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MatPlus.Net Forum Internet and Computing APWin v2012.03 for free download
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(1) Posted by Ilkka Blom [Saturday, May 12, 2012 09:07]; edited by Ilkka Blom [12-05-12]

APWin v2012.03 for free download

Äänekoski 2012-05-12

Dear chess problem Friend,

Free update to APwin v2012.03 by Paul H. Wiereyn is now available.
It includes some corrections/improvements and new search options.
APwin supports both Alybadix and Popeye.

Please visit the homepage:

Please send your feedback/suggestions and possible bug raports about
APWin direct to Paul - Thanks!

With The Best Summer Greetings,
Ilkka Blom

Alybadix now in Facebook also:
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(2) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Saturday, May 12, 2012 10:42]

Thank for a greaj job !! I have recently started using your software. I find it very conveient for solving with Popeye (despite some initial hiccups in installing it).
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(3) Posted by Sven Hendrik Lossin [Tuesday, May 29, 2012 21:42]; edited by Sven Hendrik Lossin [12-05-29]

Installation aborts.
Error message: File not found: VB5STKIT.dll

P.S.: Nevertheless there are some files on my computer. But if I start APwin.exe then there is runtime-error '339':
Component 'Richtx32.ocx' not correctly registered: file is missing or invalid.
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(4) Posted by Ilkka Blom [Wednesday, May 30, 2012 19:43]

"Installation aborts.
Error message: File not found: VB5STKIT.dll"

Hint by Paul Wiereyn:
Try to run the file Temp.exe in the folder c:TempAP.
This may complete the installation!

If difficulties in installing or using APWin,
I recommend to send an email direct to Paul:
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(5) Posted by Jacques Rotenberg [Thursday, May 31, 2012 00:10]

it seems also not safe (Norton)
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(6) Posted by Ilkka Blom [Thursday, May 31, 2012 13:02]

"it seems also not safe (Norton)"

Surely all downloads from Alybadix homepage are safe (virusfree)!
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(7) Posted by Jacques Rotenberg [Thursday, May 31, 2012 14:43]; edited by Jacques Rotenberg [12-05-31]

This is the message I received :

" Malicious Web Site Blocked

You attempted to access:

This is a known mailicious web site. It is recommended that you do NOT visit this site. The detailed report explains the security risks on this site.

For your protection, this web site has been blocked. Visit Symantec to learn more about phishing and internet security.

Exit this site

Continue to site anyway "
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(8) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Friday, Jun 1, 2012 12:39]

Jacques, please detail the "detailed reports". I entered from my ultrahigh-security
university account, and Sophos found nil, nada, nothing.
There are legit proggies that nevertheless trigger an alert since they
use the same technology as viruses. "Grand Theft Auto" trainers comes to
mind. (I daresay even problemists play GTA :-)

<mode=Paranoid Parrot>Of course there is the remote possibility that Ilkka Blom
smuggles a worm onto our computers that destroys every copy of Popeye :-)))

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(9) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Saturday, Jun 2, 2012 09:31]

Google. sometimes warns you of affected sites. was also cited very recently. On searching in Google, I found no such virus warning for the site: Of course that is not conclusive, but some sort of assurance.
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(10) Posted by Ian Shanahan [Sunday, Jun 3, 2012 03:43]

Norton is crap - more trouble than it's worth.
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(11) Posted by Michel Caillaud [Saturday, Jun 9, 2012 14:46]; edited by Michel Caillaud [12-06-09]

Ref : Sven Hendrik Lossin
"Component 'Richtx32.ocx' not correctly registered: file is missing or invalid."
I got the same problem.
I asked Paul Wiereyn who gave me the explanation :
'Richtx32.ocx' : this component is in the TempAP file that installation instructions ask to delete after installation (this ¨"instruction" was added by Illka, writes Paul...).
So, I did the installation again, without deleting "temporary files", and now APWin works on my computer.
(Read Only)pid=8641
(12) Posted by Sven Hendrik Lossin [Monday, Jun 18, 2012 22:22]

Can somebody fix thios error? It still doesnt work with me although maybe I did not quite understand what to do in that case.
(Read Only)pid=8653
(13) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Wednesday, Aug 8, 2012 20:56]

Is there any method to save the solution page as a word file? I am of course able to open it and see it in AP Win.
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(14) Posted by shankar ram [Wednesday, Aug 15, 2012 16:36]

See this link to get VB5STKIT.dll:
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MatPlus.Net Forum Internet and Computing APWin v2012.03 for free download