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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions 10th FIDE World Cup in composing
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(41) Posted by Aleksey Oganesjan [Thursday, Sep 1, 2022 16:08]

Preliminary results - C (Moremovers): (172 KB)

Send your claims of defects and anticipations to the Director until 30.09.2022
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(42) Posted by Olaf Jenkner [Thursday, Sep 1, 2022 21:23]

Oooh, there is a Babson to see!
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(43) Posted by James Malcom [Friday, Sep 2, 2022 01:29]

Wonderful to see this section at last.
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(44) Posted by Thomas Maeder [Saturday, Sep 3, 2022 12:26]


The solution of the 5th Commendation has ambiguities in the white rook moves which make it hard to understand what is going on.

E.g. 2.Rh6 (but which one?)

Indicating which rook moves would be helpful.
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(45) Posted by Aleksey Oganesjan [Saturday, Sep 3, 2022 21:15]

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(46) Posted by Viktor Syzonenko [Tuesday, Sep 20, 2022 16:19]

A14 10th Cup
[ zone64: С уважением к таланту и потенциалу Автора этой задачи ]

(= 11+9 )

6Qb/3p1P1p/K2p1p1P/3PNkB1/R1N5/3P1q2/8/3n1R1b w - - 0 1
#2*vv 11+9=20

[ *1...d:e5 2.Sd6# - это существует до "ключа", истинного или ложного. Но Автор скрывает, чтобы применить шулерский прием. ]

*1...f:e5 (a) 2.S:d6# (A)
*1...Qf4 (b) 2.R:f4#

1.Bg~ (Bc1)? - 2.Qg4# (C), Q:h7# (D)
1...d:e5 2.Sd6# (A)
[ Автор ловко вынимает из рукава (или кармана) нужную игральную карту и вставляет ее в цикл. Браво!
Брависсимо! Дожили, подделываем даже "псевдо".... ]

1...f:e5 2.Qg5# (2.Sd6? Kf6!)
1...Se3! (closing)
1.B:f6? - 2.Qg5# (B) (2.Qg4, Q:h7,
S:d6? K:f6!)
1...B:f6 2.Qg4# (C) (pin-mate,
2.Q:h7, S:d6? Kg5!)
1...K:f6 2.f8Q#
1...Bg7! (closing)

1.Bf4! – 2.S:d6# (A) (2.Qg4 Q:g4!,
2.Q:h7? K:f4!)
1...Q:d5 2.Qg4# (C) (2.Q:h7? Ke6!) [ Not Antidual ]
1...Q:d3 2.Q:h7# (D) (2.Qg4? Ke4!) [ Antidual, only one ]
1...f:e5 (a) 2.Qg5# (B)
1...Q:f4 (b) / K:f4 2.Qg4# (pin-mate)

An original and solid plot based
on White Correction with Threat
Correction (in parallel), Neva
theme and Caprice elements.

Flight giving key double, dual
avoidance of both threats and
mates in variations. A significant
place in the content is occupied by the themes of changing the
functions of moves: Rudenko [ No! ],
double pseudo-Le Grand [ No! ], cyclic pseudo-Le Grand (CA-BC-AB) [ No! ] and
others [ others ?! others?? ]
An unconventional logical-
paradoxical project with an
optimal design.

[ Этот комментарий - мантры.
После прочтения чувствуешь себя "дураком". А при попытке критически осмыслить - "полным дураком".
Естественно, каждый судья который прочитает эти мантры впадает в интеллектуальный ступор.
Результат: безпрепятственное возвышение подобных подделок. И их авторов.
Если удалить две черные пешки, "d7" и "d6", то получится "хорошая задача". Но изчезнут мантры. ]

(Carlo Cipolla
"The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity" (1976)
These are Cipolla's five fundamental laws of stupidity: Always and inevitably, everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation. The probability that a certain person (will) be stupid is independent of any other characteristic of that person.)



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(47) Posted by Viktor Syzonenko [Thursday, Sep 22, 2022 23:29]

Director of the 10th FIDE World Cup Alexei Oganesyan
Critical consideration of tournament compositions
10th FIDE WORLD CUP in Composing, Section "E"

E58 H # 5 Delete. Not legitimate.
Package: Five chess tasks.
Unorthodox technical movements were used [b) e5→c4; c) e5→d1; d) g2→h4; e=d) e4→b6 ]

E42 H # 3 Delete. Not legitimate.
Package: two chess problems.
Used unorthodox technical movement [b) d5→e6] near the king, external construction of the ending.
If the author thinks that he showed a "beautiful" game, then he is very mistaken. He showed a "similar" game, but it is not "beautiful."]

