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MatPlus.Net Forum General Record for the longest helpmate, in an illegal position?
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(41) Posted by Olaf Jenkner [Wednesday, Jan 29, 2020 21:45]

Now the position is almost legal.
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(42) Posted by ichai [Wednesday, Jan 29, 2020 22:39]

also seems possible a black bishop on f4 and to withdraw the pawn f3
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(43) Posted by Arno Tungler [Thursday, Jan 30, 2020 04:20]

Yes, thanks for all the testing by Olaf! ichai is right with bPh7 and the bBd4 can be replaced by a bP. The last proposal with bBf4 loses one move at the end with 106.Kg2-h1 Kc1-d1 107.Bg3-g2 Kd1-e1 108.g2-g1S Ke1-f1 109.Sg1xe2 Bd3xe2 110.Lf4-h2 Le2-f3#

Here is again the current record but I would wait a bit before announcing that as final. There are still some ideas how to add moves that I would like to explore ...

James Malcolm & Arno Tüngler
after Blathy, Shinkman, Fabel
(= 14+31 )

h#111 (Duals allowed)

Solution: 1.Kg4-h5 Lb1-a2 2.Lb6-a7 La2-b1 3.La5-b6 Lb1-a2 4.Lb4-a5 La2-b1 5.La3-b4 Lb1-a2 6.Lb2-a3 La2-b1 7.La7-b8 Lb1-a2 8.Lb6-a7 La2-b1 9.La5-b6 Lb1-a2 10.Lb4-a5 La2-b1 11.La3-b4 Lb1-a2 12.Lc1-a3 La2-b1 13.Ld2-c1 Lb1-a2 14.Lc1-b2 La2-b1 15.Le1-d2 Lb1-a2 16.Ld2-c1 La2-b1 17.Lf2-e1 Lb1-a2 18.Le1-d2 La2-b1 19.Lg1-f2 Lb1-a2 20.Lf2-e1 La2-b1 21.Lh2-g1 Kh1xg1 22.Le1-f2 Kg1-f1 23.Ld2-e1 Lb1-a2 24.Lf2-g1 Kf1xe1 25.Lc1-d2 Ke1-f1 26.Lb2-c1 La2-b1 27.Ld2-e1 Kf1xe1 