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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Sergey Shedey 80 MТ
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(1) Posted by Marjan Kovačević [Tuesday, Jun 9, 2020 14:58]

Sergey Shedey 80 MТ

Yury Gordian sent announcement of the anonymous tourney in memory of Sergey Shedey, who would turn 80 today:
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(2) Posted by Andrew Buchanan [Wednesday, Jun 10, 2020 03:23]; edited by Andrew Buchanan [20-06-10]

Thank you for this. What does "Anonymous Tourney" mean, please? What is the Shedey Theme?
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(3) Posted by Torsten Linß [Wednesday, Jun 10, 2020 09:44]

Shedey = Lacny cycle incorporating the threat.

see also
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(4) Posted by Marjan Kovačević [Wednesday, Jun 10, 2020 17:22]

Andrew, problems sent to formal tourneys usually come to judge in anonymous form. However, it is not always so.
This announcement uses words "closed tourney" as translation from Russian. I hoped "anonymous" would be more clear.
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(5) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Wednesday, Jun 10, 2020 18:57]

Yes, it can lead to bad bad misjudgment. In my 25 JT Richard Becker sent a study that I downgraded because of partial anticipation by Richard Becker.
So, as a word of advice: Don't send in matrixes you used previously.

Also, as a historian, I would be very intested in a biography of Mr. Shedey. Can it please be provided in the award?
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(6) Posted by Juraj Lörinc [Wednesday, Jun 10, 2020 23:32]

Actually, it is not clear, if the organisers had in mind so called threat Lacny under the name Shedey theme. In my view, there is often confusion between two different themes somehow bearing name of Sergey Shedey.

Shedey cycle (according to PG Cyclone) = cyclic change of threat and two mates after two defences - see e.g.

Shedey theme (according to MV&KV Encyclopedia) = double DOmbrovskis paradox with identical mates - see e.g.
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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Sergey Shedey 80 MТ