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MatPlus.Net Forum Selfmates Frank Richter, Die Schwalbe 2005, s#9
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(1) Posted by Frank Richter [Friday, Dec 1, 2006 13:11]; edited by Frank Richter [06-12-02]

Frank Richter, Die Schwalbe 2005, s#9

Here I like to present the following problem of mine:

12533 Die Schwalbe 211, 2005
(= 10+8 )


White wants to force the selfmate by Rg4+ fxg4#. But prior it is necessary to block the field g2. So we can try 1.Rg5,6? (2.Bg2 ~ 3.Rg4+), but black plays 1.- Qb1(or b1Q) 2.- Qxd3+! Better seems to be 1.Rg3!? avoiding the check of the black queen. But black can counter: 1.- d5!! 2.Bxd5 Bb7!! (using the critical move of the white bishop: 1.- Bb7?? 2.Rg4+) 3.Bh1! Bf3!! and if we try 4.Ne2+ Bxe2 5.Bg2 so after 5.- Bxd1 the attack is finished.
Thus why at first the "vorplan" 1.Bh6+ Kxe5 2.Bg7+ Kf4 must take place.
Now the bishop can move to d4 and the play goes on: 3.Rg3! d5! 4.Bxd5 Bd7! 5.Bh1 Bf3 6.Ne2+ Bxe2 7.Bg2 Bxd1! 8.Bd4!! ~ 9.Rg4+ fxg4#
A really selfmate-battle with fine ressources on both sides. The black queen is lazy in solution, but prevents a lot of cooks.

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(2) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Saturday, Dec 2, 2006 08:09]

Great problem Frank. The move Bh1 is very nice. Very nice solution. You may want to edit solution and correct two typo errors (Kd4->Kf4, Bh3->Bf3). I do like logical problems like this one.
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(3) Posted by Frank Richter [Saturday, Dec 2, 2006 09:44]

Errors corrected, thanks!
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(4) Posted by Frank Richter [Monday, May 7, 2007 19:29]

The problem just was awarded with the 1st prize (judge Arno Tüngler).
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(5) Posted by Sarah Hornecker [Monday, May 7, 2007 20:03]

Congratulations! It's a very fine problem indeed! Not only it has a good flow but also geometry (see the bishops) and a certain depth (1.Bh6+ allows 8.Bd4). And of course the manoeuver of the bishops seems paradox. However, 8.Bd4 shouldn't get an exclamation mark since the move is quite clear at that moment.

It may be a little hard to solve (but only to beginners) since 5.Bh1!! is a little hidden. But then it is logical since black has to avoid white playing 6.Rg4+ or 6.Bg2 if the bishop runs away. It works like a clockwork.

There's a minus with the unnecessary material Qa2, Pb2, Pb3 and Bc1 but as you said it's necessary to prevent cooks.

Well, I'm not a selfmate expert anyway.
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MatPlus.Net Forum Selfmates Frank Richter, Die Schwalbe 2005, s#9