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MatPlus.Net Forum Internet and Computing Tim Krabbés website disappeared
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(1) Posted by Sarah Hornecker [Saturday, Jun 16, 2007 16:06]; edited by Sarah Hornecker [07-06-17]

Tim Krabbés website disappeared

Is anyone here who can contact him? Is anyone here who has made a copy of his website? It's in the Google cache but as far as I see it disappeared from the internet. I wanted to write to him but the e-mail address doesn't work anymore. [1]

Is there any way to contact him? I heard it's possible by his book publisher (but that was some time ago). Does anyone have an address of it?

It was the best website about chess curiosities and I don't want it to disappear! Sadly it has disappeared...

Everything returns a 404 error. What happened?

Help! It was there two days ago! Now it is gone! I hope this is a temporary issue but it doesn't seem so. :'-(

I recovered what I could but I couldn't recover pictures, sadly. :-(

Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.


The 257 Google entries were looked upon and the cached ones of Tim Krabbés website saved.

There's nothing more I can do now, sadly. Send a note with e-mail address if you want the recovered
pages (it's 4.44 MB, zipped to ca. 1.6 MB, HTML pages).

Well, in short

Tim Krabbés site disappeared
I'd like to contact him. Does anyone know, how?
I got recoveries of his site. If you want a copy, send me a note.

PS: I changed the title so it sounds more like internet

PPS: In case you don't already know, the address is either or - which probably should be looked upon now -
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(2) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Saturday, Jun 16, 2007 18:57]

That would be a terrible loss.


P.S. My first wild guess would be legalist crap (we all know
Tim always said his opinion loud and clear) - in any case it's
NOT the server, xs4all works.
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(3) Posted by Sarah Hornecker [Saturday, Jun 16, 2007 23:29]; edited by Sarah Hornecker [07-06-18]

I also don't give a (you know what) about this. I always say what I think, too.

Yes, it's a horrible loss. I hope to see it revived (on another server?) soon.

TK also moved once earlier as far as I found. There was a link I found somewhere on a website from 1997 that led to the earlier site of TK (returning a 404 error, of course).

PS, June 17:
I still can't believe it! The best chess curiosities website has disappeared from the internet!

We must do something! We must provide Tim Krabbé with all help we can give! We must stand like one composer!

PS 2, June 17, 14.45h: Tim Krabbé noticed his site has disappeared now. His address doesn't redirect to the old page anymore. So there's still hope (I feared about his health being the reason but it doesn't look so).

PS 3, June 17, 14.55h: I called the administrative contact of but the girl/woman there said they have no idea. I'll try to get information from xs4all now. I was asked to ask the host (I think).
Administrative contact:
P. Henneman
+31 (0)306007171

PS 4, June 17, 15.06h: I sent an e-mail to hoping they can provide information.

PS 5, 15.10h: I found the following text making me believe it was not due to legal crap. They didn't even give up to terroristic organisations like the ICTF:
(...) and a global network of mirror sites was created by the online community. The ICTF abandoned its efforts after several weeks.

Does that global network still exist? I found no mirror to Tim Krabbés site but if there is one, there is even more hope!

And even this is interesting!
There followed a summary judgment in 1995, full proceedings in 1999, an appeal in 2001 which has been upheld by the Supreme Court of Netherlands in December 2005, all in favor of the provider and Karin Spaink, putting freedom of speech above copyright in some cases.

What legal crap could be there?

PS 6, 15.24h: redirects to the old site once again. Maybe it just was temporary not available. I hate this.

PS 7, June 18:
Here are some old addresses of his website. We'll see if he decides to use one of those again. I also asked Harold to ask Tim Krabbé what happened. (April 17 2002)
- reference
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(4) Posted by Sarah Hornecker [Monday, Jun 18, 2007 12:20]; edited by Sarah Hornecker [07-06-19]

I have the best news in the chess world for you!

His website is there again! :-)

I will save it locally now just in case. I don't want to lose it forever!

PS, 13.47h:
I apologize - I got to the latest two pages in his diary (including everything before it) now but any longer and I may die (or at least get a bad health) by the coffeeine and 24 hours without sleep now. I will go to bed soon - try to solve pastime of seven days ago (June 12) first - and hope the website is still there this evening or night!

I saved 670 files with 8 MB until now.

PS, 21.21h:
I saved the diary (and all of TK's pages linked from there) now. I'll save the rest later (especially AdMag will take a while). I won't guarantee the functionality of Java applets if his site is finally removed one day (which we all wouldn't like) and I'll have to send you the downloads.
1492 files, 16.8 MB

I'm sorry to get on the nerves of you all.

PS, June 19, 01.21h:
The old AD magazine pages still don't work:

PS, 01.58h:
I'm done with the downloads.
1816 files, 19 MB
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MatPlus.Net Forum Internet and Computing Tim Krabbés website disappeared