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MatPlus.Net Forum Fairies Reversible promotions - and Degradierung
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(1) Posted by Juraj Lörinc [Monday, Jul 25, 2011 16:46]; edited by Juraj Lörinc [11-07-25]

Reversible promotions - and Degradierung

The joint Sake/Cachaca tourney for Jesi congress (announcement see at introduces the new fairy condition (as is usual for Sake):

Reversible Promotion

This fairy condition created by Almiro Zarur determines that a promoted
(white / black) piece turns back to a (white / black) pawn when it moves to the second (if
white) or seventh rank (if black). When turning back to a pawn, obviously the piece loses
all its previous powers, like checking, guarding and so on, and it regains the power and
characteristics of a pawn.
In case the promoted piece is already in the diagram position, this must be indicated below
the diagram, together with the indication of the fairy condition. Considering that fairy
pieces are promoted pawns, they also are demoted to pawns when moving to the second
(if white) or seventh rank (if black) – not allowed in this specific tourney.

It is close to older condition Degradierung (Degradation chess) with easier definition: White/Black piece except King arriving at the second/seventh rank becomes White/Black pawn.

The difference between Reversible promotions and Degradierung is easily spotted - the former affects only promoted pieces, the latter all pieces. However, most examples from the announcement seem to survive as Degradierung problems as well.

Five problems by me can be accessed from
(the one almost thematical for the Sake/Cachaca is unfortunately cooked), here I give my favourite from

Juraj Lörinc
1st Prize Thema Danicum Nytärskonkurrence C 15.3.1995
(= 5+8 )

b) Bf7 -> h1
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(2) Posted by Kevin Begley [Monday, Jul 25, 2011 19:19]; edited by Kevin Begley [11-07-25]

The condition does seem rather contrived (as if intended to achieve more promotions/anti-promotions, while avoiding cooks in Degradierung).
On the other hand, it may offer rich possibilities for retro-variants...
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(3) Posted by Kostas Prentos [Tuesday, Jul 26, 2011 18:08]

Kevin, there is no fun in retro-variants, if you have to indicate which piece is a promoted one.
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(4) Posted by Kevin Begley [Tuesday, Jul 26, 2011 21:25]; edited by Kevin Begley [11-07-26]

I agree, Kostas, but if the promotion information is contained in the diagram (hidden in retro analysis), it could be lots of fun.
If I had to resort to explicitly specifying a diagram's promoted pieces, I think I'd take up badminton. :)
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MatPlus.Net Forum Fairies Reversible promotions - and Degradierung