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(1) Posted by Per Olin [Sunday, May 8, 2011 11:24]

Codex matters

Codex matters

1) Classification of chess problems

According to Uralski Problemist there will be a Russian Codex for chess composition (RC). Here I will comment only one area, that has always interested me: the classification of chess problems. The RC has four classes: 1) orthodox (endgame studies, direct mates; FIDE chess rules apply) 2) unorthodox (helpmates, selfmates) 3) fairy (different boards, piece movements, rules of play, new pieces) 4) others (retros and 'scaccografia', the latter includes symbolic problems having letters, numbers etc ).
Interesting is the high status of scaccografia. One peculiarity of the WFCC international codex (IC) is having direct stalemates and helpstalemates among the fairies; this same seems to be the classification in RC.

The IC, inherited by WFCC from PCCC, has in Chapter II many classifications and definitions, which are incomplete, overlapping and out of date. There is no definition for fairy chess. Problems, that in this undefined situation are considered to be fairies, are of such huge amounts and various content, that subgroups probably are needed.

Question to WFCC: does WFCC have plans to take actions to update the IC to correspond to the needs of today?

2) The status of Chess960 in chess composition

The FIDE chess rules nowadays recognize Chess960 (Fischer Random Chess). Referring to the ongoing 9th WCCT competition, I asked the tourney organizers, can one compete with a Chess960 problem. In the question was mentioned that the legality of a position is one area affected: a position which is illegal by standard chess can become legal by adding Chess960/Fischer Random Chess under the diagram. The answer to the question was 'no': the WCCT rules do not allow for Chess960. We then have a situation, where the chess rules are broader than what is allowed in chess composition. Is this what we want?

Question to WFCC: does WFCC intend to take a standpoint on Chess960 in problem chess composition?

Having earlier put forward these questions in different forums and circumstances, I find it most straightforward to directly ask the WFCC organization itself.

Espoo, Finland
May 8th, 2011
Per Olin
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MatPlus.Net Forum General Codex matters