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MatPlus.Net Forum Internet and Computing Collection-onizing Chess Problems?
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(1) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Sunday, Jul 19, 2020 20:08]

Collection-onizing Chess Problems?

There must be tons of programs with which you can document
your own chessproblems (if all else fails, PGN), but are
there programs from which one could generate HTML output in a
self-defined format (i.e., the saving format MUST be plaintext,
not internal)? I probably could write a PGN-2-mysiteformat
converter in less than a day, but PGN wasn't made for
problems (especially fairies).
Collector-2-HTML in whatever format (say JPG) is probably
also OK since my own format optimized the webspace, which is
nowadays a complete nonissue. Also I never used frames,
which is probably better for solutions, comments, versions etc.
(Always remember I was born programming FORTRAN on punch cards,
emailing via a 50k modem :-)

So, what would be your suggestions?
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(2) Posted by Rewan Demontay (Real Name: James Malcom) [Sunday, Jul 19, 2020 21:10]; edited by Rewan Demontay (Real Name: James Malcom) [20-07-19]

My suggestion to get with modern technology these days, grandpa! We youth don't like those old chessies who can compose without a computer!

After all, we 16 year olds have an ego to fufill. :D
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(3) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Monday, Jul 20, 2020 10:34]

:-))) but it's not about composing (I DO do that only with
a computer, because otherwise I also would do a 2# in
five minutes...but hopelessly cooked) but about storing
and publishing.

Grandpa (OK, technically not, just ask Darth Vader why
family is a bad idea :-)
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(4) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Monday, Jul 20, 2020 17:45]

I think olive has that facility
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(5) Posted by Andrew Buchanan [Tuesday, Jul 21, 2020 04:17]

Many grandpas here, I think. We should call young James: "Vielgroßväter" :D
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MatPlus.Net Forum Internet and Computing Collection-onizing Chess Problems?