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MatPlus.Net Forum Internet and Computing WinChloe's Android Port hits a roadblock
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(1) Posted by shankar ram [Tuesday, Sep 3, 2019 20:23]

WinChloe's Android Port hits a roadblock

Christian Poisson posted the following on the Google playstore (

"Attention: being unable to provide a 64-bits version of this app, it will not be updated anymore. It is possible that it won't work with future versions of android."

This is due to new restrictions being imposed on developers by Google:

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(2) Posted by Paz Einat [Wednesday, Sep 4, 2019 11:35]

Oh... that's a pity. I specifically purchased a tablet that serves as my chessboard for composing. I will have to keep it without updating the android version until something similar will come up (or eventually a 64 bit version).
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(3) Posted by shankar ram [Wednesday, Sep 4, 2019 15:44]

Paz, I've suggested to Christian that he can make a "non-playstore" 32-bit version which users can "sideload" into their android devices.
He can also build in license authentication similar to the Windows version.
Hope he considers my suggestion!
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(4) Posted by shankar ram [Sunday, Oct 17, 2021 19:14]

The latest Chromebook devices, using Chrome OS, are able to run Android apps.
At present this is limited to 32-bit apps.
Due to this, I was able to install and run the WinChloe port of Android ("Chess Problemist") successfully on a Chromebook tablet.
Since Chromebooks don't yet support 64-bit Android apps, it looks like Google may continue support for 32-bit Android apps for the near future.
Hopefully, this should motivate Christian to continue updating his wonderful Android port of WinChloe, which was stopped at version 1.1.7.
And, of course, for those whose phones have an Android version higher than in which the app can run, buying a Chromebook device is an alternative. You are able to run the app with a bigger viewing resolution, than what you would get on a mobile.
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MatPlus.Net Forum Internet and Computing WinChloe's Android Port hits a roadblock