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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions 8th Thematic tourney Quartz
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(1) Posted by Vlaicu Crisan [Saturday, Dec 31, 2011 18:01]

8th Thematic tourney Quartz

The Romanian chess-problem magazine Quartz has dedicated its 8th Thematic Tourney to a new fairy condition: Circé mémoire (Memory Circe).
There are two sections (retro and non-retro)

Memory Circe: Any capture triggers the rebirth of the piece previously captured, on the same square where its capture occurred (if it is not occupied), regardless the color or the type of the unit just captured. The reborn piece resumes its normal course. If the square where the capture occurred is occupied, then the captured unit is annihilated. A unit can exist in memory before the actual play starts.

Long Memory Circe: As above, with the following difference: if the rebirth square is occupied, the unit is not annihilated, but instead continues to be kept in memory. (In LMC is thus possible to have two or more pieces being reborn simultaneously!).

1. P. Rãican & D. Forlot
France Échecs 2011
(= 3+1 )

(3 + 1) h=2 Memory Circe
in memory

1.xd2(+e3) c4 2.e2 c3= (3.xf1?, +d2)
1.xd2(+c3) b1 2.c2 e3= (3.xb1?, +d2)

2. P. Rãican
France Échecs 2011
(= 2+3 )

(2 + 3) h#3.5 Memory Circe
in memory
B: h5

a) 1...b5 2.c5 xc5(+a8!) 3.0-0-0 c6 4.b8 b6#
b) 1...g6 2.c6 xe5(+h8!) 3.0-0 xc6(+e5) 4.h8 e7#

3. P. Rãican
France Échecs 2011
(= 2+3 )

(2 + 3) hs#4 Long Memory Circe
in memory
B: f5 -> d5 C: f5 -> e4

a) 1.xf5(+g5) d5 2.xd5 d2 3.e5 c1 4.c2+ xc2(+d5,+f5)#
b) 1.xd5 b5 2.xb5(+a5) f2 3.c5 g1 4.g2+ xg2(+b5,+d5)#
c) 1.xa5 e2 2.b5 e3 3.a4 d1 4.d2+ xd2(+a5,+c6)#

Judge: Paul Rãican
Send to: Cornel Pãcurar tt8quartz(AT)
Closing date: 31.01.2012
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(2) Posted by Diyan Kostadinov [Sunday, Jan 1, 2012 13:44]; edited by Diyan Kostadinov [12-01-01]

Interesting condition... Is it possible computer check of problems or not yet? And some questions:
- with piece in memory - who decide where it will reborn - the side which make the capture, or another which piece is captured?
- the reborn square where the piece which is in memory and appear have to be proved or not?
- can more pieces be in memory (in long memory circe) and which side will decide which piece have to reborn first?
- about the tourney - another fairy conditions and/ or pieces are accepted or not?
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(3) Posted by Vlaicu Crisan [Monday, Jan 2, 2012 12:42]

1. To my knowledge, this fairy condition is not recognized by any chess solving software.
2. The reborn of any existent memory pieces is automatically triggered by any capture. It does not matter which side makes the capture.
3. Generally, the reborn square of existing pieces in memory must not be proved, excepting the problems based on retroanalysis contents.
4. In Long Memory Circe there can be more pieces in memory. No stack is allowed on the same square. That means only the last captured piece on the same square remains in the memory.
5. The combination with other fairy pieces and / or conditions is accepted.

More interesting points regarding Memory Circe can be read on France Echecs forum. The relevant threads can be easily discovered by googling after the keywords "Circé mémoire".
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(4) Posted by Ján Golha [Monday, Jan 2, 2012 20:41]

For more examples see:
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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions 8th Thematic tourney Quartz