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MatPlus.Net Forum General FIDE ALBUM 2013-2015 – Results in section E
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(21) Posted by Kenan Velikhanov [Tuesday, Aug 11, 2020 20:44]

Kenan Velikhanov
Zhigulevskie zori
1. Sc5?+
1. ... Kd4 2. Qb4+
2. ... Ke5 3. Qxf4#
1. ... Kc4!

1. Sxf4?+
1. ... Kd4 2. Qb4+
2. ... Ke5 3. Qc5#
1. ... Kc4!

1. Se2? waiting
1. ... f3 2. Sc1+
2. ... Kc4 3. Qb3#
2. ... Ke4 3. Qd4#
1. ... Ke4 2. S2xf4 waiting
2. ... Kf3 3. Qg2#
2. ... e2 3. Qxe2#
1. ... Kc4!

1. Sd5! waiting
1. ... f3 2. Sef4+
2. ... Kc4 3. Qb4#
2. ... Ke4 3. Sf6#
1. ... Kc4 2. Sb6+
2. ... Kd3 3. Sc5#
1. ... Ke4 2. Sdxf4 waiting
2. ... Kf3 3. Qg2#
2. ... e2 3. Qxe2#
1. ... e2 2. Qc3+
2. ... Ke4 3. Sf6#
Here is my miniature, a participant in the Zhigulevskie zori tournament. The first move of the decision gives an additional square to the black king. A problem with four phases and good content. She took 4th place in the championship of miniaturists. But she is not selected for the album. I think from the beginning it is necessary to put things in order in refereeing and then discuss all sorts of terms.
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(22) Posted by Eugene Fomichev [Wednesday, Aug 12, 2020 04:30]

Kenan, this is mafia! You can see similar situation in each composing genre.
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(23) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Wednesday, Aug 12, 2020 10:33]

Blessed is the Hauke, who on receiving his first big
informal prize, thought: "I made better stuff than that."
(Which, decades later, changed to "I made FAR better stuff
than that AND it's anticipated too much.")
Blessed is the Herbert, the stuff he threw away sufficed
to fill two years of SCHACH posthumously.

Thus: I recommend to NOT treating your chess problems like
your children. You save yourself much woe if they come home
drunk for the first time...OK, now my metapher derailed
completely :-)
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(24) Posted by Oleg Efrosinin [Wednesday, Aug 12, 2020 10:43]

Why can't publish, for example, tables with scores for all compositions on Mat Plus? WFCC has experience: , where even the average deviations of the arbiters ' scores are calculated. Then there will be fewer questions. If the composer sees the scores: 2.5; 2.5; 2.5 - there are no questions. And if: 3; 3; 0.5, then the question is to one of the arbitrators. Last year I managed to publish the full results of the Russian championship with a battle:
The working files are published as is. So what? Everyone looked and not a single question appeared! But the organizers frightened me: we will receive a many of protests!
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(25) Posted by Kenan Velikhanov [Wednesday, Aug 12, 2020 17:42]

Then why waste time on it if you treat it with indifference?
And what objectivity can a judge have if he evaluates biasedly.
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MatPlus.Net Forum General FIDE ALBUM 2013-2015 – Results in section E