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MatPlus.Net Forum General Shortest proof game in 59 moves!
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(1) Posted by Thomas Brand [Saturday, Dec 25, 2021 06:46]

Shortest proof game in 59 moves!

Seasonal greetings to all!

I’m proud to inform you that Dmitry Pronkin, Andrey Frolkin, Werner Keym, and Boris Tummes achieved a new length record for orthodox unique proof games, beating the old one by 1.5 moves (now 59 moves after 57.5 so far). Congratulations to the authors!

It was published today in my blog (see -- have fun!

Best wishes, Thomas
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(2) Posted by James Malcom [Saturday, Dec 25, 2021 21:04]

Let us hope this one is sound!
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(3) Posted by Olaf Jenkner [Saturday, Dec 25, 2021 23:29]

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(4) Posted by James Malcom [Saturday, Dec 25, 2021 23:35]

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(5) Posted by Thomas Brand [Friday, Dec 31, 2021 08:26]

Alas, the record (see has ben cooked by Mikhail Kozulya:

1.a4 h5 2.a5 h4 3.a6 h3 4.a:b h:g 5.h4 d5 6.h5 d4 7.h6 d3 8.h7 d:c 9.d4 a5 10.Bh6 c1R 11.e4 Rc5 12.Se2 Rh5 13.e5 c5 14.e6 Sc6 15.b8R a4 16.Rb4 a3 17.Ra4 c4 18.b4 c3 19.b5 Qa5 20.b6 g1R 21.b7 Rg4 22.b8R c2+ 23.R8-b4 Bb7 24.d5 0-0-0 25.e:f e5 26.d6 Kb8 27.d7 Bc5 28.f8R Se7 Rf3 a2 30.Rf-a3 Sc8 31.f4 g5 32.f5 Re-g8 33.f6 e4 34.f7 e3 35.f8R Rg6 36.Rf2 Rf4 37.Qd6+ Ka8 38.Sc3 Rh-f8 39.Rd1 R8-f7 40.h8R a1Q 41.Re8 c1Q 42.Bf8 g4 43.Sa2 g3 44.Qc7 g2 45.d8R g1R 46.Rd6 Rg1-g5 47.Sg3 Qg7 48.Bd3 Bd4 49.0-0 e2 50.Re5 e1R 51.Bb1 Sd8 52.Rd3 Bg2 53.Se4 Qc6 54.Sc5 Re3 55.Rc2 Sb6 56.Rf1-f3 Sc4 57.Sb7 Sb2 58.Rb-c4 Qe8 59.Sb4 Re1x.
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(6) Posted by James Malcom [Friday, Dec 31, 2021 16:21]

That was most certainly the quickest cook ever found.

Perhaps these great minds could come together to try and make the longest non-unique-proof game. The late Harry Goldsteen set the bar at a mind-boggling 185 a few years ago on Krabbe's website.
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(7) Posted by Thomas Brand [Sunday, Jan 30, 2022 06:26]

Dear all,

The „Fab Four“ just published TWO correction-tries: one in 59 moves, one (a little bit „safer“?) in 58.5 movers.


Good luck for the authors and best wishes

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MatPlus.Net Forum General Shortest proof game in 59 moves!