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MatPlus.Net Forum General Problemas - April 2018, issue n. 22
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(1) Posted by Joaquim Crusats [Thursday, Mar 29, 2018 22:18]

Problemas - April 2018, issue n. 22

Problemas - April 2018, issue n. 22

You are welcome to download the new issue of Problemas, the bulletin of the Spanish Society of Chess Problemists (SEPA), at the Society’s web page: There are five original retro problems for solving, the continuation of Linden Lyon’s series on reflexmates, an April fools’ trick and all our usual sections. The April 2018 issue (n.22) consists of 28 pages with a total of 102 diagrams (including 45 originals), with the following contents:

14th International Solving Contest, en Valencia (Redacción)
Tema Ruschlis (J.A.Coello)
Introducción a las piezas de fantasía (P.Cañizares)
Memorial Rafael Candela (#2 y h#2) (Redacción)
Ejercicio de reconstrucción nº 22 (J.A.Coello)
Off the move (A.Buchanan)
Seleccción de finales (P.Cañizares)
Reflexmate station 2 (L.Lyons)
Two original SPGs (Redacción)
Half proof games (J.Crusats)
Adenda al veredicto del Jubileo J. A. Coello-75, 2017 (J.A.Coello)
Two original retros (Redacción)
Opciones de restauración (3) (M.Svítek, M.Uris)
Cyclone Proca retractor with a 3 Kiss cycle (J.Crusats)
Ejercicio de restauración (20) (J.A.Coello)
Joaquín Pérez de Arriaga 85 JT, final award (20) (L.M.González)
Borrones de escribano (9) (J.A.Coello)

If you want to receive (stop receiving) each new issue of Problemas by email, free of charge, send an empty email message to “” mentioning the word “subscription” ( “unsubscription”) in the subject and you will be included in (excluded from) the distribution list.
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MatPlus.Net Forum General Problemas - April 2018, issue n. 22