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MatPlus.Net Forum Selfmates All For One, One For All
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(1) Posted by James Malcom [Sunday, Jun 9, 2019 07:04]; edited by James Malcom [19-06-09]

All For One, One For All

Here is an original puzzle by me. It took me quite some time to prove the concept feasible while also making it as economic as possible. I also made so that there is only one key move possible. The title of this post is my name for this puzzle.

"All For One, One For All," WTM, S#1
(= 11+11 )

Can you find the solution?

Hours worth of work have going into this simple puzzle. That is nothing compared to the years some composers have spent, but it is a lot for me!

The position is easily legal. While the number of White pieces is a bit excessive, in my opinion, it is currently the best that I can to avoid using promoted pieces and cooks. Generally, from what I can tell, a composer should always try try to avoid using promoted pieces, so thus I'm trying to do exactly that.

Heck, does this even look "orthodox" at all?
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(2) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Sunday, Jun 9, 2019 21:40]; edited by seetharaman kalyan [19-06-09]

1.ef8=bR? Seems promotion to bQ also works. Ok all four promotions. ☺️
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(3) Posted by James Malcom [Sunday, Jun 9, 2019 21:56]

If that is your answer, then you must provide solid proof of your answer.
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(4) Posted by James Malcom [Monday, Jun 10, 2019 20:33]; edited by James Malcom [19-06-10]

I've actually been able to further the concept if you can solve this. It comes at the cost of a promoted black knight and white dark-squared bishop and some sidelines. However, the economy is much better and their is now two more hidden ideas added in to complete the circuit. Additionally, at the least the promoted bishop looks natural at first-glance (although that is more of an opinionated stance.)

"All For One, Two For One, #2," WTM, s#1
(= 9+11 )

And just saying what you believe is the solution does not count as solving it for me. Sorry seetharaman kalyan. I want you to provide, at the least, what you think are the main lines to this puzzle.
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(5) Posted by Frank Richter [Monday, Jun 10, 2019 20:52]

Anything wrong with 1.B:e7 Sc7,B:f7# ?
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(6) Posted by James Malcom [Monday, Jun 10, 2019 20:53]; edited by James Malcom [19-06-10]

While there is nothing wrong with that, that is just a sideline. There are more to be found. That is part of the cost of the showing the main idea here.
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(7) Posted by James Malcom [Wednesday, Sep 4, 2019 22:11]; edited by James Malcom [19-09-04]

Just to let you know @seetharamank, your guess for the solution was correct.

And to make a correction to my second given problem.

WTM, s#1

(= 9+11 )

Solution: f7xg8=any Black piece. Black is forced to give mate either with the knight in the corner or the newly promoted piece, except of the new piece is a BK or a BP-then the BNa8 must give must as it is then the only legal move.
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MatPlus.Net Forum Selfmates All For One, One For All