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MatPlus.Net Forum Internet and Computing Forsythe -to- RichText Conversion Utility
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(1) Posted by Dan Meinking [Tuesday, Nov 1, 2011 05:22]

Forsythe -to- RichText Conversion Utility

This is a continuation of the discussion started by Uri in Siegfried's JT thread. Uri asked about the availability of a 64-bit version of the conversion tool found on this page:

I have a 32-bit machine, so I cannot create one. The one person I know who has a 64-bit compile (Richard Becker) says that the executable and related DLLs are roughly 35mb -- too large to email, even if compressed in a zip file. So... anyone who needs a 64-bit compile should do the following:

(1) Download "QB64" (64-bit QuickBasic, or "QBasic") from any viable location on the net. It should be FREE. Here's the "QB64 Homepage", for example:

(2) Unzip and install it. Be sure to click "I Agree" when prompted.

(3) Double-click the QB driver. I presume this is QB64.exe?

(4) Click File, then Open Program, and select TXT2RTF2.BAS (this is part of the conversion utility zip file.)

(5) Click Run, Make EXE File, and it will create the 64-bit executable (TXT2RTF2.EXE).
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(2) Posted by Uri Avner [Wednesday, Nov 2, 2011 00:21]; edited by Uri Avner [11-11-02]

The ASCII codes of the "bugged" pieces I was referring to are:
For GC2004D as well as for GC2004X:
0171 and 0187
when you try to insert one of the pieces from its picture on the font chart into the diagram you get the other piece in the abovementioned pair. Obviously the pictures on these charts are interchanged.
BTW, the same ASCII digits appear in GC2004Y as well, but they refer to letters which I'm not using (at least not until now).
About the converter business, I'll try to follow your steps in order to get a 64-bit one. Hope I can manage (I'm not a programmer, so anything can happen)... Thanks anyway.
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(3) Posted by Dan Meinking [Wednesday, Nov 2, 2011 13:39]

@Uri: The 'pictures' on those quick-references are the font characters themselves. I'm looking at my desktop copies (*.xls and *.pdf versions) and I don't see any issue. Can you email me the files you're copying from? dmeinking AT roadrunner etc. Maybe you downloaded an early version that was later corrected.

The 64-bit compile instructions are the same ones I gave Richard about a year ago. He, too, is admittedly not a 'technical person', but managed to get through it OK. Good luck!
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(4) Posted by Mihail Croitor [Wednesday, Nov 2, 2011 14:02]

Many nice tools for fen2smth at is placed. By example DiagTransfer.

But i use epd2rtf - it easy to find via google.
And no necessary installing Basic language interpreter.
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(5) Posted by Uri Avner [Wednesday, Nov 2, 2011 23:51]

I am not copying the characters from your PDF or excel files
I don’t know the technical terms, but this is a description of my steps:
1. Using Word 2010 I want to enter a certain piece standing on a certain square, let’s call it piece X (a GC2004D font character) into my Word document.
2. I am doing “insert or add a character or sign” and I’m getting a table with all characters in a certain font.
3. I am switching to the GC2004D font table and find there the picture of piece X.
4. I double click on this picture or select the picture and click on “enter” or “insert” (these are translations from Hebrew).
5. Then I usually get what I want, except for the cases I’ve described already, where the “bug” is. This bug is not fatal, once you know where the mistake is.
I hope I've clarified myself now, or have I?
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(6) Posted by Dan Meinking [Thursday, Nov 3, 2011 02:37]

@Mihail: Thanks for the link. Alot of nice tools to choose from!

@Uri: I have Word-2000, much older version, and the option you refer to is not available. I can do Insert, then Symbol, then choose a symbol from several fonts. I see Echecs and ChessBerlin fonts, among others, but not the SG or GC fonts.

Perhaps there's a bug in Word-2010? At least you have a workaround for it.
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(7) Posted by Uri Avner [Thursday, Nov 3, 2011 18:42]

Thanks, Dan, the transformation to 64-bit has succeeded.
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(8) Posted by Dan Meinking [Friday, Nov 4, 2011 05:24]

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MatPlus.Net Forum Internet and Computing Forsythe -to- RichText Conversion Utility