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MatPlus.Net Forum 6th ECSC – Sunningdale 2010 9th ECSC - Vilnius
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(1) Posted by Vilimantas Satkus [Thursday, Mar 14, 2013 20:34]

9th ECSC - Vilnius

Dear chessfriends ,
We are inviting chess solvers to take part in ECSC, that will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania, 26-28th of April.
The registration for 9th European chess solving championship is in progress. All information that can be useful for you you can find in our site:
Click please in the right upper corner where is written ECSC.
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(2) Posted by Vilimantas Satkus [Wednesday, Apr 3, 2013 22:22]

Dear Chessfriends,
there is very short time before dead-line for registration for 9th ECSC. So you must do your decision without delay. On the other hand you must be sure that ECSC without you can not be weighty enough. One thing more. Some days ago I received the last issue of "The Problemist" (March 2013) where I found very strange sentence "Later this year we will be in a position to send our best available team to Vilnius in Latvia..."(page 50, 5th line from the top). OMG! Gentleman what are you speaking about? It may be a trap if even respectful British magazine tells such things. Indeed Vilnius is the eternal capital of the LITHUANIA. But if in any way you`ll arrive in Latvia do not worry. Latvia is in the neighbourhood of Lithuania. So in 3 hours by car you can reach Vilnius (Lithuania).
So, I believe, I see you in Vilnius!
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(3) Posted by Michael McDowell [Thursday, Apr 4, 2013 07:58]

I've seen worse Vilimantas.

I remember reading a book which made reference to "the great tournament held in 1904 at Cambridge Springs in England".

The authors were two American players!
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(4) Posted by Juraj Lörinc [Thursday, Apr 4, 2013 09:44]

This is indeed interesting, Michael. Completely different level.

I also think that especially we - from smaller and in a sense more exotic countries - are destined to have our country confused. I have been already labelled as hailing from Slovakia (that's right), Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia and Germany, maybe I have even forgotten some. And many my compatriots share my experience.

Even Bedrich Formanek - not exactly unknown figure as WFCC Honorary President and former President - has received excuse in the very same issue of The Problemist.

Really, there are worse things. Or better - good luck to ECSC!
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(5) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Thursday, Apr 4, 2013 11:58]; edited by Hauke Reddmann [13-04-04]

As long as they don't get sent to Latvinia (y'know, that country
ruled by that ugly doctor with a mask over his face)... :-)
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(6) Posted by Joost de Heer [Thursday, Apr 4, 2013 17:08]

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(7) Posted by Alexander Leontyev [Saturday, Apr 27, 2013 17:54]

As usual we have no any results about solving tts of the European meeting (ECSC) on the official site or here or on the WFCC's site.
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(8) Posted by Steven Dowd [Saturday, Apr 27, 2013 23:40]

Round 3 was posted to Facebook, if that is any help.
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(9) Posted by Sven Hendrik Lossin [Sunday, Apr 28, 2013 01:09]

Well, I'm doing very bad here with only 5,5 points after three rounds :(
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(10) Posted by Alexander Leontyev [Sunday, Apr 28, 2013 05:41]; edited by Alexander Leontyev [13-04-28]

After 3 rounds
Podinic, Vuckovic, Murdzia are leading. Teams - probably: Serbia, Poland, Ukraine, Russia. May be Russians will show smth in the second day...
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(11) Posted by Alexander Leontyev [Sunday, Apr 28, 2013 16:40]
"Later..." :)
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(12) Posted by Joost de Heer [Sunday, Apr 28, 2013 21:05]

1. Piotr Murdzia
2. Eddy van Beers
3. Podinic
4. Vuckovic
5. Mista
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(13) Posted by Sarah Hornecker [Sunday, Apr 28, 2013 21:33]

I would lie to say I'm surprised to see Murdzia at the top. I am just surprised to see he got the first place after having been on third for the rest of the tourney. :-)
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(14) Posted by Eric Huber [Sunday, Apr 28, 2013 21:45]

I have received some news from Dinu-Ioan Nicula, who took part to the ECSC. Final standings:
1. Murdzia 72,25 p.
2. Van Beers 66,5
3. Podinic 65,5 p.

