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MatPlus.Net Forum Feedback by Members Editing of an existing message
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(1) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Saturday, Sep 9, 2006 08:21]

Editing of an existing message

I think that there should be option for original author of message to correct message later on. For example I posted a long message and I posted it. Yes, I did review message but still there is a type error. Currently it looks like author cannot update message. This is a minor request and not very urgent but it will be nice to have this option.

More important if somebody make mistake in diagram (missed a pown) or something it'll be nice to have an option to correct it.
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(2) Posted by Administrator [Saturday, Sep 9, 2006 08:29]

Misha has right. It was intended that author can edit his message, but I think it should be within limited period, say 1 hour after posting it. Agree?

Nevertheless, for the time being I will allow editting without time limit, later we'll see. But not now, I have been working whole night and I need some sleep.
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(3) Posted by David Knezevic [Saturday, Sep 9, 2006 08:52]; edited by David Knezevic [06-09-09]

I couldn't sleep if I did not do it before: now you can edit your post!

Just tested it...
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(4) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Saturday, Sep 9, 2006 10:57]

Sorry for your sleep. But I tested and it looks good. Everything works fine.

About timing, I think it should be open forever for author to modify message. The problem with an hour is that if somebody posts a message right before hi goes to work he will not see an error until later that day. Or if I post incorrect diagram and two days later somebody finds an error the diagram should be corrected in my opinion.

Yes, I know that it's possible to post another message but then I have to retype everything. Other possibility is to allow members to copy message so that they do not have to retype everything.

For now if it's easier I would leave message open for editing by original author forever. If it does not work for some reasons I would recommend an option copy message. Of course I can always copy text but for diagrams it would be nice to have an option to copy them too.

Nice work.
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(5) Posted by David Knezevic [Saturday, Sep 9, 2006 15:09]

From my life experience, people tend to forget and deny their words and deeds after some time, usally when it suits them. The discussions here should be friendly, but we must forsow some delicate polemics when the original wording is very important.

I think that perhaps the post should be opened for editing one hour or one day after submission and "locked" after the first answer arrives, and unlocked by moderator only when it is really necessary.

We should think over and decide together what is the best.
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(6) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Friday, Oct 6, 2006 14:16]

The relevant opinion - mine :-)
I have been in MUCH more controversial forums than this.
Usual solution there: Edit is always possible, but the
post will be marked "Edited at $timestamp".

In case you chose "No Edit after $event", it's always
possible to follow-up oneself with a "EDIT: $Correction"

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(7) Posted by Iļja Ketris [Monday, Apr 2, 2007 01:15]

I guess it's about time to set the time limit on editing past messages to, say, 15 minutes.
I just verified that I can edit my six months old posts freely, it's starting to get ridiculous :)
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(8) Posted by Administrator [Monday, Apr 2, 2007 02:57]

Ilja: I guess it's about time to set the time limit on editing past messages to, say, 15 minutes.

That was the intention six months ago, but forgotten afterwards.

The time limit for editting the post is now set to 2 hours after the time of initial post (15 minutes suggested by Ilja is perhaps too short period).

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(9) Posted by Uri Avner [Monday, Apr 2, 2007 17:38]; edited by Uri Avner [07-04-02]

Hauke Reddmann's suggestion should be considered.
Personally, I feel most comfortable with the situation where I can edit my messages whenever I like.
So, let's be flexible here (and not obssesive-compulsive as we problemists usualy are)...
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(10) Posted by Harry Fougiaxis [Monday, Apr 2, 2007 17:56]

A vote from me, too. I don't like this restriction at all, and as Hauke wrote this must be quite unique.
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(11) Posted by Administrator [Monday, Apr 2, 2007 19:47]

A little statistic: number of editted posts after given period:

Total posts ("Forum") = 574
changed within 60 sec = 108
changed after more than 1 min = 98
>5 min = 75
>15 min = 58
>30 min = 50
>45 min = 48
>1 hour = 45
>2 hours = 35
>12 hours = 24
>1 day = 14
>7 days = 9
>15 days = 7
>1 month = 4
>3 months = 2
>5 months = 1
>6 months = 0

It might not be of much help, but gives a picture of what happened in practice.

It is up to you to agree whether to have or not the time limit. But it cannot be changed after every received opinion. Next change will be the final one. Your administrator prefers to have a time limit, just for the reason of authenticity. One thing is sure: once the reply arrives changes of the post that caused it should be prohibited. Otherwise the reply may be compromised, and that's what cannot be allowed!
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(12) Posted by Iļja Ketris [Monday, Apr 2, 2007 23:38]

Editing one's own messages is bad thing since messages are part of the conversation. By editing your message you are altering the whole thread, possibly rendering it non sequitur. It would be very hard to have a discussion in form of editing your arguments after they were responded to.
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(13) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Tuesday, Apr 3, 2007 08:35]

It would be interesting to see what the editing was about. Personally all of my edits were just spelling error or solution fixing. Once, I added new diagrams after Chris Feather approved publishing of his originals from solving tournament. So I do not know how much editing of message is changing a message que. So in my opininon there should be no time limit for editing own messages.
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(14) Posted by Uri Avner [Tuesday, Apr 3, 2007 13:39]; edited by Uri Avner [07-04-03]

We are dealing here with friendly reports and communication, not with legal documentation. The probability of any damage caused by allowing editing is negligible, whereas the loss by restricting it is guaranteed.
Personally, I've used this option for correcting obvious mistakes, filling some gaps or rephrasing some sentences where I thought I found a better expression. If there were already any response to my message, I would not change anything relevant.
As I see it, why change a good system?
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(15) Posted by Administrator [Tuesday, Apr 3, 2007 14:24]

We have two groups of members with opposite opinion, and the agreement will never be reached. Therefore, from now on it the time limit will be extended to one month. It should be a sufficient period for anybody to make up his final opinion, or to correct the typing errors. If there is a really strong reason for change after the expiration of time limit, the Administrator will be happy to do it for you - just send a note to him.

If by any chance somebody abuse this possibility (no such behaviour so far and hopefully it will remain so in the future!), then further steps should be taken, possibly in introduction of individual bans.

This decision is final.
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MatPlus.Net Forum Feedback by Members Editing of an existing message