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MatPlus.Net Forum Fairies A nice Anticirce
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(1) Posted by Jacques Rotenberg [Monday, Oct 10, 2011 02:39]

A nice Anticirce

rules of Anticirce :
a) The non capturing moves are "orthodoxes"
b) When capturing, the capturing piece goes to the "rebirth square" - which is defined like in Circe rules, the captured piece disappears (side rules like in Circe (for 00, 000, ep, faity pieces))
c) if the re-birth square is occupied, the capture is impossible (illegal move)
d) if the capture promotes a pawn : promotion first, and then rebirth
e) if not specified captures on the rebirth square are forbidden

The judgement of fairy problems 2006 was published in the n.3 issue of Probleemblad July/September2011, The judge Dolf Wissmann gave a 3rd Prize to the following :

Hubert Gockel
Probleemblad 2006
3rd Prize
(= 13+13 )
2# Anticirce

Solution :

1.B×c7(Bc1)! [2.Kc7‡](2.Qc7+? Gd1!)
1…G×f6(Gf1) 2.Qc7‡ (2.Kc7+? Be1!) but now the Ga1 is pinned and 2...Gd1 is forbidden!
1…Se6 2.Kc6‡
1…b×c2(c7) 2.B×b2(Bc1)‡ (this defense AND the mate move are introduced by the key!)

1.Q×c7(Qd1)? [2.Bc7‡] (2.Kc7+? Se1!)
1…G×f6(Gf1) 2.Kc7‡ (2.Bc7+? Gc1!)but now the Ga1 is pinned and 2...Ge1 is forbidden!
1…Se6 2.Qd6‡
1…b×c2(c7) 2.Qb3‡ (this defense AND the mate move are introduced by the key!)
1…Ge1 2.Ra6‡ (2.Kc7 is not checking anymore and 2.Bc7+? Gc1!)
but 1…Bg5! (2.Bc7+? Bc1!)

1.K×c7(Ke1)? [2.Qc7‡] (2.Bc7+? Kc6! Somov effect!)
1…G×f6(Gf1) 2.Bc7‡ (2.Qc7+? Gd1!) but now the Rh6 controls c6 and 2...Kc6 is forbidden Somov mate !
1…Se6 2.Qc6‡
1…Gf1 2.Ra6‡
but 1…b×c2(c7)!

All in all
a very rare cyclic patent 1.A[2.B] a 2.C ; 1.B[C] a 2.A ; 1.C[A] a 2.B which is called 3x3 Djurasevic cycle
a very good variety of effects and of mates
a very good use of the 2 Grasshoppers

I like it very much.
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(2) Posted by Vladimir Tyapkin [Monday, Oct 10, 2011 04:47]

Popeye cooks it by:

1.e7*d8=G[wGd8->d8] + !
2.Gd8-d6 #
2.Gd8-b8 #
2.Qc8-c7 #
2.Kd7-c7 #
2.Bg3-c7 #

I suppose it has something to do with grasshopper's rebirth square.
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(3) Posted by Jacques Rotenberg [Monday, Oct 10, 2011 05:06]; edited by Jacques Rotenberg [11-10-10]

rule e) above :

"..e) if not specified captures on the rebirth square are forbidden..."
you have also two denominations :

Anticirce "Cheylan type" as above, it is the usual rule applied
Anticirce "Millour type" where captures are allowed on the rebirth square
So, in the meanwhile the above problem stays still correct
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(4) Posted by Joost de Heer [Monday, Oct 10, 2011 07:14]

Popeye calls the Millour type 'Calvet'.
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(5) Posted by René J. Millour [Monday, Oct 10, 2011 07:40]

Fernand Calvet is the inventor of Anticirce.
Anticirce Millour does not exist.

The 2 types are:
1) Anticirce Calvet, 1972 (usual type), capture allowed on rebirth square. With simply “Anticirce” in the condition field, Popeye considers this type.
2) Anticirce Cheylan, 1992, capture not allowed on rebirth square. With “Anticirce Cheylan” in the condition field, Popeye considers this type.
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(6) Posted by Jacques Rotenberg [Monday, Oct 10, 2011 08:43]; edited by Jacques Rotenberg [11-10-10]

Sorry for the mistake about the names.
About the "usual type" I remember pages and pages written mainly in french between R.J. Millour and Y. Cheylan, many many years ago.
If we follow Winchloe, "Cheylan type" is the usual one.
However, the choice of Winchloe now, is not to recall the names, but only "captures on rebirth squares allowed" (that's why, perhaps I had this mistake).

There is another detail worth to recall, about "historical matters" : before computers were able to solve Anticirce problems, some (not too many) have been composed. After computer times, all these were proved incorrect !! (or cooked or unsound or both).
Anticirce has proved to be very difficult for intuition, and still a wonderful field to explore.

Practically, the wordind terms of the above problem has to be corrected as follow : "Anticirce Cheylan Type" or "Anticirce, capture on rebirth square forbidden". After checking, the wording in Probeemblad was correctly "Anticirce Cheylan (type)"
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(7) Posted by Juraj Lörinc [Monday, Oct 10, 2011 10:31]; edited by Juraj Lörinc [11-10-10]

Perhaps the statement about soundness of Anticirce problems from pre-computer times is slightly exagerrated. Just remember 11th TT diagrammes C 28.3.1993. Many of its entries were surely composed without the use of computer (well, at least mine), yet some of them withstood the later computer tests. However I agree that intricacy of Anticirce is sometimes difficult to grasp. On the other hand it allows wonderful effects (as is well documented by Hubert's twomover). Anticirce is after all fashionable for about 20 years...
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(8) Posted by Jacques Rotenberg [Tuesday, Oct 11, 2011 03:34]

Yes Juraj, let's say "...almost all..." However 1993 was already computer era.

This problem recalls me the following with "Pseudo-Durasevic" cycle, and also very good use of the pieces and of the fairy condition.

Christian Poisson
Phenix 1991 2nd Prize
(= 7+10 )
2# Anticirce

Solution :

1.Q×d7(Qd1)? A [2.Kd7‡ B]
1…f×e4(e7) a 2.Bd7‡ C
1…S×e8(Sg8) c 2.Qd7‡ A
1…Ke7 2.Re6‡
but 1…Rg1! b

1.K×d7(Ke1)? B [2.Bd7‡ C]
1…Rg1 b 2.Qd7‡ A
1…S×f7(Sg8) d 2.Bf7‡
but 1…S×e8(Sg8)! c

1.B×d7(Bf1)! C [2.Qd7‡ A]
1…Se8+ c 2.Kd7‡ B
1…S×f7(Sg8) d 2.Bc4‡

Pseudo Djurasevic 3x3
{here captures on rebirth squares allowed or not, it does not change}
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