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MatPlus.Net Forum Retro/Math Checkers Shortest Proof Game :-)
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(1) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Monday, Aug 20, 2007 11:05]

Checkers Shortest Proof Game :-)

An april joke I published in the Europa Rochade 4/06. I translate
it (not exactly word for word) for you, the original is here:

"So, the other day I went into the chess cafe, and just as I enter,
two dudes are cautiously schlepping a built-up chess board from
a junk room to a free tabletop. And then they immediately begin
to blitz, and naturally I had to kiebitz. 1.a4 Aha, a) a beginner.
Or b) he has studied British GMs too much. 1...Sf6 What, no shepherds
mate? Rather b) then? 2.Sa3 He still squirms along the edge. 2...b5
Evidently a sort of Wolga gambit. 3.axb5 d6 4.b6 Lookums! The pawn
is immediately given back to quench later pressure on the b file.
4...axb6 5.g4 Feetals Gizz? Does he offer the pawn to grab the long
diagonal with tempo? 5...Sxg4 6.Bh3 Sxh2 I take back everything,
those two are complete fishes. 7.c3 Bxh3 8.Qc2 Ra7 9.Qxh7 f6
Quiet, Hauke, quiet. No hysterical breakdown yet. Do those two morons
know ANYTHING beside the rules? 10.Qxh3 Kf7 11.e3 Kg6 12.Qxg3 Kh6
Please mate him! PLEASE! If I have to watch this just a second
longer I take a fork and run amok! 13.Rxh2# 'MATE!!' I burst out
rolling my eyes like a BSE cow. 'Please excuse my rudeness, but
I *highly* recommend that you play something else than chess!'
The two indignantly stare at me. 'But we do! The innkeeper hasn't
got a checkers board, so we must use a chess set. Fritz, your
move, we're set up!' "

The idea is from Ted Brandhorst (PDB: P0005367) (can anybody verify
the exact source? I'm looking for it since Rebnore times),
I just added "checkers" and "mate". (A 10.5 move game without this is
given in the annotations on PDB.

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MatPlus.Net Forum Retro/Math Checkers Shortest Proof Game :-)