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(1) Posted by Vladimir Tyapkin [Saturday, Aug 11, 2007 05:26]; edited by Vladimir Tyapkin [07-08-11]

Old chess problems books available for viewing/downloading

Here some links for everyone interested in chess problem history or just curious enough to take a look at some really old chess problem books. Those books are scanned as part of Google Book Search project and available for free to everybody. Even more, just follow the link and you can save any book locally as pdf file! There are probably more books available at . Post links here if you find anything interesting. If the book in your native language and you find something interesting, post it here please.

A Selection from the Problems of the Era Problem Tournament by J. LOWENTHAL 1857

The Chess Bouquet by F R Gittins 1897 -- very cool book with portraits and biography data on British composers of 19th century

100 Problemi di Scacchi by G. B. Valle

A Collection of Two Hundred Chess Problems by F.Healey 1866

Chess studies; or endings of games, by Kling and Horwitz 1851 -- one of the first end game studies book

A Complete Guide to the Game of Chess by H.F.L. Meyer 1882 (part III and IV on chess problems)

American Chess-Nuts by E.B. Cook, W.R.Henry, C.A.Gilberg 1868

Book of Chess Problems by J.K.Hanshew 1874

Ceske Melodie by J.Pospesil 1908

Chess-Nut Burrs by W.H. Lyons 1886

Chess Problems by J.Pierce and W.Pierce 1873

Chess Problems by J.Pierce and W.Pierce 1888

Chess Problems Supplement by J.Pierce and W.Pierce 1874

Chess Stars: a Galaxy of Self-Mates by J.A. Miles 1888 (second edition)

Chess World: a magazine, Vol IV 1869

L` Echiquier D` Aix Journal D`Echecs

L` Arte di Costruire i Problemi d Scacch 1891

La Strategie 1867

Lehrbuch des Schachspiels by Bardeleben and Mieses 1894

Nordisk Skaktidende 1880

One Hundred Chess Problems by A. Pearson 1883

Problemes d`Echecs by Auguste d`Orville 1842

Problemas d`Escechs 1899

Studies of Chess by A. D. Philidor 1810

The Chess Euclid by H. Kling 1849

Cento Problemi by C.Salvioly 1897

Stamma`s Hundert Endspiele 1856
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MatPlus.Net Forum Promenade Old chess problems books available for viewing/downloading