28.Lc1-d2 Ke1-f1 29.Ld2-e1 Kf1xe1 30.La3-c1 Ke1-f1 31.Lc1-d2 Lb1-a2 32.Ld2-e1 La2-b3 33.Lb4-a3 Lb3-a4 34.La3-c1 La4-b5 35.La5-b4 Lb5-a6 36.Lb4-a3 La6-c8 37.Lb6-a5 Lc8-d7 38.La5-b4 Ld7-e8 39.La7-b6 Le8-f7 40.Lb8-a7 Kf1xe1 41.Lc1-d2 Ke1-f1 42.Ld2-e1 Lf7-g8 43.La3-c1 Lg8-h7 44.Lc1-d2 Lh7xg6 45.Kh5xg6 Kf1xg1 46.Kg6-h7 Kg1-h1 47.Kh7-g8 Kh1-g1 48.Bh6-h5 Kg1-h1 49.Lg7-h6 Kh1-g1 50.Lf8-g7 Kg1-h1 51.Kg8-f8 Kh1-g1 52.Kf8-e8 Kg1-h1 53.Ke8-d8 Kh1-g1 54.Kd8-c8 Kg1-h1 55.Kc8-b8 Kh1-g1 56.Kb8-a8 Kg1-h1 57.La7-b8 Kh1-g1 58.Ka8-a7 Kg1-h1 59.Ka7-a6 Kh1-g1 60.Ka6-a5 Kg1-h1 61.Ka5-a4 Kh1-g1 62.Ka4-a3 Kg1-h1 63.Ka3-b2 Kh1-g1 64.Kb2-c1 Kg1-h1 65.Kc1xd1 Kh1-g1 66.Kd1-c1 Kg1-h1 67.Kc1-b2 Kh1-g1 68.Kb2-a3 Kg1-h1 69.Ka3-a4 Kh1-g1 70.Ka4-a5 Kg1-f1 71.Ld2-c1 Kf1xe1 72.Ka5-a6 Ke1-d1 73.Ka6-a7 Kd1xc1 74.Ka7-a8 Kc1-b1 75.Lb6-a5 Kb1-a2 76.Lb8-a7 Ka2-b3 77.Ka8-b8 Kb3-a4 78.Kb8-c8 Ka4-b5 79.Kc8-d8 Kb5-a6 80.Kd8-e8 Ka6xa7 81.Ke8-f8 Ka7-b7 82.Kf8-g8 Kb7-c8 83.Lg7-f8 Kc8-d7 84.Lh8-g7 Kd7-e8 85.Kg8-h8 Ke8-f7 86.La5-b6 Kf7-g6 87.Kh8-g8 Kg6-f5 88.Lg7-h8 Kf5-g6 89.Lf8-g7 Kg6-f5 90.Kg8-f8 Kf5-g6 91.Kf8-e8 Kg6-f5 92.Ke8-d8 Kf5-g6 93.Kd8-c8 Kg6-f5 94.Kc8-b8 Kf5-g6 95.Kb8-a7 Kg6-f7 96.Ka7-a6 Kf7-e8 97.Ka6-a5 Ke8-d7 98.Ka5-a4 Kd7-c8 99.Ka4-a3 Kc8-b7 100.Ka3-b2 Kb7-a6 101.Kb2-c1 Ka6-b5 102.Kc1-d2 Kb5-a4 103.Kd2-e1 Ka4-b3 104.Ke1-f2 Kb3-a2 105.Kf2xg2 Ka2-b1 106.Kg2xh3 Kb1-c1 107.Bg3-g2 Kc1-d1 108.g2-g1S Kd1-e1 109.Sg1xf3 Ke1-f1 110.Kh3-g4 Kf1-g2 111.La1-b2 Be2xf3#
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(44) Posted by Arno Tungler [Thursday, Jan 30, 2020 04:35]