It seems that the helpmate round was tough.

Teams standings:
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(15) Posted by Marjan Kovačević [Tuesday, Apr 30, 2013 01:40]

I came from Vilnius with some wonderful impressions, and some deep sadness about our missing friends. There is nothing we could do about the later, but some young people opened the bright side of our life, this time.
Vidmantas Satkus proved to be a born organizer, in all respects. The new competition he organized (quick solving of #2, h#2 & S#2) was probably the most important innovation since decades ago, especially its second phase, the Swiss system 9 rounds competition for the best 24. Absolutely amazing!
Another great moment was the celebration of the Polish team. Yes, we know how Piotr celebrates, but this time he got a magical help from the young solvers from other countries. So, there was the magnificent Anna Bylinkina with her guitar, killing us softly with her song. There was Evgeny Viktorov, helping her sing Okudzhava, Vysotsky, and other blessed souls, and there was Elena Kozhukina, bringing Ukrainian food to protect us against all kinds of drinks and evils. And, yes, they devoted a touching part of this celebration to our friend Milan.
Let other participants of the most beautiful ECSC party forgive me missing their parts, but I managed to catch only a half an hour of this rare enjoyment, between two bloody reports for my Sunday chess page.
Anyway, this unforgettable half an hour was enough for me to forgive Poland beating Serbia in ECSC. The win is for those who know how to celebrate!
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(16) Posted by Alexander Leontyev [Tuesday, Apr 30, 2013 05:43]; edited by Alexander Leontyev [13-04-30]

As I see, one and the same group of Russian solvers (Selivanov + solvers from Tver) becomes more and more friendly and amicable.
So, the rest of the Russian solvers should be glad of this.
The results of Russia on the ECSCs:
2005-2009 - 2
2010 - --
2011 - 4
2012 - 3
2013 - 4
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(17) Posted by Andrey Selivanov [Tuesday, Apr 30, 2013 10:23]

For information: the Russian chess Federation has invited Mr. Leontiev in the Russian team. Mr. Leontiev demanded for themselves special conditions. Unfortunately very often, Mr. Leontiev gives incorrect information.
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(18) Posted by Alexander Leontyev [Tuesday, Apr 30, 2013 23:59]; edited by Alexander Leontyev [13-05-24]

Very strange post from Mr. Selivanov. Where in my posts here I gave incorrect information?

For information.
1) Selivanov is a VIP official with the corresponding appearance, manners and behavior type.
2) About ECSC I only got 3 strange emails from Mr. Feoktistov (12 March - isn't too late?) with a strange request - to agree to a trip to Vilnius BEFORE announcement of details. If to speak briefly, I responded to Feoktistov that he has no rights to form the national team and to make deals with solvers, and that his email doesn't guarantee to me payment of a trip to Vilnius. I wrote to him that Rus Chess Federation (RCF) can send me an offer in a writing form, and our contact ended in it.
3) RCF very often detains payments to it's own obligations and can to pay nothing absolutely. For example the prize for the Rus. championship 2012 was paid to me only after 2 months.
In 1999, when Selivanov was the president of RCF, there was a letter in popular sport magazine from 37 grandmasters where in addition it was spoken about a debt of two-year prescription of RCF to members of an Olympic team.
Also about this debt is here -
2 citations from there.
GM A. Khalifman, FIDE world champion: "Selivanov was elected lawfully and democratically, nobody doesn't argue with it. But to him, as the deputy of the State Duma, has to be knows such concept - "business decency". He assumed certain obligations to leading chess players - and didn't execute them. If you afford such, so you can't be a president. The link on any "the mass chess player" who allegedly supports Selivanov, is false and cheap reception."
GM Evgeny Bareev, winner of 3 chess Olympiads: "Selivanov's problem not that he says lie all the time to us. He simply isn't able to work. For example, can't find sponsors for the Russian chess because doesn't know approaches to people and he doesn't possess necessary authority. Selivanov was asked to leave voluntary, but he continues to hold the chair. Offensively if because of this person our chess steadily loses the positions. After all none of leading grandmasters won't play for the national team when the head of RCF deceives all his time. Already NOBODY BELEIVES HIM, and the best that he can make, is to leave."
4) Here is a link to the text of judgment about debt payment (approximately 30 000 $) in 2010 year from RCF to the civil engineering firm
5) In 2008 when I took part in the World Champ, one known Russian composer at presence of the chairman of the commission on composition of RCF (at that time) Yakov Vladimirov suggested me to share money with Vladimirov, as I shall save a lot of money thanks to payment of a trip of RCF. Later Vladimirov demanded from me several times to undersign on the unfilled pay-sheets of this trip, but received from me refusal.
6) Registration of the labor agreement could stop similar frauds in advance.