E30 H#3.5 2.1. No comment. Legitimately.
Checked: the most economical placement of the material.
An illustrative example of anti-duale.

E10 H # 4 Not a standard. Special distinction.
Magic transformation: color change [b) bRa7 = wRa7]

E43 H#3 3.1. No comment. Legitimately.
Concentration: Cycle, Common point (e4), Anti-dual.
High level of intelligence.
[A collection of different items cannot be declared by a "predecessor" to one item.]

E22 H#3 2.1. Not the standard. Special distinction.
Magic transformation: color change [b) wPd3 = bPd3]

E45 H#2 2.1. No comment. Legitimately.
Exemplary chess pattern of material movement in the absence of conflict.

E28 H#2 3.1. No comment. Legitimately.
The overall effect of neutralizing the activity of the three white figures is memorable.

E5 H#3 3.1. No comment. Legitimately.

E3 H#3 4.1. No comment. Legitimately.

E25 H # 3 Not a standard. Special distinction.
Magic transformation: type change [b) wSf8 = wBf8
c) wBh3=wRh3 ]

E35 H#3 2.1. No comment.
Magical transformations in reality.

E41 H # 4 Delete. Not legitimate.
Package: two chess problems.
Unorthodox technical movement [b) d5→b3] was used.

E48. H # 5 No comment. Legitimately.

E49 H # 6 No comment. Legitimately.

September 22, 2022
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(48) Posted by Torsten Linß [Monday, Sep 26, 2022 12:58]

E43: Only 1 out of the 3 moves marked with a question mark shows dual avoidance.
(Read Only)pid=23822
(49) Posted by Viktor Syzonenko [Monday, Sep 26, 2022 23:14]

Yes, you're right. Typical error by authors and judges. And commentators.
White only creates Weakening in Sxc3.
In Sd2 and Sf2, whites do not create a weakening. They do not create neutralization of the black gain, do not foresee it.
I find it difficult to express in terms. Check avoidance?
But having a choice in all solutions is a value.
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(50) Posted by Nikola Predrag [Tuesday, Sep 27, 2022 00:02]

There's an issue about rigid definitions imposed by some people, but other composers or judges might have a different, deeper or broader understanding of some term.
Dual is avoided in all 3 solutions but a negative effect by wS move would be actively created only in one solution. However, the (positive) selfblocks by bQ/bB actively create the negative checking-effects which avoid the dualistic play by wS.

If the term 'dual avoidance' is 'officially' reserved (through some 'authority') for such trivial 'weakening' effects as wSxc3, then a term like 'anti-dual' might be used for more general cases of 'avoiding the duals'. Anyway, the content is the same, regardless of the wording.
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(51) Posted by Viktor Syzonenko [Tuesday, Sep 27, 2022 20:44]

Let's leave E43. Let's turn our attention to another problem.
E30 10th Cup
[ zone64: E30+3rd_Solution ]
(= 6+13 )

8/5p2/2Nppp2/5k2/P1p5/3ppp1N/qr5P/rBK4b w - - 0 1
H#3.5 3 Solutions 6+13=19

1...Sh3-f4 (Sf2?) 2.Rb2-g2 Sf4*d3 3.Rg2-g4 Sd3-f2 + 4.Kf5-f4 Sf2-h3 #
1...Sc6-e5 (Sb4?) 2.Rb2-b5 Se5*d3 3.Rb5-d5 Sd3-b4 + 4.Kf5-e5 Sb4-c6 #
1...Kc1-d1 (Sb4?, Se5+?) 2.Rb2-b5 Sc6-b4 3.Rb5-e5 Sb4-c2 4.d3-d2 Sc2*e3 #
3 x Antiduale!/?
How valuable is the third way?
The repeat does 2.Rb2-b5 bother us, but 2.Rb2-b5 Sc6-b4 3.Rb5-e5 has a replacement 3.Qa1-e5.
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(52) Posted by Neal Turner [Wednesday, Sep 28, 2022 15:02]

Sorry Viktor, but I can't allow these comments on E43 to go unchallenged.

In the introductory chapter of 'Chess Wizardry' John Rice writes: "A clear understanding of the principle of dual avoidance is essential for a full comprehension of what many chess problems are all about".
It's my shame that it took me more than 30 years to get round to it, and when I finally did I had no idea what kind of mine-field I was stepping into!
I learnt the hard way, when in at least two of my efforts my claims of dual avoidance turned out to be mistaken.

So what is dual avoidance?
Quoting from the same book: "A black move may create a certain weakness and thereby seem to allow White a choice between two possible mates... However this same black move may have an additional effect, advantageous to Black, which prevents one of the two mates or continuations, forcing White to pick his move with care."

