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MatPlus.Net Forum Helpmates Help! Looking for nice and easy h#2 to attract juniors-solvers / Приятные коопматы для привлечения шахматистов-юниоров?
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(1) Posted by Julia Vysotska [Wednesday, Jun 27, 2018 11:27]

Help! Looking for nice and easy h#2 to attract juniors-solvers / Приятные коопматы для привлечения шахматистов-юниоров?

Dear composers,
The 2nd year I'm trying to promote chess composition in Latvia, starting from solving to attract chess players. It all goes well, a group of juniors is quite active and motivated. But, on the competitions, I see they all prefer solving direct mates and endgames. Would like very much to attract them to helpmates too. I believe, some selection of easy to solve and the same time nice helpmates in 2 with 1/2 solutions would be very good to give them a try. If you have in mind some your problem(s) or problems by other composers of such kind, I'd be very grateful if you could send me,

Уважаемые авторы,
Второй год я пытаюсь продвигать шахматную композицию в Латвии, начав с вовлечения шахматистов-юниоров в решательские соревнования. И все идет хорошо, группа юниоров довольно охотно участвует во всех соревнованиях. Но, по результатам я вижу, что все они предпочитают прямые маты и этюды. Очень хочется показать им прелесть коопматов тоже. Думаю, подборка легких для решения и приятных по содержанию задач в 2 хода с 1-2 решениями была бы хорошей "рекламой". Была бы очень благодарна, если можете прислать свои подобные задачи или задачи других композиторов мне на адрес
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(2) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Wednesday, Jun 27, 2018 18:51]

For the most improbable case anyone needs a link:
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(3) Posted by Alain Villeneuve [Wednesday, Jun 27, 2018 21:41]

The only danger is that, if young people begin by Forsberg's masterpiece, they will find others H#2 fade, boring !

I suggest problems like this one (there are hundreds)

8/8/2N1B3/8/1Br1k3/5N2/8/7K H#2 with set play (or, if you prefer, twin + BPf6) (R. Galmard, 1962).
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(4) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Thursday, Jun 28, 2018 01:31]

Personally I think Julia has a good reason for wanting the e-mail contact: The solvers also can read the forum. ;-)
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(5) Posted by Julia Vysotska [Thursday, Jun 28, 2018 14:42]

@ Siegfried: true, had in mind such possibility, although a very low one for those young chess players.
But, really, I won't mind some thoughts and problems being shared in the forum - maybe it would give me (and to anybody else who might be interested in) some new ideas too.
In fact, I'm thinking not only about the competitions. We've already tried some lectures in the chess clubs, showing helpmates on examples. But now I have direct contacts of kids from different clubs, or just private persons/parents, and thinking about giving some "training" online. I see it as sending 1) 1-2 simple helpmates with solutions and some comments; 2) several helpmates with 2 thematically identical solutions, but showing only one and asking to find another one; 3) some selection of easy 6-10 problems to solve, and maybe to send to me the time of solving too... and than organizing some simple solving competition for juniors with helpmates only, 1 round of 2-2.5 hr. Not sure I'm right. But for now this is the only idea coming into my mind. What else might be a motivation?

For the explanations I can use problems shown in the forum too; for the competition would use those received by email.

Yesterday I was so much delighted about the response to my post!! Very grateful to Dmitri Turevski, Marko Klasinc, Siegfried Hornecker, Vitaly Medintsev, Rajendiran Raju, Michael McDowell!
There's also something very important I understood better yesterday, looking at your selections: how different the tastes are, how I need to consider all of them, not only my preferences (or those I believe are mine as of now :), maybe I haven't just seen enough of others), to make the problems really inviting for newcomers..
So, thinking about training juniors, I really get a lesson myself.
Thanks a lot to all of you!

Will need some time to go through the problems, to make selections by difficulty. Of course, some more are always welcomed! Later, if anybody needs, I'd gladly distribute what I have.
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MatPlus.Net Forum Helpmates Help! Looking for nice and easy h#2 to attract juniors-solvers / Приятные коопматы для привлечения шахматистов-юниоров?