Could the simple move of the black bishops on a7 and b8 to g1 and h2 in James' 97-mover add 20 moves to the solution? Then we would have 118 moves with the additional move to g8 of the bK and adding wPh7 and wRh8...
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(45) Posted by James Malcom [Thursday, Jan 30, 2020 05:21]; edited by James Malcom [20-01-30]

Like this Arno?

h#118? NO!
(= 17+29 )

I manually solved in 104 moves, but here is a 105 move solution since I accidentally lost the 104 solution: 1... Kxh8 2. Bh3 Kxh7 3. Bg4 Kg8 4. Bh3 Bh8 5. Bg4 Bfg7 6. Bh3 Kf8 7. Bg4 Ke8 8. Bh3 Kd8 9. Bg4 Kc8 10. Bh3 Kb8 11. Bg4 Ka7 12. Bh3 Ka6 13. Bg4 Ba7 14. Bh3 B5b6 15. Bg4 Bb8 16. Bh3 B6a7 17. Bg4 Ka5 18. Bh3 Ka4 19. Bg4 Ba5 20. Bh3 B3b4 21. Bg4 Ka3 22. Bh3 Ka2 23. Bg4 Kb1 24. Bh3 B5b6 25. Bg4 B4a5 26. Bh3 Ba3 27. Bg4 B3b4 28. Bh3 Bca3 29. Bg4 Kc1 30. Bh3 Kd1 31. Bg4 Bdc1 32. Bh3 Bcb2 33. Bg4 Bd2 34. Bh3 Bfe1 35. Bg4 Bdc1 36. Bh3 Bed2 37. Bg4 Ke1 38. Bh3 Kxf1 39. Bg4 Bf2 40. Bh3 Bhg1 41. Bg4 Ke1 42. Bh3 Kd1 43. Bg4 Bfe1 44. Kxg1 Bf2+ 45. Kh1 Bg1 46. Kxg1 Be1 47. Kf1 Bcd2 48. Bh3 Kc1 49. Bg4 Kb1 50. Bh3 Bdc1 51. Kxe1 Bd2+ 52. Kd1 Be1 53. Kxe1 Bc1 54. Kd1 Bd2 55. Bg4 Be1 56. Kxe1 Bc1 57. Kd1 Ka2 58. Kxc1 Ka3 59. Kb1 Ka4 60. Ka2 Ba3 61. Bh3 B5b4 62. Bg4 Ka5 63. Kb3 Ka6 64. Ka4 B6a5 65. Bh3 B7b6 66. Bg4 Ka7 67. Kb5 Ka8 68. Ka6 B8a7 69. Bh3 Kb8 70. Bg4 Kc8 71. Bh3 Bb8 72. Bg4 Kd8 73. Kb7 Ke8 74. Kxb8 Ba7+ 75. Kxa7 Kf8 76. Kb8 Kg8 77. Kc8 Kh7 78. Kd8 Bf8 79. Ke8 B3b2 80. Kxf8 Bg7+ 81. Kf7 Kh8 82. Kg6 Kg8 83. Bh3 Kf8 84. Bg4 Ke8 85. Kxg7 Kd8 86. Kf8 Kc8 87. Ke8 Kb8 88. Kd8 Ka7 89. Kc8 Ka6 90. Kb8 Bb6 91. Bh3 Ka5 92. Kb7 Ka4 93. Ka6 Ka3 94. Kb5 Ka2 95. Ka4 Kb1 96. Kb3 Kc1 97. Ka2 Kd1 98. Kb1 Bc1 99. Bg4 Ke1 100. Kxc1 Kf1 101. Kb1 Kxg2 102. Ka2 Kf1 103. Kb1 g2 104. Kc1 g1=B 105. Kd1 Bhf2 106. Bh3# *
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(46) Posted by Arno Tungler [Thursday, Jan 30, 2020 08:09]

Okay, I see …
Here is another try to add moves. If I count right, the bK needs at least 3 moves more to reach f8 after the capture of the wBh5, maybe even more... Then at the end it could be one move shorter with bKh1 bBh2 wKf1 and Bf3#

after Blathy, Shinkman, Fabel
(= 13+29 )

h#113 ?? (Duals allowed)
(Read Only)pid=18657
(47) Posted by Jacques Rotenberg [Thursday, Jan 30, 2020 10:29]

is this possible ?

(= 15+31 )


