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MatPlus.Net Forum Internet and Computing Teddy 1.11 released
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(1) Posted by Bjørn Enemark [Tuesday, Apr 26, 2022 23:58]

Teddy 1.11 released

Teddy is a visual interface to Popeye, Natch, Euclide and Jacobi. It only requires you to specify the location of Popeye and Natch + Euclide (if you plan to use them). All other parameters are set to usable values. They may be changed later.
Look at this page from time to time or if you have a problem. A newer version may have come out.
It is available for download at
It has user interface in four languages: German, English, French and Danish. Language may be changed on the fly.
Popeye interface in German, English and French. Natch interface in German, English and French.

Pieces may be drawn onto the board and input to Popeye / Natch / Euclide / Jacobi is generated at the same time. Twins may be generated the same way. The four solving programs may be called by pressing a button and the result is seen immediately when the program is done. It can maintain a collection of problems, everything may be saved to a .tdy-file at any time or when closing Teddy. It can generate diagrams (in colours too) and backup is automatically taken at specified intervals. There is more information on the web-site and on the help screens.

New in version 1.11:

Major changes

five new fields: Problemnumber, Year, Issue, Tourney, Prize
May be used if you have published problems in a Teddy-file
New menu point (Auto fill) will try to extract the values from Author and Source
new stipulations: A=>B (A being previous diagram), Pser, Phser
A=>B in Jacobi, helpmates in Jacobi
solving in parts in Jacobi (like MoveNumbers)

Minor changes

maxmem 8192M, 16384M and All
drop spaces at the start and end of data
- warning about undo list when sorting is replaced by a heading in sort
- sorting now sets file dirty mark
- more sorting options
- ascending is now default
- changing FEN now sets file dirty mark
- mark position in case of error
- change S/s to N/n
- insert slashes if none present
PageUp/PageDown now goes to previous/next problem,
Ctrl+PageUp/Ctrl+Pagdown to first/last problem
new option Lock solution window after short notation
menu point to export short summaries to csv-file
menu point to copy more problems
menu points Use Popeye/Natch/Euclide/Jacobi dropped, click is enough
a missing recent file may now be deleted from the list
date and time are shown when solving starts
show total number of problems in Teddy file
show Teddy version


improved handling of framesize
improved error messages when solution file is missing or incorrect
improved handling when a problem is deleted
fixed problem with short notation for Pser
show = at the end for stale mate even if = is not to be shown at promotion
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MatPlus.Net Forum Internet and Computing Teddy 1.11 released