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MatPlus.Net Forum Promenade Proposal for international meeting or podcast via audio
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(1) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Wednesday, May 20, 2020 21:25]; edited by Siegfried Hornecker [20-05-20]

Proposal for international meeting or podcast via audio

Dear all,

as you all know, there is a very very bad situation ongoing worldwide. For this reason, I would like to propose an international meeting of chess composers via audio (for example Skype, Teamspeak, etc. - not sure what offers what features, however, so that would need to be prospected by an organizer).
The participation would be without any participation fees, obviously.*

I would suggest to appoint a director who coordinates the meeting and schedule it for a Saturday evening, or alternatively for a Sunday, possibly once every two or three (or six if it is too much otherwise) months.

Would there be a general interest for such a meeting? Maybe something could be found that allows for private rooms where people can talk to each other without others listening. Video should be a possibility but not necessity. Lectures could be held separately (i.e. prepared as a video or other file by the lecturer), and for example be uploaded on a video sharing service or file sharing service, if composers want to give some.

An alternative idea would be that a few select composers meet and talk, but always different ones, and this would be uploaded as a kind of podcast. For example, three or four twomover experts talk about that, then another time threemover experts, etc. - and other people could submit questions in advance.

I know this sounds probably like an awful idea, but it might be interesting to try.

* Normal internet or phone usage fees apply, depending on your plan.
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(2) Posted by Andrew Buchanan [Thursday, May 21, 2020 07:42]

Hi Siegfried,

Sounds good - I'd certainly enjoy chatting with some folk that I've never met face to face before. I think that you should start with something very simple: maybe an hour of zoom chat where someone gives a presentation to whoever attends, and then see how it wants to grow from there

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(3) Posted by Geir Sune Tallaksen Østmoe [Thursday, May 21, 2020 15:54]

As I have barely met any other composer in person, I would certainly be interested in such a meeting.
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(4) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Thursday, May 21, 2020 16:29]

Okay, so as interest is there, we just need to get a few things cleared up:

What time and day would be good for everyone?
What medium should be used? (Andrew Buchanan thinks Zoom is good?)
Should there be a structure, or should it be a free for all talk?
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(5) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Saturday, Jun 27, 2020 04:49]

Dear all,

after consulting with Andrew Buchanan and joining his Zoom meeting a week ago, I have now a better understanding of the things that should be done.
That said, I believe that - in opposition of my earlier proposal - the best recommendation is for local communities or international ones that share the same interests (in our case curiosities) to hold small meetings on an online platform such as Skype or Zoom. There should be ideally 5 to 10 people.

For this reason, everyone can prepare one or two topics or problems they want to talk about. Depending on how much time there is, people might want to restrict or not the time for each presentation. If it is "open end", it can go for many hours, kind of like physical meetings did.

My deep thanks go out to Andrew Buchanan, the two Singaporean composers who joined and whose names I did not mentally save (apologies!), and to Rewan Demontay who also joined. During that meeting we composed a few problems which are to be added to the PDB. In the aftermath, I evaluated one of the ideas to make a near-AUW, and we are currently in the process of determining if it should be published on PDB or sent to Julia's Fairies.

So, I call to all the chess composers of the world who are interested to form interest groups, schedule a time when everyone can meet and to do their own informal or formal meetings, as they desire. I was wrong about a big meeting being the best form, but of course possibly - if there is interest - an official one can be organized, this however would be beyond my scope. I am very thankful for the opportunity provided to me, and I can recommend this to other composers also if they desire so. I apologize for this "anti-climax", but as the topic now is finished for me, I would like to invite people to use this thread to search contact to other chess composers with similar interests.

For security reasons, I recommend scheduling the exact times and dates in private (per e-mail or notes). But that is of course only for the case that there is someone who might want to know when or when not you're at home.

In the spirit of Gens Una Sumus: Composers, keep on coming together, even if only via internet!
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(6) Posted by shankar ram [Saturday, Jun 27, 2020 18:51]


After enduring several Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings at my workplace, I got the idea to use the same technology for meeting up with my Indian composer friends. We used to meet, in person, occasionally, that too 2-3 at a time. And, in the current situation, such meetings are also ruled out. But now we are able to meet online in larger numbers every Saturday, where we discuss WCCT and other stuff. We also held a condolence meeting for our composer M.Parthasarathy, who had passed away. We have around 10 members, though all do not attend every time. We use Google Meet since it is built into Gmail and requires no additional installation.

Certainly, we should extend this to involve composers/enthusiasts worldwide. The WCCC/WCSC meeting planned for October 2020 has been cancelled. The WFCC should plan some kind of online meeting, as a substitute, to at least conduct some of the business. They could also involve composers from other countries, who could hitherto not attend such meetings in person.
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(7) Posted by Andrew Buchanan [Thursday, Jul 2, 2020 07:47]; edited by Andrew Buchanan [20-07-02]

Hi Siegfried, Shankar,

Sorry for not responding earlier.

