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MatPlus.Net Forum Internet and Computing Technical problems with - HELP?
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(1) Posted by Julia Vysotska [Saturday, Jun 27, 2020 14:37]; edited by Julia Vysotska [20-06-27]

Technical problems with - HELP?

Dear Friends, those of you who are interested in fairy problems, most probably have already seen that almost doesn't work for about a week. Unfortunately, I'm not that good in understanding technical things to describe them correctly.
In short words, my hoster (hosting provider) moved all websites to the new server/platform with some upgrade of software as well, and as a result I'm facing two problems: 1) I've used the old PHP version (5.x) which is going not to be supported anymore (switching to 7.x); 2) for some reason, or maybe this is exactly because of PHP, JF takes several tens more of CPU resources than any other WordPress website, and on a new platform it can't get that much to be normally loaded. The analysis+improvements offered by the hoster would cost >1000 eur, and I'm not ready to accept this for now... still hoping to find some way myself.

For the programmers - please, HELP! maybe anybody could advice something? The site uses WordPress. For a work with MySQL databases I used php scripts inbuilt in html pages, using plugin EXEC-PHP (which uses old PHP version). Now I'm trying to change it for a shortcodes, using PHP Code Snippets plugin (, but not really sure if this would be the best solution. (MySQL tables I use for the definitions of fairy pieces/conditions and for a list of problems for each fairy tournament). The statistics I've got from the hoster -
Still, even now, at the moment when I have the both PHP plugins deactivated the site doesn't load.... what else might create so big usage that it gets into insufficient resources?
I have an access to WordPress Dashboard, and also to ISP Manager for the site. But in fact, what I know is mostly creating html pages and SQL queries. I don't know anything about the administration, processes - how to check and how to optimize them.
Would be grateful for any help! ( mail-to: )
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(2) Posted by Petko Petkov [Saturday, Jun 27, 2020 16:41]

Let's not forget the motto of FIDE "Gens Una Sumus"!

I call on all our colleagues in the world community of chess composers to remember FIDE's motto "Gens Una Sumus". At the same time, I express faith in the high moral and collegial values ​​of this community!
The problem can obviously only be solved by the company that created it. In other words, the amount of 1000 euros must be paid.
If there is no other way, I suggest that this money be sent as a sponsorship to Julia by several colleagues who have the opportunity and desire to do so.The site Julias Fairies is a big and important phenomenon in the world of chess composition. Let it be our common care and love in a time of crisis!
I am retired and not a rich person, but I would participate in such an initiative with several other colleagues, sending for example a share of 25-30% of the amount. Of course, Julia's consent is needed, so please take this suggestion of mine only as my personal idea for solving the problem!
Petko Petkov
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(3) Posted by Julia Vysotska [Sunday, Jun 28, 2020 02:14]

Than you, Petko! I still very much hope to solve the problem without money... The content won't be lost, the site can be moved to another hoster. But if it really has a serious problem it would be good to solve it anyway.
I'm grateful for different suggestions I'm getting in emails!
Would rather start from doing something myself if getting any assistance.
Otherwise, maybe somebody would do it for smaller money.
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(4) Posted by shankar ram [Monday, Jun 29, 2020 20:02]

JF is back online!
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(5) Posted by Julia Vysotska [Monday, Jul 20, 2020 13:58]

Yes, JF is up and running, and a new fairy tournament is opened for submission!
Finally have spent some weeks on reworking it myself, still some mistakes or broken links might appear.. please, let me know if you face such things!
If anybody is interested in using MySQL tables and PHP on WordPress platform, I'd suggest you to consider "wpdb->" class and "Insert PHP snippet" plugin (I've bought commercial version of it, XYZ WP Insert Code Snippet, just about 16eur, but with some pleasant extra functions to compare with the free one).

Important information: during an upgrade I've also made some changes in the hierarchy of keeping/presenting tournaments and original problems, and as the result, the direct links to all original problems published before (and for the future too) changed the way that one level, the tournament code, is taken out. In general, except problems from the articles and problems published in 2012, the links to original problems look like (where NNNN is the number of your problem). More detailed information available on JF -

In general, I'd like to invite all of you who're running websites to share information about changes, news, tricks... IT technology is developing very fast. To those of us to whom programming/webdesign is not our primary job/business, but just a hobby, it is hard to follow the new tendencies and to adjust and rework our websites. Of course, getting some new knowledge in the process.. of course, with each new upgrade we do something better, in more clever way, but it takes quite a lot of time to find out how to do, what to do, and to do it after all! :)
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