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MatPlus.Net Forum Liga Problemista 2009 Theme for the 1st round 2009
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(1) Posted by Administrator [Tuesday, Nov 4, 2008 13:25]

Theme for the 1st round 2009

Theme: Direct twomovers (#2) with white halfbattery play in two or more thematic phases. Each of front pieces must take first move in at least one thematic phase and the remaining front piece must open the battery on mating move at least once (in variation and/or threat). In addition, one direct mate by a rear battery piece moving sideways (i.e. off the battery line) is required in each thematic phase. Obviously, a rear piece must be the white queen.

1. Milan Velimirović
     original example
(= 10+2 )
#2 v
1.e5? (~)
  1... Kc4 2.f5#
  1... S~ 2.Qd8#

  1... Sxc5!
1.f5! (~)
  1... Kc4 2.e5#
  1... S~ 2.Qf6#

  1... Ke5 2.Sf3#
1a. Milan Velimirović
(= 12+2 )
#2 v
1.e5? (~)
  1... Kc4 2.f5#
  1... S~ 2.Qd8#

  1... Sxf4 2.Qxf4# - not themtic!
  1... Sxc3!
1.f5! (~)
  1... Kc4 2.e5#
  1... S~ 2.Qf6#
  1... Ke5 2.Qf6#
2. Milan Velimirović
     original example
(= 11+9 )
#2 v
1.Sed5? ~ 2.Re3#
  1... Rh3 2.Bf6#
  1... Qc1 2.Qa4#

  1... gxf4 2.Rxf4#
  1... Bxd5 2.Bxd5#
  1... Qc5!
1.Bd4! ~ 2.Re3#
  1... Rh3 2.Sexg6#
  1... Qc1 2.Qxa8#

  1... gxf4 2.Re5#
  1... Sc2/Sf3/Sg2 2.Bxc2#

  • The halfbattery may be direct, indirect or masked by white or black unit. The black king may in thematic defence step on or off the halfbattery line.
  • Direct mate by a rear halfbattery piece along the battery line (i.e. by recapture after black captures the remaining front piece, like 1.e5? Sxf4 2.Qxf4# in scheme 1a) is not thematic, although it is not forbidden.
  • Both examples show the theme with changed mates. However, this is not thematic requirement: black defences may differ between the phases and also thematic mate by a rear piece may be the same (but this is of course the inferior form).
  • The actual play may be a non-thematic phase, provided that the theme is completed in thematic tries.
  • It may sound strange but theme with mates by a rear piece appears to be original: a search for direct halfbatteries through the database resulted with not a single problem showing the theme as defined above.

Judge: Milan Velimirović (which means that this time entries will not be anonymous!)

Closing date: February 1st, 2009

Send problems to:
Milan Velimirović, Milentija Popovića 35/6, 11070 Novi Beograd, Serbia

or by e-mail to: (with subject LP 1/2009)

or online: fill the input form Originals..LP 2009-1 on – ensure that correct section (LP2009, Round 1) is selected!

Announcements in PDF format:
English language:
Српски језик:
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(2) Posted by Uri Avner [Tuesday, Nov 4, 2008 16:30]

With indirect battery, the rear piece doesn't have to be Queen. Am I right?
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(3) Posted by Administrator [Tuesday, Nov 4, 2008 18:36]

With indirect battery, the rear piece doesn't have to be Queen. Am I right?

Yes, that's the exception. However, it doesn't offer possibilities to play with different mates by the rear piece - only one compared to theoretically 4 by the queen.
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(4) Posted by Frank Richter [Thursday, Nov 6, 2008 16:52]

Milan, I'm sorry, but the given theme is not so original as you think.
Browsing the Albrecht-Degener-Database I found the following three examples (I stopped after the first 300 "Halbbatteries with D-move in solution"):

Efren Petite
Die Schwalbe, Dez. 1981
(= 13+7 )

#2, b) b) Bc7 n. b8, +sPb7, -wPb6
1. ...Ld4/Lf4 2. Ld5/Lf5
1. Lf7? (2. Se~) ...Ld4/Lc4/Lg4/Sd3 2. Ld5/Sc4/Sg4/Sd3, ...Sf3/Sf7/Ta8 2. Sf3/Sf7/Da8, ...Lf4!
1. Sc6? (2. Lf7) ...Ta8!
1. Sf3! (2. Lf7) ...Sd3/Sf3/Ld4/Lf4/Lc5/Sg6/Ta8/Lc4 2. Ld5/Lf5/Td4/Tf4/Sc5/Dg6/Da8/Lc4
b) 1. Lf7? ...Lf4!; 1. Sf3? ...Ta6!; 1. Sc6!

