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MatPlus.Net Forum General Minutes of PCCC/WFCC 1956-2019
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(1) Posted by Hannu Harkola [Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021 12:49]

Minutes of PCCC/WFCC 1956-2019

I have collected and/or scanned all the minutes of PCCC and WFCC. Dr. Klaus Wenda was very helpful by scanning the missing last documents.

The whole history in 62 pdf-files is available at
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(2) Posted by Marjan Kovačević [Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021 15:01]

A huge work to save the history for the future!
Thanks, Hannu and Klaus!!
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(3) Posted by shankar ram [Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021 17:46]

Great work!
I think the WFCC site should host these.
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(4) Posted by Julia Vysotska [Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021 23:03]

But of course, it will be on the WFCC website! I have those files from Hannu for several months already, and I'm sorry they're not presented yet. I'm just absolutely overloaded by different projects and publications, and I give a priority to more urgent things every time.
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(5) Posted by Andrey Selivanov [Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021 11:24]

Excellent work!
Thank you Hannu, Klaus and Julija!
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(6) Posted by Julia Vysotska [Sunday, Oct 10, 2021 13:12]

Now the MEETINGS page of has it too,
I'm sorry it took so long time!
The history is saved, and one more meeting is coming so soon! Let's meet!
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(7) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Sunday, Oct 10, 2021 14:13]

The past tense of "meet" is "moot" :-)

SNCR - just read an fascinating article:
Hope we have enough problem lovers here that are language lovers too to justify the OT pun...
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(8) Posted by shankar ram [Sunday, Oct 10, 2021 17:02]

And Tolkien lovers too... Entmoot!
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(9) Posted by shankar ram [Monday, Nov 1, 2021 05:10]

Waiting for the minutes of the Rhodes WCCC 2021 meeting!
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MatPlus.Net Forum General Minutes of PCCC/WFCC 1956-2019