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(1) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021 17:22]

Stalemate tries

How many tries ending in a stalemate can
you manage in a correct #2? With rex solus,
I got 93 in a minute, but surely this is no record.
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(2) Posted by Rewan Demontay (Real Name: James Malcom) [Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021 18:40]

I've also done rex solus, based on my 105 forced statemates here:

(= 16+1 )

100 tries!
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(3) Posted by Frank Richter [Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021 20:28]

Popeye counts 100 moves, so we have 99 tries and 1 solution.
Here are 100 tries:

(= 16+1 )


P.S.: Pe7 can be removed, loses 4 moves, but wins 4 new moves. But there is no field to put the pawn with additional moves.
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(4) Posted by Dragan Stojnić [Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021 21:37]

But here we have one mistake. of 99 ,,tries" in fact many are not real tries- namely initial position is already stalemate for Black! Thereby, which is their role if White only repeated it without intend to threat mate?
As real record for stalemate tries I ment it is clear only when: 1) White have many tries with one or more threats but every try also make stalemate, or 2)variant(s) with provided mate(s) from set play is/are unabled beacause stalemated tries.
At 2016 I found next original setting- mate in 2
White- Kh8 Qa5 Re3 Rg5 Bc1 Bd5 Sf6 Sf8 pd4f2h2h5
Black- Kh6 ph7
Tries with stalemate-
1.Re-? (-2.Rg-/Sg4/Sg8#)
14 tries
8 tries
4 tries
1.Bd-?(-2.Sg8/Sg4#) 13 tries
1.f4/h4?(-2.Sg8/Sg4#) 2 tries.
In total 41 REAL STALEMATED TRIES as reason why White cannot to give mate !!
Sol-1.Sg6!(-) Kxg5, hxg6 2.Rf3, Rxg6#

Now we have challenge- is possible better(over 41 tries)?
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(5) Posted by Dragan Stojnić [Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021 21:56]

In Franks setting I see only 19 real tries, when White have mating threat (14 with Pspromotions, Sa6,sa5,sd6,Qb6,Ba6).
Other ,,tries" are non-tries- what White get if 1.Ra1 or Ra2 or h8S??
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(6) Posted by Frank Richter [Wednesday, Mar 31, 2021 09:05]

Here the position, I hope, it's correct:

(= 12+2 )

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(7) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Wednesday, Mar 31, 2021 10:45]

@Dragan: Your objections are surely valid from some
*artistical* standpoint, but I asked for a mere
construction record.
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(8) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Wednesday, Mar 31, 2021 10:58]

And thus I go for 102 :-)

(= 16+1 )

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