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(1) Posted by Geoff Foster [Wednesday, Apr 11, 2012 03:49]

The Obelisk

"The Obelisk"
Joseph Ney Babson
Brentano's Chess Monthly 1882
(= 16+2 )

#1220 after compelling Black to make 3 successive and complete Knight's tours

Brentano's Chess Monthly ceased publication soon after the above problem was published and no solution was ever given. The problem was quoted in "The Fireside Book of Chess", also without a solution. The stipulation seems absurd. How can the black knight be forced to move to every square on the board 3 times? The only way that it could be forced to a corner square would be if it had to capture a white checking piece, so 3 tours times 4 corners = 12 captures just to do that. Can anybody shed any light on what the solution might be?
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MatPlus.Net Forum Fairies The Obelisk