Очень странный пост от г-на Селиванова. Где здесь в моих постах неправильная информация?

Для информации.
1) Г-н Селиванов - ВИП чиновник с соответствующей внешностью, манерами и типом поведения.
2) Про ECSC я получил лишь 3 странных емейла от г-на Феоктистова (12 марта - не поздновато ли?) со странной просьбой - дать согласие на поездку в Вильнюс ДО оглашения подробностей. Если говорить кратко, то я ответил ему, что он не имеет прав на формирование сборной, на заключение договоров с решателями, и что его емейлы не гарантируют мне затем оплату поездки в Вильнюс. Я написал ему, что РШФ может направить мне оферту (трудовое соглашение) в письменном виде, и на этом наш контакт закончился.
3) РШФ очень часто задерживает выплаты по своим обязательствам и может не выплатить деньги совсем. Так приз за чемпионат России 2012 был выплачен мне лишь через 2 месяца после его окончания.
В 1999 году, когда президентом РШФ был Селиванов, в прессе появилось письмо от 37 гроссмейстеров, где помимо прочего говорилось о долге двухлетней давности РШФ перед членами Олимпийской сборной. Также об этом долге -
2 цитаты оттуда:
Александр ХАЛИФМАН,чемпион мира ФИДЕ:
- Селиванов был избран законно и демократично, никто с этим не спорит. Но ему, как депутату Госдумы, должно быть известно такое понятие - "деловая порядочность". Он взял на себя определенные обязательства перед ведущими шахматистами - и не выполнил их. Если ты позволяешь себе такое, то, значит, тебе нельзя быть президентом. Ссылка на какого-то "массового шахматиста", который якобы поддерживает Селиванова, это лживый и дешевый прием.
Евгений БАРЕЕВ,3-кратный победитель Всемирных шахматных олимпиад:
- Проблема Селиванова не в том, что он все время врет нам. Он просто не умеет работать. Например, не может найти спонсоров для российских шахмат, потому что не знает подходов к людям, да и необходимым авторитетом не обладает. Селиванова просят уйти добровольно, но он продолжает держаться за свое кресло. Обидно, если по вине этого человека наши шахматы будут неуклонно терять свои позиции. Ведь никто из ведущих гроссмейстеров не будет играть за сборную, когда руководитель РШФ их все время обманывает. Ему уже никто не верит, и лучшее, что он может сделать, это уйти.

4) А вот ссылочка на решение суда от 2010 г. о выплате долга РШФ размером около 30 000 $ в пользу строительной фирмы.
5) В 2008 году, в котором я выступил на чемпионате мира, один известный российский композитор в присутствии тогдашнего председателя комиссии РШФ по композиции Я. Г. Владимирова предложил мне поделиться деньгами с Владимировым, т. к. я сэкономлю много денег на оплате поездки от РШФ. Позднее Владимиров несколько раз требовал от меня расписаться в незаполненных платежных ведомостях по этой поездке, но получил отказ.
6) Оформление трудового соглашения могло бы заранее пресечь подобные махинации.
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(19) Posted by Marjan Kovačević [Tuesday, Jun 11, 2013 15:55]

You could find on youtube an illustration of the "Polish evening" in Vilnius, and more:
Thanks, Ilham!
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(20) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Tuesday, Jun 11, 2013 23:49]; edited by seetharaman kalyan [13-06-11]

Thanks for the nice videos. Interesting that the champion Piotr Murdzia uses three boards with figurine chessmen (I think it makes sense) while most use the regular chess pieces.

There is also another nice video.

Thanks Ilham Aliev.
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