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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions ECSC 2022 in Riga
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(1) Posted by Julia Vysotska [Tuesday, Feb 22, 2022 21:57]

ECSC 2022 in Riga

Latvian Chess Problem Society, in co-operation with the Latvian Chess Federation, has the honor of inviting the European national teams and individual solvers to participate in the 15th European Chess Solving Championship. The event will be held from Friday, May 13th to Sunday May 15th, 2022, at the Islande Hotel, in Riga.

Directors of the competitions: ECSC: Ivan Denkovski (North Macedonia), Open solving: Antons Gajevskis (Latvia), Solving-Composing tournament: Marjan Kovačević (SRB).

Dear participants of the 15.ECSC,
As some other big events take part in the same area in May, the official hotel expects to be in high demand. In the middle of April we will have to release a block of rooms reserved for ECSC 2022 if not used. Please register ( in March to be assured about staying in the official hotel (cancellation is free of charge up to the first week of May). Otherwise the registration is opened up to 15th April.

The official website of the event - | contact:

A number of Covid19 measures will be eased in Latvia as from 1 March 2022, as the state of emergency expires. From March 1st for entering Latvia either Covid19 vaccination certificate OR negative test result is needed. With the number of new cases declining, there are plans to lift all security restrictions as from 1 April.
For your convenience a RIGA TIPS section ( is created on the official website of the event, were we will be giving the recent information about traveling to Latvia and local conditions.

Wishing you a nice stay in the capital of Latvia in May 2022!
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(2) Posted by Marjan Kovačević [Thursday, May 19, 2022 00:06]

It was disappointing to see the thread "15th European solving Championship" becoming a new source of aggression, instead of being devoted to the wonderful event in Riga. First of all, it's an offence to the organizers, especially to Julia, after all she did to make everybody happy in the worst times.

Meeting alive in Riga we were more human than in the forums. No talks about politics, no personal or national offences, behaving almost as good old friends. Now we came back to the forum battles.

I'd rather recall the friendly atmosphere from Riga that we will hardly meet again. Remember Julia and Ilja waiting till midnight to drive participants to the hotel; then the wine party with demo board on arrival, with pizza and coke ordered for the last guests. Or fabulous coffee breaks, wonderful trophies and champagne at the end. On the top of the ECSC and Open, we have never had so rich associated program: JF10 JT, Add-a-Piece and Add-a-Year tourneys; Mihnea Costachi commenting games...

There were surely more Riga highlights for other participants to mention. As for the solving itself, there is no stronger impression for me than the fast rise of new generation, with Danila Pavlov becoming the convincing leader before reaching 20.
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(3) Posted by Andrey Selivanov [Thursday, May 19, 2022 03:52]

Of course, thanks to Yulia for the excellent organization, warm welcome of the participants and friendly atmosphere. I am glad that my students Danila and Marina were able to come and win. Their path was difficult. Unfortunately, due to problems with Latvian visas, 15-year-old Ural Khasanov, 19-year-old Danila Moiseev, as well as experienced Alexey Popov, twelve-year-olds Nikita Ushakov and Anna Shukhman, who already has the title of champion of Russia among women, could not come. But the championship took place, and we have the triumph of the Serbian team, 19-year-old Danila Pavlov and 15-year-old Marina Putintseva. Thanks to Yulia for the excellent organization of the championship, where there was practically no politics and there was sport!
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