1.Kh5 Ba2 2.Ba7 Bb3 3.Bb8 Ba4 4.Bb6 Bb5 5.B6a7 Ba6 6.Ba5 Bç8 7.B5b6 Bd7 8.Bb4 Bé8 9.B4a5 Bf7 10.Ba3 Bg8 11.B3b4 Bh7 12.Bça3 Bg8 13.Bdç1 Bf7 14.Bçb2 Bé8 15.Bd2 Bf7 16.Bdç1 Bé8 17.Bé1 Bf7 18.Béd2 Bé8 19.Bgé1 Bf7 20.Bgf2 B×g6+ 21.K×g6 K×h2 22.Bg1+ K×g1 23.h5 Bh1 24.B7h6 Bfg2 25.Kg7 Kf1 26.Kg8 Kg1 27.Bf2+ Kf1 28.Bg1 K×g1 29.Bé1 Kf1 30.Bf8g7 K×é1 31.Kf8 Kf1 32.Bd2 Kg1 33.Ké8 Kf1 34.Kd8 Kg1 35.Kç8 Kf1 36.Bé1 K×é1 37.Bç1 Kf1 38.Bd2 Kg1 39.Baç1 Kf1 40.Bé1 K×é1 41.Bd2+ Kf1 42.Ba3 Kg1 43.B5b4 Kf1 44.B6a5 Kg1 45.B7b6 Kf1 46.B8a7 Kg1 47.Kb8 Kf1 48.Ka8 Kg1 49.Bé1 Kf1 50.Bç1 K×é1 51.Bd2+ Kf1 52.Bé1 K×é1 53.Ba3 Kf1 54.Bç1 Ké1 55.Bd2+ Kf1 56.Bé1 K×é1 57.Bb4 Kf1 58.Ba3 Ké1 59.Ba5 Kf1 60.B7b6 Ké1 61.B5b4 Kf1 62.Bç1 Ké1 63.Bd2+ Kf1 64.Bé1 K×é1 65.Ka7 Kf1 66.Ka6 Ké1 67.Ka5 Kf1 68.Ka4 Ké1 69.Ka3 Kf1 70.Kb2 Ké1 71.Kç1 Kf1 72.K×d1 Kg1 73.Kç1 Kf1 74.Kb2 Ké1 75.Ka3 Kd1 76.Ka4 Kç1 77.Ka5 Kb1 78.Ka6 Ka2 79.Ka7 Kb3 80.Kb8 Ka4 81.Kç8 Kb5 82.Kd8 Ka6 83.Ké8 Kb7 84.Kf8 Kç8 85.Kg8 Kd8 86.Bf8 Ké8 87.Bh8g7 Bf1 88.Kh7 Kf7 89.Kh8 Kg6 90.Kg8 Kf5 91.Bh8 Kg6 92.Bf8g7 Kf5 93.Kf8 Kg6 94.Ké8 Bhg2 95.Kd8 Kf7 96.Kç8 Ké8 97.Kb8 Kd8 98.Ka7 Kç8 99.Ka6 Bh1 100.Ka5 Kb7 101.Ka4 Ka6 102.Ka3 Kb5 103.Kb2 Ka4 104.Kç1 Kb3 105.Kd1 Ka2 106.Ké1 Kb1 107.K×f1 Kç1 108.Kg1 Kd1 109.Kh2 Ké1 110.K×h3 Bg2+ 111.Kh2 Bh3 112.Kh1 Bg4 113.h3 Kf1 114.h2 Bh3 115.Bb2 Bg2‡
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(48) Posted by Arno Tungler [Thursday, Jan 30, 2020 18:37]

