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MatPlus.Net Forum Internet and Computing APIECES in pdb
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(1) Posted by Jakob Leck [Sunday, Dec 1, 2019 14:01]

APIECES in pdb

While searching for long helpmates I entered
APIECES=17 AND STIP='h#24' AND NOT G='Fairies'
in the pdb and as result was given two problems. One of them had, however, 18 pieces in total. Is this a bug with the APIECES command or with the specific problem (P0578549) or have I just used APIECES incorrectly?
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(2) Posted by Arno Tungler [Sunday, Dec 1, 2019 17:37]

There is also entered a twin with wKg1 wBf1 wPg2e2f3f4c5a5c6 sKd5 sPg3e3f5a6f7c7a7 but no other information. But for that reason the search gives also this problem.
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(3) Posted by Jakob Leck [Sunday, Dec 1, 2019 18:56]

Thank you very much, Arno.
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(4) Posted by Andrew Buchanan [Thursday, Dec 19, 2019 18:46]; edited by Andrew Buchanan [19-12-20]

Diagrams may be used for twins but also for "add units" solutions, and also occasionally for intermediate fairy diagrams where the movement rules are too arcane for the animator to display. All uses of diagrams can be seen by apieces, and that is expected behaviour.

For problem P0578549, there was position a) wKh1 wLf1 wBg2e2f3f4c5a5f6c6 sKa8 sBg3e3f5a6f7c7a7 and position b) wKg1 wLf1 wBg2e2f3f4c5a5c6 sKd5 sBg3e3f5a6f7c7a7. Position b) is the diagram after w11 move, for some unnecessary reason. One pawn has been removed in b), so apieces=17 now matches.

But there is something very odd going on here nonetheless. This position b) should be completely removable, however IF ONE DOES REMOVE IT the animation stops working !? Actually, I can remove the position information safely but if I remove the "b" from the left column of the diagram editor, that's what causes the trouble. Even if I do the usual trick of making a trivial edit to the solution, there is no difference. Removing the "b" instead of the second diagram, causes even weirder behaviour too tedious to document here.

At least I have now removed the second diagram, and the solution works because the b is still there !?!?. Gerd should really explore this one. The interactions between stipulation, diagrams & animation in PDB are undocumented Heart of Darkness.
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(5) Posted by Viktoras Paliulionis [Sunday, Dec 22, 2019 20:18]

To delete a position, select check box "remove" to the right of it and then click "Save" button. You must also clear the letter "a" for the first position, if the problem has no twins. Gerd corrected this problem, but I saw more problems with incorrectly deleted positions.
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(6) Posted by Olaf Jenkner [Monday, Dec 23, 2019 00:28]

To find a deleted position, search for DELETED.
Example: CREATIONDATE>=20191212 and DELETED
Nothing disappears forever.
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(7) Posted by Andrew Buchanan [Monday, Dec 23, 2019 02:20]

Viktoras & Olaf are referring to different meanings of "position". Viktoras is talking about deleting individual diagrams within a position, while Olaf is referring to compositions as a whole.

Thanks, Viktoras, that's helpful. But we really need a much fuller description of the mechanisms of diagrams, stipulations & animation and their possible interaction. This is completely undocumented at the moment, and there are some very subtle dependencies. Also opportunities for crafting better animations even for very complicated problems and solutions in fairy space where PDB cannot possibly understand the conditions. Following on from the user's guide, PDB wants to make an editor's guide. Please can you begin with the hard stuff here, which no-one except Gerd knows: namely this diagram/stipulation/animation space which I describe as the Heart of Darkness for PDB.

Olaf: this search term should be added to the list of terms in the user's guide and also in the Examples page. Are there any others which are missing?
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