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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Good Companions Quick Tourney Awards
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(1) Posted by Dan Meinking [Thursday, Feb 25, 2010 16:55]; edited by Dan Meinking [10-02-25]

Good Companions Quick Tourney Awards

Awards PDF can be found at this link:

Thanks to everyone for two great tourneys! I offer the following as a small tribute to the participants:

DM original
(= 8+4 )

phser-!=13 (8+4) C-

Solution: 1.Kh2 2.Rh1 3.Kg1+ Kg5 4.f4+ exf3ep 5.Bd8+ Kf5! 6.e4+ dxe3ep 7.Sg3+ Ke5 8.d4+ cxd3ep 9.Bf6+ Kf4 10.Se2+ dxe2 11.Be5+ Kg4 12.Bh2 13.g3 != Three ep captures; all units move. C+ for the last 8 moves (~6 hours).

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(2) Posted by Cornel Pacurar [Thursday, Feb 25, 2010 18:02]

Dan and Gianni: great idea and great tourney, thank you!

A couple of corrections:

The authors of the Special Prize are Cornel Pacurar and Arno Tüngler, not Cornel Pacurar and Ion Murarasu, as in the award.
The authors of the 3rd HM are Ivan Skoba and Arno Tüngler, not Ivan Skoba and Ion Murarasu, as in the award.
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(3) Posted by Dan Meinking [Thursday, Feb 25, 2010 18:39]

@Cornel -- Thank you! I uploaded a corrected PDF just now (12:33pm ET). Also added accents to Krätschmer and Müller. The link again:

@Ion & Arno -- Apologies for the errors!

@Everyone -- Please let us know if you find other errors. We'll fix them ASAP.

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(4) Posted by Bojan Basic [Thursday, Feb 25, 2010 20:43]

Dear Mr. Meinking and Mr. Donati,

I would like to know what happened to my entry (section A, stipulation was parry-series castling; however, there is no such stipulation among the stipulations of the received problems listed in the award). I sent it to Mr. Donati on February 15, and I today received an e-mail from you saying that the award is completed (which should mean that my entry was received).

Thank you in advance,
Bojan Basic
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(5) Posted by Gianni Donati [Friday, Feb 26, 2010 06:05]

Hello Bojan -

I joined this site to reply. You are correct. I did receive your problem - pser-00 - and it is in my master file, but I failed to include it with the set I sent to Dan Meinking. I think my error happened when I anonymized the problems. I am very sorry. Dan is reviewing his judgment. Please be patient.

Best regards,

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(6) Posted by Dan Meinking [Friday, Feb 26, 2010 06:52]

Bojan -- Thank you for speaking up. Your phser-00 is fabulous! It's difficult to ADD a problem after-the-fact (when all composer names are known), but I believe "5th Prize" is an accurate placement. We hope that will be amenable to you and the other honorees. All other awards are unchanged.

The amended PDF is now posted:

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(7) Posted by Joost de Heer [Friday, Feb 26, 2010 10:42]

3rd prize proofgames is (partially) anticipated by P1009501 (Gerd Wilts).
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(8) Posted by Paul Raican [Saturday, Feb 27, 2010 21:41]

Here is my dedication to both judges:

(= 15+1 )

A massacre parryser.PG.
Intention: 1.b4 2.b5 3.b6 4.bxc7 5.cxd8=S 6.Sxf7 7.Sxh8 8.Sg6 9.Sxe7 10.Sxc8 11.Sxa7 12.Sc6 13.Sxb8 14.Sxd7 15.Sxf8 16.Sxh7 17.Sf6+ Ke7 18.Sxg8+ Rxg8 19.Ba3+ Ke8 20.Bf8 21.Sa3 22.Rb1 23.Rxb7 24.Txg7 25.Txg8.
This kind of problems can be checked as pser-dia n, where n is the number of white moves. Meanwhile, I checked only the first 8 moves.
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(9) Posted by Mario Richter [Sunday, Feb 28, 2010 10:51]

Parry-ser-Massacre PGs are very 'cook-prone', since you do not have the advantage to know that the bK will not move ...

The above position can be reached in 21 moves, e.g.:
1.Pb2-b4 2.Pb4-b5 3.Pb5-b6 4.Pb6xa7 5.Pa7xb8=Q 6.Qb8xa8 7.Qa8xc8 8.Qc8xc7 9.Qc7xd7+ Ke8xd7 10.Bc1-a3 11.Ba3xe7 12.Nb1-a3 13.Ra1-b1 14.Rb1xb7+ Qd8-c7 15.Rb7xc7+ Kd7-e8 16.Be7xf8 17.Rc7xf7 18.Rf7xg7 19.Rg7xh7 20.Rh7xh8 21.Rh8xg8
1.Pb2-b4 2.Pb4-b5 3.Pb5-b6 4.Pb6xa7 5.Pa7xb8=R 6.Rb8xa8 7.Ra8xc8 8.Rc8xc7 9.Rc7xd7 10.Rd7xe7+ Ke8xe7 11.Bc1-a3+ Qd8-d6 12.Ba3xd6+ Ke7-d7 13.Nb1-a3 14.Ra1-b1 15.Rb1xb7+ Kd7-e8 16.Rb7xf7 17.Rf7xg7 18.Rg7xh7 19.Rh7xh8 20.Rh8xg8 21.Bd6xf8

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(10) Posted by Dan Meinking [Sunday, Feb 28, 2010 13:13]

@Joost: Thank you for pointing out the Wilts predecessor. Gianni is reviewing.
@Paul: We appreciate the nice gesture. :-)
@Mario: Well done, sir!

