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MatPlus.Net Forum General #2 with stalemate tries
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(1) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Tuesday, Oct 25, 2022 13:28]

#2 with stalemate tries

First of all, *active* tries. A record with Black already stalemated
in the initial position is easily done. (Albrecht 285442 - I dood it
myself on MPF :-) Maybe not the record.) The Albrecht lists about
200 problems with stalemate avoidance, so it's a bit tedious to
scan through all of them. Adding "task" doesn't help, that gives
just one more problem, the 141891 by Petrovic (46 tries, 5 run into
stalemate. With batteries on a flight, I could dwarf 5 in 5 minutes :-)

So, does someone offhandedly know the record for stalemateING tries?
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(2) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Tuesday, Oct 25, 2022 19:34]

Built in 10 seconds, has still vast optimization potential:

(= 14+2 )

29 active stalemate tries

Now a really interesting thing would be White-to-play
with stalemate tries.

(= 11+1 )

20 active stalemate tries, 1...Kxg7 2.Tb8#, 1.Da6!
(EDIT: Sh6 instead of Ph7, otherwise retrostalemate, see Siegfrieds comment)

I leave to MPF to find a position where ALL moves are either
stalemate or the one solution :-)
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(3) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Tuesday, Oct 25, 2022 21:29]

Hauke, in your second position, Black is to move, so 1.-Kxg7 2.Rb8ä is the solution, 1.Qa6 is the try and the stalemates are tries of the try.
(Read Only)pid=24009
(4) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Tuesday, Oct 25, 2022 22:28]

Foiled again :-) Edited.

(= 11+1 )

Question above also solved: White has only (23) stalemate moves,
except the key (which is waiting - a changed mate would be
better, of course).
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(5) Posted by Kevin Begley [Tuesday, Oct 25, 2022 22:36]

"...tries of the try..."

Tries, son of Try. The first of his name. King of the Alfils, and the Wazir, and the First Men. Rightful Royal Unit of the Sixty Four Kingdoms.
Nearly stalemated in battle.
Valar morghulis.
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(6) Posted by Frank Richter [Wednesday, Oct 26, 2022 09:18]

A try ;) to Hauke's first position:

(= 13+2 )

38 tries, 36 with at least one threat, what I'd prefer.
(Read Only)pid=24016
(7) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Wednesday, Oct 26, 2022 10:05]

@Frank: Bf4~ doesn't threat anything?!
(Rg4->h4,+wPf7 loses 3 tries, but then Bf4~ comes with a threat)
(Read Only)pid=24017
(8) Posted by Frank Richter [Wednesday, Oct 26, 2022 11:36]

You are right, Hauke.
So do we need a threat in every counted "active" try or not?
(Read Only)pid=24018
(9) Posted by Valery Gurov [Wednesday, Oct 26, 2022 14:00]

last black move Kh7-h8, previos white Ba2-g8+
(Read Only)pid=24019
(10) Posted by Joost de Heer [Wednesday, Oct 26, 2022 15:26]

@Valery: see comment below diagram, Hauke initially had Ph7 instead of Sh6, and then there's no last black move.
(Read Only)pid=24020
(11) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Wednesday, Oct 26, 2022 19:23]

@Frank: That's entirely your preference :-)
(Pump up records now, classify later.)

(= 11+2 )

1.Ra7! (please count yourself :-)
(Read Only)pid=24021
(12) Posted by Joost de Heer [Wednesday, Oct 26, 2022 21:06]

@Hauke: Last black move?
(Read Only)pid=24022
(13) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Thursday, Oct 27, 2022 09:05]

Here we go again. Will I ever learn? :-)
Edit: wK to a1, +wPh3.
(Read Only)pid=24025
(14) Posted by Frank Richter [Thursday, Oct 27, 2022 14:20]


(= 13+3 )

39 attempts to guard g5 (if we count g8Q and g8R as two tries), but not all tries with a threat.
Possibly there are smarter ways to give Black a last move?

Edit: Slightly other version, all 38 tries with threat(s), but a trivial solution:

(= 14+2 )

(Read Only)pid=24028
(15) Posted by Olaf Jenkner [Thursday, Oct 27, 2022 18:00]

(Read Only)pid=24030

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MatPlus.Net Forum General #2 with stalemate tries