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MatPlus.Net Forum General Problemas – July 2019, issue n. 27
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(1) Posted by Joaquim Crusats [Sunday, Jun 30, 2019 10:50]

Problemas – July 2019, issue n. 27

You are welcome to download the new issue of Problemas, the bulletin of the Spanish Society of Chess Problemists (SEPA), at the Society’s web page: Don’t miss the interesting contributions by M. Svìtek, V. Liskovets, A. Frolkin, K. Moen, and L. Lyons. The July 2019 issue (n.27) consists of 44 pages with a total of 144 diagrams (including 58 originals), with the following contents:

La segunda vida de Guzpatarra (J.A.Garzón)
Recompensas (I.Zurutuza)
Demoliciones y restauraciones (Redacción)
Temas Salazar, Le Grand y sus Pseudos (J.A.Coello)
Memorial Juan Zaldo (#2 y h#2) (Redacción)
Ejercicio de reconstrucción nº 27 (J.A.Coello)
Change defensive motifs of refutation (M.Svìtek, M.Uris)
A quintuple eight-pieces arrangement puzzle (V.Liskovets)
Borrones de escribano (14) (J.A.Coello)
Buscando en el baúl de los recuerdos (L.Gómez)
How many retros are there in the FIDE Albums? A refined and corrected
summary table by genres (V.Liskovets, A.Frolkin)
Opciones de restauración (8): rey blanco (M.Uris)
White king in check (K.Moen)
Reflexmate station 7 (L.Lyons)
Ejercicio de restauración (25) (J.A.Coello)

If you want to receive (stop receiving) each new issue of Problemas by email, free of charge, send an empty email message to “” mentioning the word “subscription” (“unsubscription”) in the subject and you will be included in (excluded from) the distribution list.
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MatPlus.Net Forum General Problemas – July 2019, issue n. 27