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MatPlus.Net Forum Endgame studies Improvements to my old studies
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(1) Posted by Sarah Hornecker [Saturday, Aug 23, 2008 17:04]; edited by Sarah Hornecker [08-08-23]

Improvements to my old studies

Nobody will really be interested in this, but somewhere it has to be published. :P
Old version:
(= 5+3 )

Schach 04/2005, 2nd honoring mention
White wins
New version:
(= 5+3 )

White wins
(= 5+3 )

White wins

Old version:
(= 8+5 )

Schach 11/2005
Black to move, White wins
New version:
(= 8+5 )

Black to move, White wins
Additional main variation:
1...Rxb7 2.Sf4+ Kg4 3.Be6+ Kxf4 4.f7! Rb8! 5.0-0+! Rf3 6.Rxf3+ Kxf3 7.Bd7 g5! 8.hxg5 hxg5 9.Be8 Rb1+ 10.Kh2 Rb2+ 11.Kh3 g4+ 12.Kh4 Rh2+ 13.Kg5 and white wins (e.g. 13...Rh8 14.d6 g3 15.Bc6+ and the white king goes to e7).
The original main variation still remains valid, making it two thirds of a Valladao.

PS: Of course you can feel free to post improvements to your studies, too!
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(2) Posted by Dejan Glisić [Monday, Aug 25, 2008 10:12]

Dear Siegfried,
please choose the final version (improvement) of your study from Schach 04/2005, 2nd HM. I want to reproduce it in PZR-Bilten. I already reproduced old version at the covers (in April). It will be good for readers to see the final version.
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(3) Posted by Sarah Hornecker [Monday, Aug 25, 2008 10:54]; edited by Sarah Hornecker [08-08-25]

They are both the final version. For aesthetics the one with Se7 is better, I think. For logic, however, the one with Sh4 is preferrable.

1.Sg6+! Kf7 2.Sh8+ Kf8! 3.Ba3+ Qxa3 4.fxg7+ Ke7 5.Sf7 Kf6 6.g8Q Qh3+ 7.Sh6 wins

However, this study isn't very good. I wonder why anyone would want to reproduce it at all...

Will I get a proof issue?
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(4) Posted by Dejan Glisić [Tuesday, Aug 26, 2008 14:33]; edited by Dejan Glisić [08-08-26]

Dear Siegfried,
Of course, I shall send both proof issues to you.
I reproduced your study:
- because of 2nd HM in Die Schwalbe,
- because you were only 19 when you composed it,
- because of short and clear solution,
- to shaw to our chess players and young solvers that young person may be busy and create successful composition.
The first intention of "PZR" & "PZR-Bilten" (during 2002-2005) was popularisation of chess composition and search for young composers. You can se some workshops at: , under the 'Problemske radionice'...
Please send me your postal address! (If it is not at your website).
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(5) Posted by Sarah Hornecker [Tuesday, Aug 26, 2008 15:35]; edited by Sarah Hornecker [08-08-26] <----- This one will work fine. However, see below.

It is not "Die Schwalbe", but "Schach". So, wrong magazine. :-)

Ok, so let's stop hijacking the thread now. Feel free to send replies via note.

Also, I think I'll receive Bilten anyway since I'm a MatPlus subscriber.

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MatPlus.Net Forum Endgame studies Improvements to my old studies