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MatPlus.Net Forum Threemovers An "anticipated" masterpiece
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(1) Posted by Marek Kwiatkowski [Monday, Apr 2, 2007 14:06]

An "anticipated" masterpiece

The following problem is a very rare and successful combination of the Zagoruiko and reciprocal change themes.

Andrei Lobusov
Neuen Züricher Zeitung 1987
(= 12+8 )


Set: 1...Bg7+ 2.Sg7 Rh3 3.Sc3#
1...R1xd5 2.Sd2+ Rxd2 3.Bf3#
1...R5xd5 2.Sg5+ Rxg5 3.Bf3#
Try: 1.Qc3? [2.Bf3+ Kf5 3.e4#]
1...R1xd5 2.Qd4+ Rxd4/Bxd4 3.Sc3/Sd2#
1...R5xd5 2.Qe5+ Rxe5/Bxe5 3.Sc3/Sg5#
but 1...g5!
Key: 1.Qe1! [2.Qh1+ R1xh1/R5xh1
1...R1xd5 2.Sg5+ Rdxg5/Rhxg5
1...R5xd5 2.Sd2+ R1xd2/R5xd2

All the three independent pictures (phases) are well known (e.g. Robin C. O. Matthews, L’Italia Scacchistica 1954 or Robin C. O. Matthews, 2nd Pr Magasinet 1957), but the author found a perfect way to join them in the wonderful whole.
It is a pity that such an outstanding problem doesn’t appear in the FIDE Album register.

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(2) Posted by Paz Einat [Monday, Apr 2, 2007 15:10]

Marek, this is a wonderful problem and I am glad you showed it. I especially like the way the Novotny's are presented in the try, which is the same as in the Matthews problem. The reciprocal changes between the set and solution are different from what was done by Matthews as the set is based on line opening of the WQ leading to the Bf3#.

As a whole the lines of similarities are evident. It is amazing how Lobusov managed to make such a convincing synthesis and to add original points into it.
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MatPlus.Net Forum Threemovers An "anticipated" masterpiece