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(21) Posted by Milomir Babić [Thursday, Sep 8, 2022 23:54]

I'm not sure that everyone would accept if someone determined that it is better to have B/S than R/P, or vice versa. I would be the first to ask the question on the basis of which someone said that it should be this way and not that way.
I believe that in my positions, if such an opportunity arises, there will be both options, simply for the sake of variety.
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(22) Posted by Administrator [Friday, Sep 30, 2022 23:15]

There are still 2 months left until the end of the Mat Plus challenge.
The response of composers so far is excellent.
The vast majority of records have been broken.
I can confirm that for all 24 possible Mixed AUW combinations, the number of moves is less than 10!

Accept the challenge!

Problem check is the easiest and fastest with the Popeye.
The condition is Ser-h=n (n is the number of moves) with the help of the Intelligent mode.
Whoever uses Oliva can check the correctness of the composition very quickly (in seconds).

I expect your works by the 1st December.
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(23) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Saturday, Oct 29, 2022 08:46]

I recommend this formula for overall ranking:
1) number of records hodling
2) average number of moves (records only)
3) average number of pieces
4) average points (type of pieces)
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(24) Posted by Frank Richter [Wednesday, Nov 2, 2022 09:57]

Is there any possibility to mark an entry as "C+"? Or is this specified by the tournament director only?
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(25) Posted by Administrator [Wednesday, Nov 2, 2022 20:47]

You can write (in the "Notes:" field) that the problem is C+. You did the same.
Mark C? is information that there has been a change in the problem, or it is a new problem.
When the director determines that everything is OK, he marks the problem with "C+".
If the author makes any changes in the meantime, the tag automatically changes to "C?".
If there are many problems, as here, this is very important. It's easy to see if the problem has been modified.
The authors themselves repeatedly correct their works.
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(26) Posted by Administrator [Thursday, Nov 24, 2022 13:53]


The deadline for submitting problems is 1st December

It is expected that there will be more than 200 compositions in the competition!
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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Тechnical Еxcellence Challenge