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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions WCCT-11, section E
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(41) Posted by Marcos Roland [Friday, Sep 30, 2022 17:56]

@Viktoras, I liked your h#4.5, although the solutions are different. And the second solution, yes, makes also me remember E53. Of course, your problem would not be thematic in the WCCT-11, you know that. Thanks for sharing!
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(42) Posted by Viktoras Paliulionis [Monday, Oct 3, 2022 00:00]

Marcos, I will try to compare these three problems.

I agree with you that the problem of G. Regniers & G. Smits is better than G. Sobrecases & R. Wiehagen, because the knight has more possible moves. The rest of the play is almost identical in both problems, the differences are only cosmetic, it’s a matter of taste. A similar play and mating position has been seen many times. Interplay between sides is poor. I don't think pawn promotions are any advantage of a problem: moves of a pawn and promotion are easier to motivate than a long route of an officer. Which side begins is unimportant in helpmates; it depends on the idea of the problem, but some judges like it better when Black begins.

General idea of all three problems: delayed tempo sacrifice and dual avoidance. Two of wB's possible trial moves (Bf8, Bh6) have the same negative effect as in both other problems - line obstruction. Third try (Bf6) - flight guard.

Your E64 has more of interesting features than the first two:
1. A big plus is that W1 is AntiZielElement (square obstruction), which is later compensated by the capture of wB by bQ. The negative effect of move Bh8 is clearly shown in the try 1.Qa3/Qd3? Bh8? 2.Qd6 exd6 3.Sf3 d7 4.Kh3 d8=R 5.Kh4 Rh8??
2. Delayed sacrifice of bQ.
3. Better interplay between sides.
4. More interesting play: active bK; better final position (side vs corner); promotion and mate by rook are better than mate by a promoted queen without an extra move.
5. Hidden Black’s zugzwang with changed mating position in the try: 1.Sf5 Bf6? 2.Sd6 exd6 3.Qg2 d7 4.Kh3 d8=R(Q) 5.?? R(Q)h8#. Unfortunately, the promotion here is dualized.
6. The choice of move is wB star-shaped, which is a pleasant visual effect.
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(43) Posted by Marcos Roland [Monday, Oct 3, 2022 14:25]

Thank you, Viktoras! Once more I see how difficult it is to evaluate and compare one own's problems.
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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions WCCT-11, section E