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MatPlus.Net Forum General Longest helpmate?
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(21) Posted by James Malcom [Tuesday, Jan 31, 2023 06:35]

Still, Kevin, your classification system provides us with a good split for these longest Shortest Help-Play-Mate problems.

Per Joost's mathematical expression, here are the current records for Hauke's goal.

1) No Promoted Pieces; M(P)-39.5
Taking Blathy's and starting as White.
(= 8+10 )

1. Ke8 Bf8 2. Kd7 Bg7 3. Kc6 Bf8 4. Kb5 Bg7 5. Kc4 Bf8 6. Kc3 Bg7 7. Kd2 Bf8 8.
Ke1 Bg7 9. Kf1 Bf8 10. Kg1 Bg7 11. Kh2 Bf8 12. Kh3 Bg7 13. Kg4 Bf8 14. Kxf3 Bg7
15. Ke2 Bf8 16. Kd2 Bg7 17. Kc3 Bf8 18. Kc4 Bg7 19. Kb5 Bf8 20. Kc6 Bg7 21. Kd7
Bf8 22. Kd8 Bg7 23. Ke8 Bf8 24. Kxf8 f3 25. Ke8 Kg7 26. Kd7 Kf8 27. Kc7 Ke8 28.
Kb6 Kd8 29. Kb5 Kc8 30. Kc6 Kb8 31. Kd7 Kb7 32. Ke8 Kc8 33. Kf8 Kd8 34. Kxg8 Kc8
35. Kf7 Kc7 36. Kxe7 Kb7 37. Kxd6 Kc8 38. Kc6 Kb8 39. e7 Kc8 40. e8=Q#

2) Promoted Pieces; M(P)-49.0

3) Illegal; M(P)-107.5, as stated of the above h#111

Try and improve.
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(22) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Tuesday, Jan 31, 2023 09:07]

Ulrich is of course correct: if you want to troll with a
collision of "dead" and "50 move" rule (which is technically
impossible, I guess - "dead" points to "legal moves", and "legal"
only to the ground rules, which don't mention 50 move or repeat)
the line has to be capture-free.
But I still think the main question (longest distance to helpmate)
is very interesting.
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MatPlus.Net Forum General Longest helpmate?