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MatPlus.Net Forum Retro/Math Another free-for-all construction task
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(1) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Tuesday, Aug 28, 2007 10:47]

Another free-for-all construction task

Chess starting position. Make 60 serial moves for White such
that both sides are stalemated. (At least I needed 60 moves,
surely you can beat that :-)
(Is this already known? If not, it's an original, naturally :-)

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(2) Posted by Kostas Prentos [Tuesday, Aug 28, 2007 20:21]; edited by Kostas Prentos [07-08-28]

Interesting challenge!

Here's a 57: 1.h4 2.h5 3.h6 4.hxg7 5.gxf8=L 6.g4 7.g5 8.g6 9.gxh7 10.hxg8=S 11.Sxe7 12.Sxc8 13.Txh8 14.Th6 15.Sf3 16.Se5 17.Sxd7 18.Sxb8 19.Lg2 20.Lxb7 21.Lc5 22.Lxa7 23.Sc3 24.Sd5 25.Sdb6 26.Sxa8 27.Tb6 28.a4 29.Ta3 30.Td3 31.Td7 32.d4 33.Lg5 34.Lxd8 35.Kd2 36.Kc3 37.Kc4 38.Kc5 39.Kc6 40.Kxc7 41.Dd3 42.Da6 43.a5 44.b4 45.b5 46.c4 47.c5 48.c6 49.d5 50.d6 51.e4 52.e5 53.e6 54.e7 55.f4 56.f5 57.f6.

(= 16+2 )

I suspect this can be done even faster.
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(3) Posted by Kostas Prentos [Tuesday, Aug 28, 2007 21:46]

And a 56: 1.h4 2.h5 3.h6 4.hxg7 5.gxf8=L 6.g4 7.g5 8.g6 9.gxh7 10.hxg8=S 11.Sxe7 12.Sxc8 13.Sb6 14.Sxa8 15.Txh8 16.Th6 17.Sf3 18.Se5 19.Sxd7 20.Sxb8 21.Sc3 22.Se4 23.Sc5 24.Sxb7 25.a4 26.Ta3 27.Td3 28.Td7 29.d4 30.Lf4 31.Lxc7 32.Le7 33.Lexd8 34.e4 35.La6 36.d5 37.Dd4 38.Dxa7 39.Tc6 40.Kd2 41.Kc3 42.Kb4 43.Kb5 44.Kb6 45.a5 46.b4 47.b5 48.c4 49.c5 50.d6 51.e5 52.e6 53.e7 54.f4 55.f5 56.f6

(= 16+2 )

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(4) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Wednesday, Aug 29, 2007 11:00]

Well done!

Variants -
1. Drop the requirement that Black is stalemated. (He is almost
automatically when confronted with that force, so that probably
doesn't speed up things :-)
2. A serial mover automatically drops dead if all next White moves
are checks. (Is this considered to be a stalemate too - what says
the Codex?) Is the fastest way to such a position faster than 1?
(Less blockading required.)

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(5) Posted by Kostas Prentos [Saturday, Sep 1, 2007 09:09]

If the requirement of black's stalemate is abandoned, much faster solutions are possible. Here is one in 52 moves:

(= 16+5 )

1.h4 2.h5 3.h6 4.hxg7 5.gxf8=L 6.g4 7.g5 8.g6 9.gxh7 10.hxg8=T 11.Sf3 12.Se5 13.Sxd7 14.Sxb8 15.Sc3 16.Se4 17.Sc5 18.Sxb7 19.a4 20.Ta3 21.Td3 22.Td7 23.d4 24.Lf4 25.Lxc7 26.Tg6 27.Tc6 28.Lxe7 29.Lexd8 30.d5 31.Dd4 32.Dxa7 33.Da5 34.e4 35.La6 36.Kd2 37.Kc3 38.Kb4 39.Kb5 40.Kb6 41.d6 42.Th5 43.Tb5 44.b4 45.c4 46.c5 47.e5 48.e6 49.e7 50.f4 51.f5 52.f6
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(6) Posted by Michel Caillaud [Saturday, Sep 1, 2007 23:04]

The last item was discussed on french forum France Echecs some time ago.
My attempt at the time was in 51 moves :

Michel Caillaud, France Echecs, IV 2004

(= 16+6 )

1.a4 2.a5 3.a6 4.Ra3 5.Rf3 6.R×f7 7.Sç3 8.Sd5 9.S×é7 10.S×g8 11.b4 12.b5 13.b6 14.b×ç7 15.ç×b8=R 16.Ba3 17.B×f8 18.ç4 19.ç5 20.ç6 21.ç×b7 22.b×ç8=S 23.Sçé7 24.Rb6 25.Ré6 26.d4 27.d5 28.d6 29.Qd2 30.Qh6 31.é4 32.é5 33.h4 34.h5 35.Rh3 36.Rg3 37.Rg×g7 38.Kd2 39.Kd3 40.Ké4 41.Kf5 42.Kf6 43.Bd3 44.Bg6 45.f4 46.f5 47.Sh3 48.Sg5 49.S×h7 50.g4 51.g5 auto=
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(7) Posted by Kostas Prentos [Sunday, Sep 2, 2007 10:23]

Excellent economy, Michel. The use of the black Queen to pin the knight is brilliant.

I went back in time, a little, and searched france-echecs forum, for other examples related to this interesting challenge.
Here is another one, showing the fastest stalemate, if black plays one move after the end of white's series. Only 43 moves were sufficient for Michel:

Michel Caillaud, France Echecs Forum, IV 2004
(= 15+11 )

1.Sf3 2.Se5 3.Sxd7 4.e3 5.Ld3 6.Lxh7 7.Lf5 8.Lh3 9.Df3 10.Dg3 11.c4 12.c5 13.c6 14.cxb7 15.b4 16.b5 17.b6 18.bxc7 19.cxb8=L 20.Lb2 21.Lf6 22.Lh4 23.Ke2 24.Kf3 25.Kf4 26.Kg5 27.a4 28.a5 29.a6 30.Ta4 31.Tg4 32.Tc1 33.Tcc4 34.Tcf4 35.Tf3 36.Lf4 37.b8=T 38.Tb4 39.Te4 40.d4 41.Sc3 42.Sd5 43.Se5 Dxd5=
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(8) Posted by Michel Caillaud [Sunday, Sep 2, 2007 15:16]

Back to the new stipulation (double stalemate).
The same number of moves as Kostas (56) can be done without promotion in the play :

(= 16+4 )

1.Sa3 2.Sç4 3.Sb6 4.S×a8 5.d4 6.d5 7.Bé3 8.B×a7 9.B×b8 10.B×ç7 11.B×d8 12.B×é7 13.B×f8 14.a4 15.a5 16.a6 17.a7 18.ç4 19.ç5 20.ç6 21.ç7 22.é4 23.é5 24.é6 25.é7 26.Bd3 27.B×h7 28.B×g8 29.Qh5 30.Q×h8 31.h4 32.h5 33.h6 34.Rh3 35.Rf3 36.R×f7 37.Ké2 38.Kf3 39.Kg4 40.Kh5 41.Kg6 42.K×g7 43.Ra6 44.Rg6 45.b4 46.b5 47.b6 48.d6 49.f4 50.f5 51.f6 52.Sh3 53.Sg5 54.Sh7 55.g4 56.g5 auto==

Possibly with the double constraint (no promotion+shortest play) this position is unique
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