problems!
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(349) Posted by Mike Prcic [Tuesday, Jul 2, 2024 01:30]

He was a good person. He use to come to the Congress with his wife. We had many nice conversations. A good composers as well. He will be missed.
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(350) Posted by Alain Villeneuve [Tuesday, Jul 2, 2024 14:48]

Toutes mes condoléances à Bernadette.
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(351) Posted by Piotr Górski [Saturday, Jul 6, 2024 22:03]

I am sad to write that Eugeniusz Iwanow passed away on June 28, 2024.
His obituary prepared by our Chess Composision Commission is available here (in Polish but with a photo and two problems):

My translation of chosen parts are given below:
Eugeniusz Iwanow (1933-2024)

Eugeniusz Iwanow, an Honorary Member of the Polish Chess Federation, passed away on June 28, 2024, in Częstochowa. Renowned as a international master of FIDE in chess composition, an international chess judge, and an organizer of chess and sports activities, Iwanow made significant contributions to the world of chess. He chaired the Chess Composition Commission of the Polish Chess Federation from 1980 to 2003 and was active in the Częstochowa Chess Problem Club and the Provincial Sports Federation in Częstochowa.

He was the editor and publisher of notable chess magazines "Problemista" and "Kronika – Biuletyn Polskich Problemistów" and authored important works such as "Polish Selfmates" (1991; orig.: “Polskie samomaty”) and "One Hundred Selected Selfmates” (2007, orig. “Sto wybranych samomatów”), coauthored “Polish miniatures” (2007, orig. “Polskie miniatury”). He was an internationally respected judge, an unquestioned authority in the field of selfmates, and a mentor to many chess composition enthusiasts, both domestic and international. In 2014, he published a special issue of the "Kronika – Biuletyn..." where he presented his curriculum vitae and selected and commented on 199 of his best problems. He has made significant contributions to preserving the history of Polish chess composition from the 1960s to the present day. His memories of the most outstanding Polish problemists were particularly valuable.

He debuted in 1952 in the magazine “Przyjaźń”. He created various types of chess problems, including directmates, moremovers, studies, helpmates, and fairy problems. However, his primary domain became the selfmate, particularly the two-move selfmate. He published over 1400 compositions, with more than 700 selfmates. His compositions won numerous awards, including 68 first prizes in international competitions, 114 second or further prizes, and 439 – other mentions etc. His contributions were crucial in shaping modern understanding of selfmate compositions.

Iwanow's style is exemplified by his famous early works, which continue to be cited in Polish and international publications. His innovative approaches and dedication to chess composition earned him high honors, including the titles of national master, international FIDE judge, international master, and national grandmaster. He was also a multiple medalist in Polish Chess Composition Championships and participated in World Chess Composition Championships.

Honored with various awards, including the Gold Cross of Merit and the Silver Medal for Outstanding Sports Achievements, Iwanow was a respected figure in the chess community. His legacy in chess composition remains influential, and his works are celebrated both in Poland and worldwide.

Selected Achievements and Recognitions:
- International FIDE Judge (1967)
- International FIDE Master (2015)
- National Grandmaster (2013)
- Multiple medals in Polish Chess Composition Championships
- Participation in World Chess Composition Championships
- Director of FIDE Album 1995-97
- Awarded Gold Cross of Merit (1988)
- Honorary Member of the Polish Chess Federation (2009)

Rest in peace!
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(352) Posted by Marjan Kovačević [Sunday, Jul 7, 2024 23:50]

Eugeniusz was a dear and always smiling friend, full of funny stories and jokes.
His good spirit and energy will be terribly missed.
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