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MatPlus.Net Forum General 58th WCCC & 39th WCSC
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(1) Posted by Piotr Murdzia [Friday, Feb 13, 2015 22:01]; edited by Piotr Murdzia [15-03-05]

58th WCCC & 39th WCSC

Dear delegates, deputies and individual members, solvers. The official announcement and agenda of the 58th World Congress of Chess Composition & the 39th World Chess Solving Championship in Ostroda, Poland, 1-8.08.2015 will be published at the end of February.

In case of any questions concerning the Congress and WCSC in Ostroda use the following e-mail address:

− Piotr Murdzia, Aleksander Miśta
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(2) Posted by Piotr Murdzia [Thursday, Mar 5, 2015 10:27]

58th World Congress of Chess Composition
39th World Chess Solving Championship
1st – 8th August, 2015 in Ostroda

Polish Chess Composing and Solving Society and the Organizing Committee of WCCC 2015, has the honor to invite all delegates of the WFCC, national teams, individual chess solvers and composers together with all those interested in chess problems, to attend the 58th World Congress of Chess Composition (WCCC) and 39th World Chess Solving Championship (WCSC).

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Piotr Murdzia - Aleksander Miśta - Grzegorz Miśta

Read more >>>

Download invitation as PDF >>>
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(3) Posted by Piotr Murdzia [Saturday, Apr 25, 2015 20:35]

Dear Chess Friends,

Please let me remind you the deadline for registering to WCCC & WCSC in Ostroda is May 15th 2015.

I hope to see you at ECSC in Iasi soon. If someone wants to ask me anything regarding the WCCC there is a good chance.

Best wishes,
Piotr Murdzia
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(4) Posted by David [Tuesday, Jul 21, 2015 20:24]; edited by David [15-07-22]

The rivals of the Russian team got nice new from the Russian chess federation - Evgeny Fomichev (Russian champion 2012, silver medalist of the World Cup 2015) is excluded from the Russian team till year 2018 . :)
However, I think the Russians are so strong that 2 of them can beat the other full teams and become the champions of the World. :)
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(5) Posted by Nikola Predrag [Tuesday, Jul 21, 2015 21:46]

What are you trying to say, that the hosting nation will not participate?
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(6) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Wednesday, Jul 22, 2015 01:04]

What is the story behind this?
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(7) Posted by David [Wednesday, Jul 22, 2015 11:17]; edited by David [15-07-22]

We don't know who will be participate in the WCSC, as the organizers NEVER publish the list of competitors before the beginning of this event (By the way, why it is so? In any kind of sport such list should be published usually.), BUT if Evseev+Mukoseev will take the same places as in the ECSC-2015 they will become the champions. :)
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(8) Posted by Administrator [Tuesday, Aug 4, 2015 17:50]

Serbian proposal for WCCC Belgrade 2016 - PowerPoint presentation:
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(9) Posted by Eugene Rosner [Tuesday, Aug 4, 2015 18:46]; edited by Eugene Rosner [15-08-04]

Marjan has just earned a new grandmaster travel agency! Wow, what a plug for the possible venue!
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(10) Posted by Branislav Djurašević [Thursday, Aug 6, 2015 07:35]

Among the many attractive touristic places one is special: Belgrade sea! Please, look at:
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(11) Posted by Marjan Kovačević [Thursday, Aug 6, 2015 16:42]

Thanks, Eugene, but it was Bojan Vuckovic who did most of the presentation. This touristic GM title would be his third one, being a GM in solving and in the OTB chess.
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(12) Posted by Ioannis Garoufalidis [Thursday, Aug 6, 2015 21:32]

Where are the problems from the open ?
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(13) Posted by Harry Fougiaxis [Thursday, Aug 6, 2015 21:55]

The majority of the problems and studies in the Open were originals, so they cannot be displayed in public before they are published.
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(14) Posted by Eugene Rosner [Thursday, Aug 6, 2015 22:45]

Thanks Marjan, and apologies and kudos to Bojan! Truly an outstanding presentation!
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(15) Posted by Marjan Kovačević [Saturday, Aug 8, 2015 03:31]

Proud to inform you that 40th WCSC and 59th WCCC will be held in Belgrade, July 30th - August 6th 2016. It is the first time ever for Serbia to host these events.
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(16) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Wednesday, Aug 12, 2015 15:39]

Excellent news! I am specially happy to hear this since the venue hotel "Metropol" is closest hotel to my condominium (~500 meters)! Very nice hotel at outstanding location. The city center is about 20 minutes walk from this hotel. I am sure everyone will like this hotel.

By the way is it known who will organize 12th ESCS and when?
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(17) Posted by Marcos Roland [Wednesday, Aug 12, 2015 17:33]; edited by Marcos Roland [15-08-12]

Great news, dear friends of Serbia! Congratulations, Marjan, for the excellent job! This event I will not miss, for sure. Belgrade is in my heart.
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(18) Posted by Andrey Selivanov [Wednesday, Aug 12, 2015 19:51]

Сongratulations to all Serbian composers and solvers!
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(19) Posted by Marjan Kovačević [Thursday, Aug 13, 2015 02:31]

Thank you all for the trust and support! Be sure we intend to do our best in preparing a most interesting program, with a lot of novelties. Some of them will be presented on MPF soon. Feel free to post all questions and suggestion in this Forum.
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(20) Posted by Diyan Kostadinov [Thursday, Aug 13, 2015 05:52]; edited by Diyan Kostadinov [15-08-13]

One week after the congress and still no information about the decisions there?? What about the next ECSC, WCCI, FIDE Albums, WCCT, new titles and other decisions? What a poor congress bulletin... Or I miss something?
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MatPlus.Net Forum General 58th WCCC & 39th WCSC