Abel S. Airapetjan
Die Schwalbe - 166. TT (Schiffmann-GT), 1980-81, 5. Prize
(= 10+5 )

1. Sf6? (2. Sc~) ...Db2/Td6/Tc3 2. Sb6/Scd6/Dh1, ...Tdc3!
1. Sa7,Se7? (2. Sf6) ...Db2!
1. Sb6! (2. Sf6) ...Tdc3/Tcc3/Dc3/Kh7/Td6 2. Sc7/Dh1/Th2/Sf6/Sed6

Peter Gvozdjak
Goumondy TT 1989, Prize
(= 9+10 )

1. Lg3? (2. Te5) ...Df5/Dg3 2. Sf5/Da2, ...Sb6!
1. Sf5! (2. Sg7) ...Df5/Dg3 2. Da2/Lg3, ...Kf5 2. Ld6
Very impressive problem with Kiss cycle.
(Read Only)pid=2902
(5) Posted by Frank Richter [Thursday, Nov 6, 2008 17:37]

And now let's remember famous classic composers:

Arnoldo Ellerman
Die Schwalbe 1963(V)
(= 5+6 )

1. Le2? (2. Lg3) ...Da1/Da4/Da5/Dd3 2. Lg1/Lf4/Le5/Da8, ...Df3!
1. Le5! (2. Lf3) ...Da1/Db2/Da4/Dh3 2. Ld1/Le2/Lg4/Da8

L. Loschinskij / V. Tschepishnij
Die Schwalbe 1961, 1st Prize
(= 10+10 )

1. ...Tc2+/fe3 2. Dc2/Tg4
1. Sd3? (2. Sf2) ...Tc2+/fe3/Ke3/Tc3 2. Sdc2/Sdc6/Sdc5/De8, ...h1S!
1. Sb3! (2. Sd2) ...Tc2+/fe3/Ke3 2. Sbc2/Sbc6/Sbc5, ...Tcd8/Ted8/Tc3 2. Sd5/Te5/De8;

There are at least seven other examples in database, so I'm afraid, it will be difficult to find original settings.
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(6) Posted by Administrator [Thursday, Nov 6, 2008 18:03]

Thank you Frank for your research. Unfortunately, I don't have Albrecht-Degener database (yet? Udo Degener promised to publish it by end of 2008).

Regarding theme, obviously the stress is on mates by a rear piece. And preferably these should be changed mates (I limited my search only to this criteria). In all Frank's examples but one these are side variations and as such not of much value as far as our theme is concerned. I still think that this paradoxical feature has not been explored so far and that there is enough space for the originality.

Peter's problem is wonderful and I would have been happy to give it as the example - if I found it. Unfortunately (again) in a database I searched there is no keyword "halfbattery" associated with it (keywords given there are: Salazar, Batterie blanche, Mat par clouage, Kiss, Cle ampliative).
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(7) Posted by Juraj Lörinc [Thursday, Nov 6, 2008 19:08]

My experience says that research in THE database for orthodox problems is far more successful when aimed at matrices and/or solutions. E.g. for given theme I would try searching matrices with wQ-wX-wY-bK on the line, combined with solution conditions
%1.X% and (forcing key by type X)
%1.Y% and (forcing key by type Y)
%2.D%2.D% (forcing at least two mates by queen)
Naturally that all only for orthodox #2 that I have pre-selected as special sub-database.
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(8) Posted by Harry Fougiaxis [Friday, Nov 7, 2008 14:35]

Off-topic, but since you're discussing about the database : well said, Juraj, it is true that quite often it is more efficient to search in the solutions for moves by specific pieces, rather than for themes. Particularly for helpmates (mainly in 2 moves), this is the best approach. Btw, the database does not recognise a half-battery (I know, it seems strange); you have to add the keyword manually.
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(9) Posted by Thomas Maeder [Friday, Nov 7, 2008 18:03]

Btw, the database does not recognise a half-battery (I know, it seems strange)

AFAICT, not even we humans agree on what a (half-)battery is. :-)
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MatPlus.Net Forum Liga Problemista 2009 Theme for the 1st round 2009