The Zoom chat with Siegfried, James Malcom (and also local Singaporeans James Quah & Marken Foo) was a blast. We are planning another zoom session on Fri-10-July linking Singapore 8am with East Coast USA 8am. Hope this might be convenient for India & other Europeans. The last call went for 5 hours, so other attendees might be able to join later if more convenient. If you're interested in joining us, please let me know here with a MatPlus note.

If there is any English language event in India, I would love to attend that. I had hoped to visit composers in Chennai but my work trips are indefinitely postponed.

It's possible that we might be able to scale up to bigger events, with multiple rooms etc. I have participated in such bigger sessions (with multiple rooms etc) in a non-chess context, but at the moment, I'm just taking baby steps in terms of zoom skills. Could be good to lead up to something bigger in the autumn, as suggested, but it's hard for me to imagine something longer than a day.
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(8) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Thursday, Jul 2, 2020 11:40]

Protip: The needed self-discipline scales with the square of the participants. :-)
(In a RL meeting, you can chat with a buddy in a corner, this is less trivial
in an online meeting.)
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(9) Posted by Andrew Buchanan [Thursday, Jan 14, 2021 04:48]

Will be having the first Zoom meeting of 2021 on Saturday 16-Jan: 8pm Singapore time = 6am Iowa time (CST) = intermediate daylight times in India & Europe. Please send me a note or otherwise contact me if you'd like to attend. All welcome. Please bring a composition (yours or someone else's) for solving (maybe with judicious hints).
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(10) Posted by Rewan Demontay (Real Name: James Malcom) [Saturday, Jan 16, 2021 13:23]

Andrewwwww, I need the link please! Open your Messanger!!
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(11) Posted by Andrew Buchanan [Saturday, Apr 17, 2021 15:22]

Hi friends,

There will be a Zoom meeting on Saturday 24th April, starting at 8pm Singapore time = 2pm German time = 7am Iowa time USA.

I have set up a zoom meeting, and will send the invite via Notes here now to those I know are attending. If you want to attend, and haven't received an invite, please reply to this message or send me a Note.

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(12) Posted by Andrew Buchanan [Sunday, Apr 25, 2021 05:52]


Thanks for a great Zoom meeting last night, which stretched into the small hours in Singapore for the 8 attendees. A couple more folk expressed apologies, and would like to be included in the next one. There seemed to be a consensus to get this established more regularly and frequently. I am happy to continue to "organize". Something every 4-8 weeks was suggested. Any more precisions or ideas, please post here or send me a Note.

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(13) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Sunday, Apr 25, 2021 11:26]

Well, most definitely (given that yesterday was a sunny day in
Hamburg, which happens far less often than this meeting,
so you always got competition :-)
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(14) Posted by Andrew Buchanan [Thursday, Apr 29, 2021 04:22]

Hi Hauke: Singapore has a good climate, but for some reason 8pm was not very sunny :)

OK will set this up as a regular zoom event for the fourth Saturday of every month, starting at 8pm Singapore time.

I will send an reusable invite to everyone who attended last time, plus three who weren't able to make it on this occasion (Hauke, Juraj & James Quah). We will start to use a waiting room, and will set up a bell to tell me when anyone enters the waiting room. It's a slight distraction, but I think it's best if we put this meeting on a regular footing.

But please don't post the zoom details *anywhere* public, or even pass the zoom details by email. Friends of mine who've been zoom-bombed say it was quite disturbing. We have young persons on our call - we will take security seriously.

Ask anyone interested to contact me or Edd (who will also advertize this in Discord) and we will supply login details to individuals that we know, and add them to our list.

Thanks all,
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(15) Posted by Andrew Buchanan [Saturday, May 22, 2021 04:50]

Hi wonderful people,

The month has passed so quickly: it's time for the next International Zoom meeting, at 8pm Singapore/Hong Kong time, which I think is 5.30pm Indian time, 2pm Central European Summer Time, and 7am in Iowa, United States.

The meeting is recurrent (4th Sat of each month), so the invites I sent out last time (mainly via MatPlus Notes) should still work. Hope I haven't omitted anyone: please let me know if you need me to send another, or if you'd like to join.

As usual please bring problems for general solving, topics for discussion, etc.

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(16) Posted by Andrew Buchanan [Tuesday, Jun 22, 2021 06:53]

Dear friends,

Saturday 24th July sees the next International Zoom meeting, at 8pm Singapore/Hong Kong time, which I think is 5.30pm Indian time, 2pm Central European Summer Time, and 7am in Eastern United States, United States, but please check locally. Feel free to come and go as you like during the meeting which normally lasts for about 4 hours (I think - normally it keeps going after I go to bed.)

The meeting is recurrent (4th Sat of each month), so the invites sent out last time (mainly via MatPlus Notes) should still work. Hope I haven't omitted anyone: please let me know if you need me to send another, or if you'd like to join. If you have a friend who wants to join, please contact me and I can send them the invite: trying to loosely control access to the invite, so that we don't get visited by strangers not so interested in chess.

As usual please bring problems for general solving, topics for discussion, jokes etc.

I'm thrilled that ace solver/journalist Satanick Mukhuty should be joining us for the first time.

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MatPlus.Net Forum Promenade Proposal for international meeting or podcast via audio