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MatPlus.Net Forum Internet and Computing Problem solvers suitable for conditional problems?
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(1) Posted by [Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019 10:19]; edited by [19-10-15]

Problem solvers suitable for conditional problems?

Are there any problem solvers that can provide *all* solutions that meet the stated stipulation, and not give up as soon as a short solution is found?
I've looked at Popeye and dchest/Winchest, but they don't seem to be able to handle this -- though I may have missed some obscure option.
Pure GUI-based solvers are of less interest, unless they can save the solutions in a reasonably open and processable format.

This is not 'normal' use for problem solvers, but I think it could be useful for testing conditional problems.


42, Lichtenstein: Der Schachkünstler
(= 9+6 )

Mate in 4 moves by the pawn on g2

Author's solution:

1. Nxc6+ Bxc6 2. f4+ Ke4 3. Nf6+ Kxf5 4. g4#

All program's I've tested stop once they found f4#, or another mate-in-one. But I'd like to 'force' the
solver to go on for the full 4 moves.

I think -- and this is what I'd like to test more extensively -- that if I can force a stated-depth solution
I can post-process that full solution for the conditional solution(s).

In this example, it would be something like this

a) Any variation in less than #4 gets removed
b) any 4#-solution that doesn't end in a pawn mate gets removed.
c) any 4# pawn-mate solution that is not by the g2 pawn gets removed.

Whatever remains should be a solution. (If I want to find short solutions as well, I just modify the filtering.)

But for that to work, I need to find a solver that can solve in stated depth at least. Modifying one is a possibility, but is likely to be more problematical ...
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(2) Posted by François Labelle [Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019 15:43]

Maybe this Popeye input does what you want?

forsyth 1r2S3/4SQ2/2p5/qp2kP2/4b3/2P1B3/4KPP1/8
stip exact-#4
option Variation

The output contains the author's solution in one of the branches:

1.Se7*c6 + !
2.f2-f4 +
3.Se8-f6 +
4.g2-g4 #
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(3) Posted by [Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019 16:16]; edited by [19-10-15]

Thanks! That looks just like what I'm looking for!

P.S. Anyone thinking that Popeye could do with a 'Dummies guide to Popeye'? :-)
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(4) Posted by Rewan Demontay (Real Name: James Malcom) [Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019 16:45]

I most certainly think that there needs to be one! I know squat about code, and when I tried Popeye, all I ever saw was a sea of mysterious folders. That’s just me though.
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(5) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Wednesday, Oct 16, 2019 12:55]

For dummies like me, it is Olive.
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(6) Posted by Hannu Harkola [Wednesday, Oct 16, 2019 13:45]; edited by Hannu Harkola [19-10-16]

I prefer Teddy.
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(7) Posted by Rewan Demontay (Real Name: James Malcom) [Wednesday, Oct 16, 2019 14:24]

I could use a Dummy's Guide to any chess problem solving program!
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