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MatPlus.Net Forum General Polish Chess Federation tourney H#2, H#3 - preliminary results
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(1) Posted by Piotr Murdzia [Monday, Jul 3, 2017 12:09]

Polish Chess Federation tourney H#2, H#3 - preliminary results

Dear Chess Friends,

Kindly be informed the preliminary results of the PCF Tourney in H#2 and H#3 was published.
Have a look:

Best regards,
Piotr Murdzia
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(2) Posted by Harry Fougiaxis [Monday, Jul 3, 2017 23:26]

I guess the text above the 2. HM diagram is incorrect: the problem is by Menachem Witztum, isn't it?

The 4. HM is a very peculiar case. Živko seems he has accidentally re-composed his own

WID 162357
Živko Janevski
Shakhmatnaya Kompozitsiya 1998
(= 5+10 )

1.K×f3 Sg6 (Sd3?) 2.Le2 Se5‡
1.K×f4 Se1 (Se5?) 2.Tf5 Sd3‡

This is the correct display of the idea, as there is a dual-avoidance effect (choice of play, if you prefer) in both solutions.

Four years after Živko, L. Werner presented the idea with interferences in Meredith and later he extended the matrix to a HOTF.

WID 127717
Lennart Werner
2. HM StrateGems 2002
(= 5+7 )

1.K×a8 Sc8 2.Le6 Sb6‡
1.K×a7 Sb6 2.Sc3 Sc8‡

WID 346502
Lennart Werner
1. Prize Springaren 2010
(= 6+8 )
b) Tg6>a6
c) Sb5>c7
d) Lb8>d6

a) 1.K×a8 Sc8 2.Le6 S×b6‡
b) 1.K×a7 S×b6 2.Sdc3 Sc8‡
c) 1.S×a8 Lh3 2.Kc7 T×d7‡
d) 1.D×a7 Th5 2.Kc6 L×d5‡

The 8. HM is not original. It got 2. Comm. in V. Kolpakov-55 MT 2010-11, but was removed from the award as it is anticipated by Árpád Molnár, 2. HM Sakkélet 1994 (FIDE Album 1992-94, E69).

WID 152007
Árpád Molnár
2. HM Sakkélet 1994
(= 4+12 )

1.Tf6 Sf5 2.De8 Sxg7‡
1.f6 Sc6 2.Df7 S×d8‡
1.S5f6 Sd5 2.Le7 S×c7‡
1.S7f6 S×g6 2.Df8 S×f8‡
1.Kf6 d×c7 2.Re6 S×g8‡
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(3) Posted by Piotr Murdzia [Tuesday, Jul 4, 2017 11:49]

Dear Chess Friends,

The award, after founding some anticipations by Harry Fougiaxis and Vitaly Medintsev, was amended.
Find the award here >>>

Thank you Harry and Vitaly for your help.

Bst regards,
Piotr Murdzia
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(4) Posted by Piotr Murdzia [Tuesday, Aug 1, 2017 11:57]

Dear Chess Friends,

The final award of the PCF tourney 2016 was published. Please have a look:

Best wishes and see most of you in Dresden very soon.

Piotr Murdzia
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MatPlus.Net Forum General Polish Chess Federation tourney H#2, H#3 - preliminary results