So let's check out E43 based on this definition.
10th FIDE World Cup
E43 Special Prize
(= 6+8 )
h#2 3.1.1..

1.b×c2 Sc5 (Sg5?) 2.Qc4 e4#
1.R×e6 Sd6 (Sd2?) 2.Be5 Be4#
1.B×e3 Sf6+ (Sxc3?) 2.Kd4 Re4#

The first two solutions are very similar:
- A black piece is arriving to block his own king - the weakness.
- The white knight moves to do guard duty, in each case from two possible squares - the dual.
- An additional arrival effect of the black piece is that it lands on the line of the white king for a possible check - the advantage.
- In order to neutralise this advantage the knight must choose the square which closes the check line - dual avoided.

These lines seem to be very clear examples of so-called 'active' dual avoidance, where Black is actively producing the compensatory effects determining White's choice.
The third solution shows 'passive' dual avoidance where Black's move has no positive effect for White to worry about, but he must still be careful to make the right choice so as not to create a weakness himself.

There's lot's of great examples of dual avoidance in helpmates in Chris Feather's 'Black to Play' which can be found here:
He admits that "Great theoretical arguments rage around this term" while helpfully giving us a chance to get in on the argument, as some of his own claims are debatable!
(Read Only)pid=23835
(53) Posted by Viktor Syzonenko [Wednesday, Sep 28, 2022 17:36]

Dual avoidance is a fundamental concept. And applies to all colors.
In this particular case, if we agree, we can say:
"Positional dual avoidance." Apparently, this will be the first time.

We try to reason on "high science." But blind at the level of arithmetic.
Five is NOT equal to one. Two is NOT equal to one. Let's fix it!
And then E43 will receive the "Prize" identifier, not the "Special prize."

(Read Only)pid=23836
(54) Posted by Viktor Syzonenko [Wednesday, Sep 28, 2022 21:22]


Positive DUAL
Weird. The first to be born was "anti-dual" (a similar move that carries the positive for creating a mat, at the same time brings negativity - prohibiting this mat).
A positive dual is born with a positive. It sounds corny, but it is born only now.
Dual is just a term. Not "good" or "bad," but a term.
We look and expand our horizons.
The same move carries the positive for creating the mat and the second positive for creating the second mat.

Позитивная ДУАЛЬ
Странно. Первой родилась "анти дуаль" (похожий ход, который несет в себе позитив для создания мата, одновременно приносит и негатив - запрещающий этот мат).
Позитивная дуаль рождается с позитива. Банально звучит, но рождается только теперь.
Дуаль - просто термин. Не "хорошо" или "плохо", а термин.
Смотрим и раздвигаем кругозор.
Один и тот же ход несет в себе позитив для создания мата и второй позитив для создания второго мата.

E30 10th Cup
[ zone64: E30+PositiveDual ]
(= 5+12 )

8/8/2Npqb2/5k2/2p5/p2ppb1N/pr5P/rBK5 w - - 0 1
H#3.5 2.1. 5+12=17
1...Sc6-e5 (Sb4?) 2.Rb2-b5 Se5*d3 3.Rb5-d5! and PD:
3...Sd3-e1 + 4.Kf5-e5 Se1*f3 # selfblock d5
3...Sd3-b4 + 4.Kf5-e5 Sb4-c6 #! selfblock d5 and interference line f3-c6
1...Sh3-f4 (Sf2?) 2.Rb2-g2 Sf4*d3 3.Rg2-g4! and PD:
3...Sd3-c5 + 4.Kf5-f4 Sc5*e6 # selfblock g4
3...Sd3-f2 + 4.Kf5-f4 Sf2-h3 #! selfblock g4 and interference line e6-h3

"I'm not a friend, nor a bride, nor a groom.
I am the President of the Russian Federation.
146 million people.
These people have their own interests.
I have a duty to stand up for them."

"I'm not a friend, not an observer, and not an enemy.
I am the Author of the Chess World.
64 dot-cell-fields and 32 figures, and thousands of fairies angels.
They're moving. And I have a responsibility to give them space and time to live."
(zone64, MatPlus)

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(55) Posted by Neal Turner [Thursday, Sep 29, 2022 16:29]

It could be there's a problem here with the vocabulary.
Words like 'weaknesses', 'advantageous', 'positive/negative' effects are there because the definitions are pointing towards antagonistic problems.
They don't sound right in the context of help-play, but it's not important because the underlying logic is the same for both genres.
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(56) Posted by Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen [Wednesday, Oct 5, 2022 20:33]

The names are out:
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