We will post one final 'amendment' this evening, before StrateGems goes to press.

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(11) Posted by Paul Raican [Sunday, Feb 28, 2010 13:54]

Dual : 19….Kd7 20.Bf8 21.Sa3 22.Rb1 23.Rxb7+ Ke8 24.Rxg7 25.Rxg8.
I changed completly the problem:
P. Raican
dedication to D. Meinking & G. Donati

(= 13+5 )

parryser-dia 20

1.b4 2.b5 3.b6 4.bxa7 5.axb8=S 6.Sxd7 7.Sxf8 8.Sxh7 9.Sf6+ Kf8 10.Sxg8 11.Sxd7 12.Sg6+ fxg6 13.Ba3+ Rxa3 14.Sxa3 15.Rb1 16.Rxb7 17.Rxc7 18.Rxc8 19.Rc6 20.Rf6+ gxf6. Cross-captures and partial massacre.
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(12) Posted by Dan Meinking [Monday, Mar 1, 2010 00:12]

@Paul: Thank you, again! This one looks even better, and "safer". :-)

To all: The 'final draft' of the QCT Awards is now posted. Significant changes (from the original version) include:

- Parry Series: Added 5th Prize (Bojan Basic), no other changes.

- Proof Games: Due to partial anticipation (see Joost's note above), the former 3rd Prize (Frolkin/Prentos) was downgraded to 1st HM. The (former) 4th-7th Prizes were changed to 3rd-6th Prize, and the (former) 1st-5th HMs were changes to 2nd-6th HM.

No other revisions will be made until *after* the awards appear in StrateGems (SG50, Apr-Jun 2010).

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(13) Posted by Paul Raican [Monday, Mar 1, 2010 00:59]

The correct stipulation is pser-hdia20. Checked with Popeye 4.55 for the first 13 moves. It's curious that Popeye don't offer a solution for the first 14 moves (ending with 14.Sxa3).
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(14) Posted by Dan Meinking [Monday, Mar 1, 2010 02:57]

Just as we were "going to press", Mario Richter emailed a COOK of the 1st Prize (Ubaidullaev). Of course, we have no choice but to remove it from the award, and adjust the other Prizes accordingly. The author has been notified, as has Mike Prcic (StrateGems editor).

The (revised) 'final draft' is now posted:

Obviously, we hope there will be no need for further revisions.

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(15) Posted by Steven Dowd [Monday, Mar 1, 2010 17:18]

It should be noted that the Ubaidullaev problem was already entered in the PDB as the 1st prize winner. And still sits there as such this morning.

I mention this simply because I wonder how much lag should elapse between the publication of an award and its entry in the PDB. If I was the author, I would prefer it not be in the PDB at all, unless someone manually removes it, it will be set as cooked.

I don't know how others feel about this.... its a topic perhaps worthy of some discussion.
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(16) Posted by Dan Meinking [Tuesday, Mar 2, 2010 23:49]

@Steve: Looks like it's been removed now.
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(17) Posted by Steven Dowd [Wednesday, Mar 3, 2010 00:33]

Thanks Dan. I think the PDB is much more dynamic in all ways than it once was, which is a good thing. Early entry is fine so long as early removal is also possible, in my opinion.
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(18) Posted by Bojan Basic [Wednesday, Mar 3, 2010 02:41]

I would like to see the cook. Is it OK to write it here?
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(19) Posted by Dan Meinking [Wednesday, Mar 3, 2010 07:00]

@Bojan -- The cook, per Mario Richter:

1.g2-g4 Nb8-c6 2.h2-h4 Nc6-e5 3.h4-h5 c7-c6 4.Ng1-f3 Qd8-a5
5.Rh1-h4 Qa5xd2+ 6.Ke1xd2 Ra8-b8 7.Kd2-c3 a7-a5 8.Qd1-d5 a5-a4
9.Kc3-b4 Ng8-h6 10.Kb4-a5 Nh6-f5 11.g4xf5 g7-g5 12.Rh4-b4 g5-g4
13.e2-e4 g4-g3 14.Bc1-f4 g3-g2 15.Nb1-d2 g2-g1Q 16.Bf1-h3 Qg1-g3
17.Ra1-g1 Qg3-h4 18.Rg1-g7 Ne5-g6 19.f5xg6 c6-c5 20.Nf3-g1 Qh4-f6
21.Qd5-g5 Qf6-c6 22.Bh3-e6 Rb8-a8#
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(20) Posted by Bojan Basic [Wednesday, Mar 3, 2010 15:32]

Thank you, it is very interesting.
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