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MatPlus.Net Forum Helpmates Segenreich theme - what is this?
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(1) Posted by Administrator [Saturday, Apr 21, 2012 17:24]

Segenreich theme - what is this?

I found two very different definitions of this theme.
According one it is based on a tempo play with available vs not-available white waiting moves.
Another describes a kind of annihilation captures.

Can anybody provide a real (and reliable) definition and some examples (at least one)? Thank you!
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(2) Posted by Rajendiran Raju [Thursday, Nov 22, 2012 09:36]; edited by Rajendiran Raju [12-11-23]

(= 6+14 )

Above Problem is Original by Uri Avner (Israel)
was published in the THE PROBLEMIST JULY 2012 H3566 H#2 2 Solutions (i request nobody dont release the Soln .before 01 st January 2013 this one live in the Solving !! )Show the Segenreich theme . ( i dont know the reliable exact definition )
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(3) Posted by Milan Velimirović (+) [Thursday, Nov 22, 2012 17:45]

While collecting the material for the "Themes and Terms" project Kari Valtonen and I found one definition of this theme and one problem labelled as "Segenreich theme" which, however, didn't match the definition. Since we could not verify the facts we decided to exclude it from the book ("Encyclopedia of Chess Problems - Themes and Terms").

Here is the definition:

In a helpmate twomover of Neuman type White could give mate on his 1st move. In one solution the mate is made possible by White's waiting move and Black's switchback. In the other solution Black prevents White's waiting move and does not perform a switchback. A new mate follows. (Gino Mentasti, Prontuario del Problemista, p. 95 - and no example!)

Problem by Uri Avner seems to match this definition.

And here is the non-matching "example":

Suomen Shakki 1987
(= 8+6 )
h#2 (3111)
1.Qxf7+ Qf5 2.Qxa2 Rxa7#, 1.Qxg3 Qd3 2.Qh3 Rxg2#, 1.Qxg7 Qd2 2.Qb2 Qxb2# - labeled as "Segenreich theme"

Thus, the truth is yet to be revealed...
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MatPlus.Net Forum Helpmates Segenreich theme - what is this?