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(1) Posted by Jacques Rotenberg [Monday, Mar 13, 2023 15:45]


Recently James wrote about Babson, and Neal about making chess problems, and Joost about grasshoppers and SAT.
Well... sorry Joost, this is nor grasshoppers nor SAT, just "Breton"

In Breton, when you capture a piece you must take one of yours of the same kind off the board. If you have none, the move is orthodox, if you have more than one, you choose.

Jacques Rotenberg
Phenix 2020-2021
17th TT, 2nd Pr.

(= 15+10 )

3# Breton

1.f7! [2.S×e2(×g7)+
. 2…Kc5 3.Q/R×c3(×c4)‡
. 2…Ke3 3.Bf4‡, 3.Bg1‡]

1…e×f1=Q(×d8) 2.g8=Q+
. 2…Ke3 3.S×f1(×g8)‡
. 2…Kc5 3.3.Qe5‡
1…e×f1=R(×d8) 2.g8=R+
. 2…Ke3 3.S×f1(×g8)‡
. 2… Kc5 3.Qe5‡
1…e×f1=B(×d8) 2.g8=B+
. 2…Ke3 3.S×f1(×g8)‡
. 2… Kc5 3.Qe5‡
1…e×f1=S(×d8) 2.g8=S+
. 2…Ke3 3.S×f1(×g8)‡
. 2… Kc5 3.Qe5‡

1…e1=Q 2.g×f8=Q(×g3)+ Ke3 3.R×e1(×f8)‡
1…e1=R 2.g×f8=R(×g3)+ Ke3 3.R×e1(×f8)‡
. 2… Kc5 3.Q/R×c3(×c4)‡
1…e1=B 2.g×f8=B(×g3)+ Ke3 3.R×e1(×f8)‡
1…e1=S 2.g×f8=S(×g3)+ Ke3 3.R×e1(×f8)‡
. 2… Kc5 3.Q/R×c3(×c4)‡

1…Ke3 2.R×e2(×g7)+ d×e2(×d8) 3.Q×c3(×f3)‡
. 2…Kf4 3.Qf6‡, 3.Sh3‡
1…Kc5 2.g×f8=Q/B(×g3/g5)+
1…d2 2.R×c3(×g7)+ Kc5 3.S×e2(×c4)‡
1…S×e6(×e2/b6) 2.S×e6(×g3)+ Ke3 3.Bf4‡, 3.Bg1‡
1…S×e6(×d3) 2.S×e2(×f3)+, 2.R×c3(×g7)+
1…d×c2(×d8) 2.g~+ Ke3 3.Q×c3(×f3)‡
. 2… Kc5 3.Qe5‡

1…d×e2(×c8) 2.R×c3(×g7)+ Kc5 3.S×h7(×c4)‡

1.g×f8=Q(×g3)? [2.R×e2(×f6)‡]
1…e×f1=Q(×d8) 2.S×h7(×f6)+ Ke3 3.Qf4‡
1…Ke3 2.K×c3(×f6)! [3.Bf4‡, 3.Bg1‡, 3.Qf4‡]
. 2…e1=B+ 3.R×e1(×h2)‡
. 2…R×f8 3.Qd4‡

Babson x 2
Chameleon echo
changed continuations
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(2) Posted by James Malcom [Monday, Mar 13, 2023 21:33]

Nice motivations; Babsons are always one to delight.
(Read Only)pid=24551
(3) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Tuesday, Mar 14, 2023 07:36]

Amazing problem with great content. Don't think double Babson has been done before
(Read Only)pid=24553
(4) Posted by Kevin Begley [Friday, Mar 17, 2023 19:04]

Congrats (and well done), Jacques.

This condition is now on my radar (until somebody achieves a triple Babson with grasshoppers and SAT).
(Read Only)pid=24558
(5) Posted by Peter Gvozdjak [Friday, Mar 17, 2023 22:36]

WID 90994: one "classical" babson plus three "inverse" ones.
(Read Only)pid=24560
(6) Posted by shankar ram [Friday, Mar 17, 2023 23:53]

By Reto Aschwanden:
- 4 fold Babson in #2 (set + 3 solutions)
- Random, 2 secondary and 1 tertiary correction by BPe2
- 12 fold reciprocal change
- 4x4 Zagoruyko

But Jaques' problem may still be unique in showing 2 Babsons in the same phase.
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