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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Sergiu Than MT & ŞAH-MAT 80 Thematic Tourney
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(1) Posted by Eric Huber [Saturday, Aug 29, 2015 19:11]

Sergiu Than MT & ŞAH-MAT 80 Thematic Tourney

The initiative group (Christian THAU, the son of Sergiu THAN*), Valeriu PETROVICI, the Central Comittee for chess composition of the Romanian Chess Federation, Dinu-Ioan NICULA, international arbiter for chess composition and Marian STERE (Director of the tournament), the founder of the website – Istoria Șahului Românesc), announces the launching of the international (formal) composition contest for helpmates in 2 moves (h#2) entitled “Memorial Sergiu Than – 80 ani de la apariţia ŞAH-MAT”, held in memory of Sergiu THAN, well-known Romanian editor and writer, and in the same time anniversary for the 80 years since ȘAH-MAT was issued, the first and only newspaper entirely dedicated to chess, ever published in Romania.

*) In the 60s, a bureaucratic error in the transcription of the identity document turned the former journalist and problemist Sergiu Thau into Sergiu Than, the name by which he continued to work in both the literary and the problemistic field.

The original announcement can be found here
and the examples here

The requirement is the theme THAN (issued in 1974 and published in 1976) where is asked that in a helpmate in 2 moves, classical (non-fairy), with one solution (of any kind) in each twin, to exist also an illusory solution (try), based on an apparently legal move, but in fact illegal/irregular, no matter of the reason of illegality, such as: castling, promotion, en-passant, turn to move, retro-stalemate, number of captures, the rule of 50 moves or of repeating the moves, the principle even-odd a.s.o.
Paradoxically, in the other twin the try becomes real, legal and unique.
(See the examples quoted and their motivations.)

Unlimited compositions, until March 15, 2016, by e-mail at the addresses or or by snail mail, on the address Federatia Romana de Sah, str. Vasile Conta no. 16, București – 020954, sector 2, Romania, with the mention “Memorial Sergiu Than – 80 ani de la apariţia ŞAH-MAT”.

All the entries will be posted, in order of receipt, on the site in “Memorial Sergiu Than – 80 ani de la apariţia ŞAH-MAT” section, which will be soon initiated.
The prize fund is 500 Euro and is provided by Mr. Christian Thau, the son of the celebrated master.
The judge of the contest is the international arbiter Zoran Gavrilovski (FYROM).

The intermediate award will be communicated on the website within 90 days since the completion of the tourney, and after a period of another 30 days for solving the claims, the final award will be published.

S. Than
Revista Romana de Sah 1/1976
(= 4+5 )

h#2 v b)a2->h3

a) 1.Rdd4 Sxe3 2.Rde4 Rh3#
Try: 1.a3? 0-0+?? 2.Ke2 Sxf4# but castling is illegal, as White must have moved K or R before Black's first move.
b) 1.a3 0-0+ 2.Ke2 Sxf4#
1.Rdd4? is legal but 1...Sxe3 2.Rde4 and 2...Rh3#?? is not possible.

Two more examples can be found here
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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Sergiu Than MT & ŞAH-MAT 80 Thematic Tourney