Jacque’s try is probably cooked as the bK can capture the wBf1 directly after the wBd1 (with wKh2 wBh1) and then the wPh3.
(Read Only)pid=18665
(49) Posted by Olaf Jenkner [Thursday, Jan 30, 2020 19:05]

1.Kg4-h5 Lb1-a2 2.Lb6-a7 La2-b1 3.La5-b6 Lb1-a2 4.Lb4-a5 La2-b1 5.La3-b4 Lb1-a2 6.Lb2-a3 La2-b1 7.La7-b8 Lb1-a2 8.Lb6-a7 La2-b1 9.La5-b6 Lb1-a2 10.Lb4-a5 La2-b1 11.La3-b4 Lb1-a2 12.Lc1-a3 La2-b1 13.Ld2-c1 Lb1-a2 14.Lc1-b2 La2-b3 15.Le1-d2 Lb3-a4 16.Ld2-c1 La4-b5 17.Lf2-e1 Lb5-a6 18.Le1-d2 La6-c8 19.Lg3-e1 Lc8-d7 20.Lg1-f2 Kh1xh2 21.Lf2-g1 Kh2xg1 22.Le1-f2 Kg1-h1 23.Ld2-e1 Ld7-e8 24.Lf2-g1 Le8xg6 25.Kh5xg6 Kh1xg1 26.Kg6-h7 Lg2-h1 27.Kh7-g8 Lh1-g2 28.Bh6-h5 Lg2-h1 29.Lg7-h6 Lh1-g2 30.Lf8-g7 Lg2-h1 31.Kg8-f8 Lf1-g2 32.Kf8-e8 Kg1-f1 33.Ke8-d8 Kf1xe1 34.Lc1-d2 Ke1-f1 35.Kd8-c8 Kf1-g1 36.Lb2-c1 Lg2-f1 37.Ld2-e1 Lh1-g2 38.La3-b2 Lg2-h1 39.Lb4-a3 Lh1-g2 40.La5-b4 Lg2-h1 41.Lb6-a5 Lh1-g2 42.La7-b6 Lg2-h1 43.Lb8-a7 Lh1-g2 44.Kc8-b8 Lg2-h1 45.Kb8-a8 Lh1-g2 46.La7-b8 Lg2-h1 47.Ka8-a7 Lh1-g2 48.Ka7-a6 Lg2-h1 49.Lb6-a7 Lh1-g2 50.La5-b6 Lg2-h1 51.Ka6-a5 Lh1-g2 52.Ka5-a4 Lg2-h1 53.Lb4-a5 Lh1-g2 54.La3-b4 Lg2-h1 55.Ka4-a3 Lf1-g2 56.Ka3-a2 Kg1-f1 57.Ka2-b1 Kf1xe1 58.Lc1-d2 Ke1-f1 59.Kb1-c1 Kf1-g1 60.Kc1xd1 Lg2-f1 61.Kd1-e1 Kg1-h2 62.Ke1xf1 Lh1-g2 63.Kf1-f2 Kh2-h1 64.Kf2-g3 Kh1-g1 65.Lb2-a3 Lg2-h1 66.Kg3xh3 Kg1-f1 67.Ld2-e1 Kf1-g1 68.Le1-g3 Lh1-g2#
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(50) Posted by Jacques Rotenberg [Thursday, Jan 30, 2020 19:15]; edited by Jacques Rotenberg [20-01-30]

ok! the black king goes through f2-g3 while the white king stays on h1! I missed it! thank you
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(51) Posted by Arno Tungler [Friday, Jan 31, 2020 00:53]

The 113-mover also does not work as the wK can capture bishops in the North=East and then the bPg3.
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(52) Posted by ichai [Friday, Jan 31, 2020 01:00]

This ?
(= 13+31 )

h#114 ?
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(53) Posted by Arno Tungler [Friday, Jan 31, 2020 03:28]

It goes similarly - when the wK reaches h5 he can capture the bBh4 and then g3.
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(54) Posted by Olaf Jenkner [Friday, Jan 31, 2020 06:47]

The h#113 is cooked:
1.Kf5-f4 Lh5-f3 2.Lb6-a7 Lf3-h5 3.La5-b6 Lh5-f3 4.Lb4-a5 Lf3-h5 5.La3-b4 Lh5-f3 6.Lb2-a3 Lf3-h5 7.La7-b8 Lh5-f3 8.Lb6-a7 Lf3-h5 9.La5-b6 Lh5-f3 10.Lb4-a5 Lf3-h5 11.La3-b4 Lh5-f3 12.Lc1-a3 Lf3-h5 13.Ld2-c1 Lh5-f3 14.Lc1-b2 Lf3-h5 15.Le1-d2 Lh5-f3 16.Ld2-c1 Lf3-h5 17.Lf2-e1 Lh5-f3 18.Le1-d2 Lf3-h5 19.Lg1-f2 Lh5-f3 20.Lf2-e1 Lf3-h5 21.Lh2-g1 Lh5-g4 22.Kf4xg4 Kh1xg1 23.Le1-f2 Kg1-h1 24.Lf2-g1 Kh1xg1 25.Kg4-h5 Kg1-h1 26.Kh5xg6 Kh1-g1 27.Kg6-h7 Kg1-h1 28.Kh7-g8 Kh1-g1 29.Ld2-e1 Kg1-h1 30.Bg7-g6 Kh1-g1 31.Lf8-g7 Kg1-h1 32.Kg8-f8 Kh1-g1 33.Kf8-e8 Kg1-f1 34.Ke8-d8 Kf1xe1 35.Lc1-d2 Ke1-f1 36.Kd8-c8 Kf1-g1 37.Lb2-c1 Kg1-f1 38.Ld2-e1 Kf1xe1 39.Lc1-d2 Ke1-f1 40.Ld2-e1 Kf1-g1 41.La3-c1 Kg1-h1 42.Lb4-a3 Kh1-g1 43.La5-b4 Kg1-h1 44.Lb6-a5 Kh1-g1 45.La7-b6 Kg1-h1 46.Lb8-a7 Kh1-g1 47.Kc8-b8 Kg1-h1 48.Kb8-a8 Kh1-g1 49.La7-b8 Kg1-h1 50.Ka8-a7 Kh1-g1 51.Ka7-a6 Kg1-h1 52.Lb6-a7 Kh1-g1 53.La5-b6 Kg1-f1 54.Ka6-a5 Kf1xe1 55.Lc1-d2 Ke1-f1 56.Ka5-a4 Kf1-g1 57.Ld2-e1 Kg1-h1 58.La3-c1 Kh1-g1 59.Ka4-a3 Kg1-h1 60.Ka3-b2 Kh1-g1 61.Lc1-d2 Kg1-h1 62.Kb2-c1 Kh1-g1 63.Kc1xd1 Kg1-h1 64.Kd1-c1 Kh1-g1 65.Kc1-b2 Kg1-h1 66.Kb2-a3 Kh1-g1 67.Ka3-a4 Kg1-h1 68.Ka4-a5 Kh1-g1 69.Ka5-a6 Kg1-f1 70.Ld2-c1 Kf1xe1 71.Lb6-a5 Ke1-d1 72.La7-b6 Kd1xc1 73.Ka6-a7 Kc1-b1 74.Ka7-a8 Kb1-a2 75.Lb8-a7 Ka2-b3 76.Ka8-b8 Kb3-a4 77.Kb8-c8 Ka4-b5 78.Kc8-d8 Kb5-a6 79.Kd8-e8 Ka6-b7 80.Ke8-f8 Kb7-c8 81.Kf8-g8 Kc8-d7 82.Lg7-f8 Kd7-d8 83.Lh8-g7 Kd8-e8 84.Kg8-h8 Ke8-f7 85.Lg5-f4 Kf7xg6 86.Kh8-g8 Kg6-f5 87.Lg7-h8 Kf5-g4 88.Lf6-g7 Kg4xh4 89.Lf4-g5 Kh4xg3 90.Lg5-f4 Kg3-h4 91.Kg8-h7 Bg2-g3 92.Kh7-g6 Bg3xf4 93.Be5xf4 Be4-e5#
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(55) Posted by Arno Tungler [Tuesday, Feb 4, 2020 03:33]; edited by Arno Tungler [20-02-04]

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(56) Posted by James Malcom [Tuesday, Feb 4, 2020 04:11]

So, Arno, shall the h#111 be called the record yet?
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(57) Posted by Arno Tungler [Saturday, Feb 8, 2020 10:18]

Yes, all the ideas seemingly do not work, so this is the best that I found so far with that matrix.
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(58) Posted by Olaf Jenkner [Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020 10:49]

Added in PDB, see
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(59) Posted by Jacques Rotenberg [Wednesday, Feb 12, 2020 18:18]

It seems possible to add two moves :

put the white king on f1
add a white bishop on h1

it is not evident, but it does not shorten the main maneuver, because bishops g1 and h2 must be removed before the black king takes on d1 to avoid a pat.
And, at the end you must play Ke1-f1-g1xh1xg2 instead of Ke1-f1xg2
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(60) Posted by Olaf Jenkner [Monday, Feb 17, 2020 19:02]

Two moves less:
1. Kg4-h5 Bb1-a2 2. Bb6-a7 Ba2-b1 3. Ba5-b6 Bb1-a2 4. Bb4-a5 Ba2-b1 5. Ba3-b4 Bb1-a2 6. Bb2-a3 Ba2-b1 7. Ba7-b8 Bb1-a2 8. Bb6-a7 Ba2-b1 9. Ba5-b6 Bb1-a2 10. Bb4-a5 Ba2-b1 11. Ba3-b4 Bb1-a2 12. Bc1-a3 Ba2-b1 13. Bd2-c1 Bb1-a2 14. Bc1-b2 Ba2-b1 15. Be1-d2 Bb1-a2 16. Bd2-c1 Ba2-b1 17. Bf2-e1 Kf1xe1 18. Bc1-d2 Ke1-f1 19. Bb2-c1 Bb1-a2 20. Bd2-e1 Kf1xe1 21. Bc1-d2 Ke1-f1 22. Bd2-e1 Ba2-b1 23. Ba3-c1 Kf1xe1 24. Bc1-d2 Ke1-f1 25. Bd2-e1 Kf1xe1 26. Bg1-f2 Ke1-f1 27. Bf2-e1 Kf1xe1 28. Bh2-g1 Ke1-f1 29. Bb4-a3 Bb1-a2 30. Ba3-c1 Ba2-b3 31. Bc1-d2 Bb3-a4 32. Bd2-e1 Ba4-b5 33. Ba5-b4 Bb5-a6 34. Bb4-a3 Ba6-c8 35. Ba3-c1 Bc8-d7 36. Bc1-d2 Bd7-e8 37. Bb6-a5 Be8-f7 38. Ba5-b4 Bf7-g8 39. Ba7-b6 Bg8xh7 40. Bb8-a7 Bh7xg6 41. Kh5xg6 Kf1xg1 42. Kg6-h7 Kg1-f1 43. Kh7-g8 Kf1-g1 44. h6-h5 Kg1-f1 45. Bg7-h6 Kf1-g1 46. Bf8-g7 Kg1-f1 47. Kg8-f8 Kf1-g1 48. Kf8-e8 Kg1-f1 49. Ke8-d8 Kf1-g1 50. Kd8-c8 Kg1-f1 51. Kc8-b8 Kf1-g1 52. Kb8-a8 Kg1-f1 53. Ba7-b8 Kf1-g1 54. Ka8-a7 Kg1-f1 55. Ka7-a6 Kf1-g1 56. Ka6-a5 Kg1-f1 57. Ka5-a4 Kf1-g1 58. Ka4-a3 Kg1-f1 59. Ka3-b2 Kf1-g1 60. Kb2-c1 Kg1-f1 61. Kc1xd1 Kf1-g1 62. Kd1-c1 Kg1-f1 63. Kc1-b2 Kf1-g1 64. Kb2-a3 Kg1-f1 65. Ka3-a4 Kf1-g1 66. Ka4-a5 Kg1-f1 67. Bd2-c1 Kf1xe1 68. Ka5-a6 Ke1-d1 69. Ka6-a7 Kd1xc1 70. Ka7-a8 Kc1-b1 71. Bb6-a5 Kb1-a2 72. Bb8-a7 Ka2-b3 73. Ka8-b8 Kb3-a4 74. Kb8-c8 Ka4-b5 75. Kc8-d8 Kb5-a6 76. Kd8-e8 Ka6xa7 77. Ke8-f8 Ka7-b7 78. Kf8-g8 Kb7-c8 79. Bg7-f8 Kc8-d7 80. Bh8-g7 Kd7-e8 81. Kg8-h8 Ke8-f7 82. Ba5-b6 Kf7-g6 83. Kh8-g8 Kg6-f5 84. Bg7-h8 Kf5-g6 85. Bf8-g7 Kg6-f5 86. Kg8-f8 Kf5-g6 87. Kf8-e8 Kg6-f5 88. Ke8-d8 Kf5-g6 89. Kd8-c8 Kg6-f5 90. Kc8-b8 Kf5-g6 91. Kb8-a7 Kg6-f5 92. Ka7-a6 Kf5-g6 93. Ka6-a5 Kg6-f7 94. Ka5-a4 Kf7-e8 95. Ka4-a3 Ke8-d7 96. Ka3-b2 Kd7-c8 97. Kb2-c1 Kc8-b7 98. Kc1-d2 Kb7-a6 99. Kd2-e1 Ka6-b5 100. Ke1-f2 Kb5-a4 101. Kf2-g1 Ka4-b3 102. Kg1xh1 Kb3-a2 103. Kh1xg2 Ka2-b1 104. Kg2xh3 Kb1-c1 105. g3-g2 Kc1-d1 106. g2-g1S Kd1-e1 107. Sg1xf3 Ke1-f1 108. Kh3-g4 Kf1-g2 109. Ba1-b2 e2xf3#
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